• They should learn more than one language.

    The reason I say yes is because if they do take time to learn the language(s) maybe they will take the time to really learn. But I also think that it should be a choice not to be laid down om thwm when they probably already have enough to do.

  • Kids improve speaking fluency

    With little kids learning new languages it give thing to think about but took improve vocabulary as it is. Kids learn the value of big and strong words while trying to define the foreign word.
    The knew words give kids speech fluency and knowledge. Kids ,in addition to speech ,will help decipher words easier and faster.

  • We are global

    As long as Americans want to do business with other English speaking countries and other countries come to the US to do business, we will be fine. If other countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa chose not to do business with the US, how would we be able to convince them. It seems rather narcissistic to expect them to come to us.

  • It will help the student in the long run..

    In my opinion, it should be mandatory for students to learn a second language. Sure some people think it's a waste of time or that it's boring and complex, but it may come in handy in the future. Yes maybe the student will stay in the same country but what if they decide to go on a vacation or look for jobs? Learning a new language will allow a person to communicate and also to understand diversity. This is getting too long, but learning a foreign language does have its pros and cons. Although I still believe it should be a required subject in schools.

  • It will be great for students!

    Learning a new language will help you get more money. You will also feel more connected to the different cultures. Learning a new language is fun! At least for me...But everybody is different. The best language to start at is Spanish that's where all the basic Latin roots are from. Learning a new language is fun as long as you are in for it.

  • Very Much Yes.

    Children should be able to speak different languages for learning advantages and future jobs that relate to foreign languages, they will be happier too going to a different country and being able to communicate to unknown people, which is also a big problem in other countries that people can't communicate to foreigners too. Thank you, Nikki C.

  • Yes yes yes

    Students should learn a foreign languages,because it help them in many different ways in life )) they make better their life,they will have more friends in future than now . Also they have means to travel in different countries . So its my opinion to learn different languages . Bye

  • We should require students to take foreign language classes.

    Think of the large variety of jobs that it will allow students to take in the future. Maybe you go on a vacation and can speak their language fluently and can communicate. Or you could just be that American that can only speak English. You decide to live in a different country and can speak English and that language.

  • Learning a foreign language opens your mind

    Not only you learn grammar rules, you learn about other cultures, you enjoy travelling more, you become more open minded and you are more likely to understand about the world, history, current affairs. Learning languages brings you together to other people. Learning a foreign language will make you smarter as it is a great asset to the cognitive process

  • To be competent

    Students should learn foreign language other than English because to stay competent. Many companies today looking for graduates who be able to speak more than 2 languages. Learning other language makes student highly competent as they have the urge to get down and loosen their tongue. Today, English is not just the only language that starts to take over the world, but others as well. Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese are the example that also starts to win the hearts of others

  • Not required in my opinion

    Any foreign language in my opinion isn't required unless you plan on exploring the world or have plans to work at a call area or being a teacher for students who WANT to learn a new language. Not many people want to speak another language I for one don't but yet is forced on students who don't want to learn another language and they don't get a say in it and thus makes it harder for any student who doesn't want to learn a new language as they have to sit am examination on it and focus on something they don't find important or interesting for there present or future life this applies pressure on them and distracts there attention away from other subjects such as maths science and English witch then in turn affects there grade as there attention is focused on foreign languages.

  • It's a complete waste of time.

    People barely know how to speak English, why should they be forced to learn another language? How would you feel if schools made everybody learn about biochemical engineering and said the reason is to expand our thought processes? I don't plan on leaving the United States at all, nor do I plan on doing anything that involves me speaking another language. However if you plan on doing something that helps you if you are bilingual than by all means yes, if not don't do it.

  • It should be optional.

    Kids don't pay attention while learning a second language and they always say they don't understand. One time, my Spanish teacher asked, "Is anyone Savera's friend?" and no one raised their hand except Savera because we all thought she said, "Who is Savera?" This is why language in school should be optional.

  • It Should Not Be Required

    Although learning a foreign language is a huge plus for any individual, it should not be a requirement. Furthermore, not everyone has the desire to learn a foreign language, therefore they should not be forced to do so. Those who do wish to learn another language will benefit from it, but it should be optional.

  • Students should have a say in the matter.

