Should students serve one year of national service?

  • Natl Svc is not Military centric

    Nat'l Service includes community Center's, national park services, historic preservation, conservation societies, and I would also include Homeland security though not as it currently established. Military service remains voluntary however i believe national service should include a specialised training course similar to the Basic Training offered by the Services. This will certainly enliven any community with a sense of itself and employ it's younger generation to own their environment and instill a sense of pride.

  • No students should not have to serve one year of national service.

    I do not believe forcing a child to serve one year of national service is in anyway correct. They should be allowed to choose if they wish to serve, and get the merit from that. Forcing them into doing it will only create more hostile individuals that after their service is done, will be released back into society, upset and possibly mentally harmed in the future.

  • No its unfair.

    Requiring students to serve one year of national service is unfair. Students should be able to choose whether or not they participate in national service and forcing them to serve is not a good option. Students have enough to worry about as it is not including serving a year of national service.

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