Should students learn about homosexuality in school?

  • An Important Topic

    Children should be taught about all sorts of people and their struggles. Kids are taught about the struggles of woman, people of color, and disabled individuals, and how their differences should be celebrated. Why should it be different with gay people? If children don't learn about homosexuality, they may be confused about others or about themselves. LGBTQ+ youth may feel alone and without help if they don't understand who they are and they deserve and will get respect and support.

  • It would've helped me

    Don't get me wrong I knew about homosexuality anyway. But it was always a very taboo topic and it would have helped me a lot if school had actually told me about it and so I would of at least had an idea of what I was experiencing and it wouldn't have been so scary. So all I am saying is that you're taught about Straightness in schools so why not homosexuality as well, it can only be beneficial to teach it.

  • Some at least

    I think that teaching kids about homosexuality in school is important. It can also help lead to better acceptance. I think that teaching about homosexuality would be a good part of sex education and should be taught to everyone in schools. If people knew more about it, they would be less ignorant and more accepting, hopefully.

  • Give Children The Choice!

    Every individual has the right to chose what sexuality they want to be and what sexual act they want to partake in when they come of age. Schools should be enlightening children in the options they have, and not just imposing that heterosexual is the only path available. The fact of the matter is, whether you agree or not, homosexuality is very much a thing, and your child will encounter it at many points in their life. You'd rather them be clued up than being completely naive to the subject in question, and having to suffer embarrassment, not understanding, would you not?

  • Homosexuality In School

    We preach safe sex in schools, but to what end? If parents and teachers truly believe safety is important, then teaching about homosexuality and safe same sex intercourse is critical. Because the less that is known, the more problems arise.
    Also, homosexuality is increasing, therefore it would be inadequate to pretend that homosexuals, and bisexuals are nonexistent.

  • You're only hurting the kids by not telling them

    By not telling them all you're doing is hurting them. I'm gay and I wish there was something about it in schools when I was growing up. I had soo much hate towards myself thinking it was wrong and immoral, I grew up thinking I was the only 1 and that there was something wrong with me because going to church and Sunday school I was told that these feelings where not right and from about the age of 7 or 8 I suffered from depression till my very early 20's. Kids are extremely understanding and they should know about homosexuality. I dread a child to go through the experiences I went through cause it gives them an extremely unhappy childhood, there's also many LGBT teen suicides and 1 reason for that is there's not enough information given to them as you children.

  • Yes, because same sex marriage and romance is taught.

    I took health class in the 8th grade and they taught us that a romance was when a man and a woman had strong feelings of love towards another. This is not the only form of romance at all. I was frustrated that they did not mention homosexuality or any other sexuality out there. Anyone who had a sexual orientation other than heterosexual could have been uncomfortable, hurt, and insecure. The schools usually say they encourage being unique and feeling safe and secure, but how are they supposed to feel that when they are being told that their type of romance does not exist?

  • Of course they should!

    Sexuality is a topic that applies to all people, including children. The responsibility of the public school system is to prepare children for the labour force and to socialize them. The socialization aspect goes beyond simply communicating effectively and getting along with others so that children may navigate society effectively. This inherently involves educating them on the diversity of sexual orientations and the continuum that is sexuality.

  • Of course they should.

    Class it as political topic, but homosexuality is very much real and children need to be taught that it's normal; that way, it would be less likely for them to grow up to have an unnecessary opposing view to something that shouldn't be opposed. Education is the way forward; and schools have a responsibility to educate children about the real world; and being gay is very much real. Discrimination of LGBT people needs to be portrayed as wrong within the classroom to teach children that it isn't acceptable; just like racism isn't acceptable.

  • Yes, students should learn about homosexuality in school.

    Yes, students should learn about homosexuality in school. Teaching students about homosexuality in school will help them to realize it is normal and hopefully that will stop them from being bigots and having negative stereotypes about gays. Children are taught to hate so they can be taught to love and accept others.

  • I definitely don't think so.

    In many religions homosexuality is considered a sin, including my own. Little kids shouldn't be taught about that by anyone but your parents. Its too controversial a topic, i highly doubt some gay kid is gonna be emotionally wounded simply because their school is telling other kids about straight marriage.

