• Dont wear uniforms

    Kids wear clothing they like to express themselves. Its boring to just wear white shirts and black pants every school day. Kids need to show creativity. Come on schools! Allow kids to wear what they want! Wearing what i want makes me feel cool. So yes. I refuse to wear uniform. Even though its cool to wear a navy jacket.

  • Students should refuse to wear uniforms.

    I think that students should ban
    together to fight against conformity and refuse to wear school uniforms. It’s bad enough that the school district
    forces students to learn things that they don’t want to learn and will most
    likely never have the opportunity to use in the real world. Putting together a wardrobe is a student’s
    first chance to show off creativity.

  • Students Should Follow Rules

    School, for young children, should be viewed as your first job. Your first priority is to get an education and attend school, just as your parents go to work. If your school mandates uniforms, it means the superiors in your society have deemed them to be an asset. It is no different than having a boss at work.

  • Uniforms are a great solution for leveling socio-economic imbalance.

    Although clothing is a way for us to express ourselves, school is a forum for learning. Requiring students to wear uniforms is a great way to level socio-economic imbalances that detract from the learning environment by downplaying the importance of appearance in a learning environment. If everyone is dressed the same, clothing can no longer detract from the learning environment.

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