• Student should learn the second language

    Although the mother language is very important, but it can just be used in their own country. What if they go out from their own country? They can't communicate with other countries' people. That time, English will be very important. SCHOOL SHOULD LET STUDENT LEARN SECOND LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is important for world's development!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Student should learn a second language

    It is important for students to learn a second language so they have a higher chance of finding a spouse, job, and great deals for traveling like Honduras or the Philippines. Plus if you don't know a second language well you are basically stupid forever and ever as long as you live

  • If you learn a second language, you will success in your work when you grow up.

    If your work involves regular contact with speakers of foreign language, you must being able to talk to them in their own language. It will help you to communicate with them well. The world's economy is all wrapped up together, and many businesses conduct their business with foreign countries, such as Korea or Germany. They need many different kinds of works who can communicate in different language. Knowledge of foreign languages may increase your chances of finding a new job, getting a promotion or a transfer over sea or going on foreign business trips. For example, If you are head of one of company which need to communicate with French company, which person do you want to choose for giving a promotion? A person who can speak French or a person can speak only English? Ofcourse you will choose a person who can speak French because he can communicate with French company well. Therefore, almost all presidents of companies in world choose a person who can speak foreign language.

  • Yes students should have to learn a second language.

    Students should have to learn a second language as it teaches them skills on how to understand and try to understand what others are trying to say to them, even if they do not understand it. They will gain skills and knowledge from it, and in some studies it has shown that it increases kids abilities to learn in other areas of schooling as well.

  • Yes because it helps a lot.

    Yes because when a student knows more than two languages their brains get more developed and it helps them to succeed academically. When a student gets their brain developed they get smarter each day and when they know more languages it helps academically because a study show that 92 percent of children that know a second language are smarter

  • Yes, if they want to.

    I think this should be entirely up to the student but sure, why not? Of course not everyone wants to learn a second language and maybe not everyone needs to. I don't think it should be a requirement of students but I do think they should have the option should they choose to.

  • Students should learn a second language.

    Students absolutely should learn a second language. The benefits of learning a second language are so numerous that I can't even begin to go in depth into all of them. We expect all other races of people to be able to understand English in America so there is no reason we should think that us knowing more about other languages isn't beneficial.

  • Multilingualism is beneficial for all students

    Learning another language has always been an important part of a full education and should be encouraged for all students. It gives students the ability to communicate with and study other lands and cultures, which in turn can create many opportunities later in life in areas of study, employment, or simple travel and leisure.

  • No Longer Necessary

    No, students should not learn a second language. Years ago learning a second language was necessary for anyone planning on traveling abroad. Schools offered a variety of second languages to choose from, usually French, Spanish and German. Today, English is becoming the accepted language throughout most foreign countries. People are able to travel to these countries and be understood without learning their native language. As a result, it is no longer a necessity for students to learn a foreign language.

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