  • My rights as a Parent

    My rights as a taxpayer and parent are that I should be able to see the curriculum and approve it before it's dumped on my kids. You're views are not as important as my kids are to me. Your views do not come before my kids. I'll be damned if my kid goes to a high school that encourages him to explore adopting this lifestyle. In fact, I would be willing to fight a civil war over it. If you don't like that, tough crap. The real world is tough, full of selfish, liars and depraved people and I want my child to know what to look out for and stay away from. And I don't want to an increasingly confused society because some idiots think they have the right to confuse my child about their sexuality because of their special agenda.

  • No they shouldn't

    Children shouldn't be brainwashed into believing homosexuality is OK especially when its not, and since when is its the school's job to teach students how they feel about another gender. Children should find out on their own if they want to be gay or not. I hope this teaching never comes to Texas.

  • No, it's really not necessary to teach about it.

    Even back when I was in school, students knew what homosexuality was because we had a classmate who was homosexual. Kids are also exposed to homosexual characters on television and in movies, so there's little reason to teach about it officially in a classroom setting. It would also be controversial and cause some parents to be upset. I don't really see a need for it.

  • No

    Students don't need to learn about homosexuality at school. They should be learning about it at home. It is the parents' job to teach children about relationships and to introduce them to controversial issues. The parents should be having open and honest conversations with their children instead of leaving the task up to the schools.

  • We need to be more subtle in our thinking

    Homosexuality should be a course offered to homosexual students who will be engaging in sexuality specific acts at some point in their lives. Heterosexuals, which make up 98% of the United States should not be forced to learn about the sexual acts that are otherwise distasteful to a heterosexual individual. This same logic applies for homosexual students who will most likely find heterosexual acts distasteful. If a student is bisexual he should be allowed to take both courses.

    Secondly, we need to be realistic about sexuality. I'm a homosexual man. I engage in anal sex knowing that it is dangerous for several reasons: increased likelihood of an STD, permanent damage to the anal tissue (hemorrhoids), uncleanly sex, and the transmission of several other kinds of diseases related to feces. Anal sex is painful even for experiences individuals. Anal tissue is not built for sex. It may be harmful to encourage anal sex in homosexual students as well. It would be plain stupid to encourage heterosexual students to engage in anal sex.

  • No, it is not the school's place.

    No, students should not learn about homosexuality in school, because it is not the place of the school to teach political topics. Schools should not spend a great deal of time on evolution, either. These topics should be left to parents. There are lots of other things that schools have to teach about.

  • Its not right

    They shouldn't be tricked into thinking its OK to be gay. If for whatever reason later in life and they want to be gay that's fine but until that day they should be allowed to think for themselves and no go with a popular opinion of changing times. I hope this teaching never co.Yes to Texas

  • Children are guided through life

    And at a young age they are unsure of what is right and accepted when it comes to sex. There should be some form of help and guidance on request, other than this it should be left to the parents to guide their own children in the safety of their own home away from the peer pressure of school yard mentality.

  • NO because it is immoral

    It just goes to prove that the lgbti are so desperate for human flesh that they are grooming inosent school kids to be there future prey. They even have you the tax payer funding there sick and sinful plan, but that to is part of there sick ways. Say NO to protect all children.

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Casuarius says2017-10-28T15:08:14.957
Homosexuality is a mental sickness plain and simple. You can argue its not till you drop dead, but how far would humanity have gotten on homosexuality over the ages? Its not just becoming more prevalent, its becoming more normal in media than being straight is. Many of you argue its a narrow minded religious view, but it not only defies the bibles moral teachings, it defies the principal of evolution. Males were made for females. There are absolutely no animals that pair up and stay with the same sex. Animals do not have the intellectual capacity to know better regardless, yet they still pair male with female. They may hump each other for dominance purposes, not because they're gay. Humans that try to justify animals are gay also are ignorant. Some people were born gay simply because they lack a hormone or have some chemical imbalance in their brain. Others choose to be gay later in life out of lustful desires and impulses. The media these days program that into your heads. They make it seem new and cool and everyone should do it. Ultimately, sex should be kept private, and in the bedroom. If it was, there wouldnt be so much opposition regarding sex to begin with. If you want to pack someone elses fudge or lick someone elses taco thats fine, but I dont want to know or hear about it, and I dont want my children hearing about it. So what it boils down to is this. Reproduction should be taught in schools because we were meant to reproduce to ensure the survival of our species, its natural. Two penises wasnt created or evolved and two vaginas wasnt created or evolved, it was a male and a female. Otherwise we would have never existed or be extinct by now. So how is homosexuality natural? Whats next? Are you going to accept pedophilia? Beastiality? Murderous impulses as normal? All because thats what the person feels, so it must be natural right?