• School helps kids stay off the street

    If every student was required to stay in school until 18, that would greatly increase the number of high school graduates. Even if they do not attend college, they could get a better job and learn to support families. There are some jobs that maybe require a GED but not a college diploma. If more kids graduated from high school, i think that some of them would probably end up attending college, especially after 2 extra years to pursue their passions.

  • Yes, It is VITAL to learn for a long time

    You need to go to school until you are eighteen because it can help you with your future like your job. If you want to be a teacher, you need to know all the stuff you are teaching. If you don't understand what you are teaching, the students won't either. You also need to know maths if you want to be a builder or scientist or electrion

  • Education but not necessarily academic.

    While I think people should remain in education until they are 18 but that shouldn't necessarily need to be a standard school. If someone's talents are not in academia then apprenticeships and what here in the UK we'd refer to as a collage should be an option. To be clear a collage here in the UK does not generally refer to higher education as it does over in the pond rather an establishment where the students focus on specific and more practical fields.

  • Yes but one thing...

    ...Kids should choose if they want to. But it could be useful if they want to learn more. This is pretty much the reason I choose yes. I don't have anything else to say so I have to put random words now. T g d r h d t h

  • School is tiring

    Children are very tired of all the homework given at school and some teacher give children a lot of work in a day so they should come home to rest their brains from all that work and people at bording schools don't even get enough food this days infact its winter time and its too cold to wake up early...

  • Yes and No

    Depending where you're trying to go with this opinion. If kids wanted to get up and just not go to school anymore then I would disagree. If kids feel smart enough I feel like if they wanted to quit they have to take a series of test and pass them to leave high school. School is a place to teach kids morals, lessons, tough skin, and respect. When you're 18 or below I have a hard time believing you have enough common sense thinking quitting school before 18 is a good choice.

    For the sake of the argument I disagreed only because you don't have to stay in school till 18. Kids can drop out anytime and STILL be successful. Does it mean it's going to happen to every kid? Hell no! Barely even 10% are successful dropping out.

  • Waste if time.

    School makes people feel useless and stupid even if they aren't, and basically exists to keep people off the streets, not to teach. For what is tried to be taught is either useless, or not taught in a way that caters to an individuals learning style. Not to mention it is babying teenagers, when for most of history anyone upwards of fourteen was an adult, so school stunts development when teenagers should be in the world learning about life and starting to make their own way.

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