    To be truthful and honest in my opinion I do believe students should have a choice. This choice should be available because this is a personal matter and also a educational matter. Some students and people do not prefer to speak a second language due to other personal reasons or goals they want to keep close to themselves. These foreign language policies should also not be required for higher education too, because in the end you will only truly learn and master a second language if u blend in with a culture that speaks that certain language on a day to day basis. Without this immersion people will usually forget the main structure of speaking the language in a matter of years or even months.

  • Why should they

    Having a choice in a curriculum or an occupation, surveys have been thing and not many students in the are very interested in learning another language and some are failing because of it, give them freedom if they want to learn in general be glad for it i personally hate learning other languages most people in my school didn't even give it the time of day because they didn't even care about i would not go to a foreign country more than once and thats only because of a business trip the its a very time consuming hobby and it takes a ton of time

  • It should be a choice

    Students have to focus on other studies like acedemic subjects such as math and science. This will take away the dedication and attention to other subjects and make them focus on French. Which brings me to my next point i said MAKE them focus. Kids will do the opposite of what they are told. For example staying up late or going to parties. It's like a quote I once heard, "if you force it on someone try won't do well, if you give them a path then there deductions will desire there destiny. Another point is Canada is a very diverse country and kids comin I canada have to learn English as well as French which will make them more stressed then they already are.
    Not everyone will need French in the future. People will soon decide when they want to or don't want to take french. French should be a choice and not be mandatory. Most jobs can do with out learning French and if they do need French it will only be a little French they are required to know and also in elementary school and highschopl you are not shown how to speak fluently and just tap ugh more about writing in French.
    The last reason is because it affects are GPA Which isn't fair because we won't try ad won't absorb the information if we don't want to so we will let that mark slip. If thy mark slips we will become stress and it will create a dominoe effect with all our marks.
    That's why I think French should be a choice

  • This is a pointless class

    Taking a foreign language could prove a waste of time to a high school student. A foreign language would be useless in many lines of work. From a truck driver to a doctor, you might never use a foreign language in your job. So why are high schools requiring a student to take a foreign language class. I agree that a foreign language could expand your education, but should it be a class that you are forced to take? A foreign language could be a useful asset in some fields of work, but I feel that it should not be a required class. A high school student may know what they want to do later on in life, but many are not positive on their decision. If a foreign language class is needed to perform a job or task, the student should take a foreign language class in college. This could benefit the student if they are in college because they are learning the correct language that they will use for their job.

  • Kids shouldn't be forced to learn a foreign language.

    It's never too late and young kids should be able to explore more besides languages. If they aren't willing to learn in the first place, they won't learn anything at all. They won't absorb the information and just forget about it once the stop learning it. Most people don't even want to learn a second language and think that schools can use this time to educate students further.

  • Unfair for students

    Most students wont even pass a foreign language class because they have so much thrown at them at once. We should not be required to take a foreign language because it in unnecessary if we are not planning to travel the world and we do not have international friends and I believe it's a waist of credits. Students should be required four years of a math class in coverage for the credits lost by not taking a foreign language.

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Anonymous says2013-02-27T17:11:49.397
I think that high schoolers should at least take two years of foreign language; besides colleges are looking for people who know more than one language; i think it helps your brain grow!
Anonymous says2013-04-05T18:45:34.753
Kids need to have a good future and more people these days in 2013 are accepting people with double languages be some just know English or they only know Spanish I am not age nested them but in my opinion should learn and I know I want people to have jobs like me I Mexican and white and I got a perfect colleague for me and I will one day teach my kids the languages I know and I am starting to learn French and that will help me in my future .Thats my opinion Amy S.G
Anonymous says2013-05-22T01:04:23.247
Learning a second language earlier in your school life could help you in the future, it also broadens your personal outlook on the specific culture or language. It also has been proven that 'bilingual' people's (people who speak another language other than enlgish) brain capacity is higher than that of a single language learner. Because I personally study Japanese currently.
IcedViolets says2014-04-23T21:53:29.780
We should be teaching our children a foreign language from birth. Language is formed at an early age, therefore, making it easiest to learn as early as possible. Why not encourage diversity and learning? This is only going to help our children with their career development as well as acceptance of others. A close-minded society gets us nowhere. Why not encourage growth?!