Should students stay in school until the age of 18?

  • Yes because they have a right

    Because its their life and let them live their life how they want to live just leave them alone they have a rights when they turn 18 because they are considered an adult if they want to stay in school then let them stay in school if they want to drop out then let them then they will learn and they will regret the that decision

  • No because they can't have much skills or experience to become a person who is useful for society if they stay at school all day.

    I'm sure that at school they can just only learn some physical knowledge with maths, literature or history. But It cannot be enough for a student to solve any problem that can happen in such a hard life nowadays. Instead, outside there, they can learn much more than thay can at school: some practical knowledge or skills that can be useful in life. It's not a matter giving them experience and confidence about life. Therefore, it's better for each students not to study at school until 18.

  • No Because being in school until you Are 18 is too long

    I'm not sure whether it is right or wrong But what i am saying is we should decrease the age that you leave school should be around 16 or 17. This is all that i have for my evidence though I Wish I had more to tell you. Bye bye

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