Should students/teens fight back against their school bullies?

  • Fighting back shows them you can't be messed with

    Walking away from a bully makes then think you're a pushover. If they know you won't fight back, they'll keep doing it. And they'll keep doing it to other people if you don't take a stand against them. Fight back. They chose to mess with you, so they have to face your consequences. F*** them up on site!

  • Make Em' Stop

    Bullies are people who prey off the weak, those who can't, or won't defend themselves. Generally speaking, if you fight back against a bully, especially if you get a group of friends to back you up, then they won't find you a worthy target. Bullies don't dare to even think about messing with me, due to the rumors of my ruthless fighting style (that I spread). I am not seen as weak, so I am not messed with. I have even let people know, don't bully others when I'm around, 'cause I can, have, and will get an entire classroom to do an A.W.O.L on you. Ass Whooping Off Leash.

  • Bullies do not Understand Nonviolent Solutions

    Bullies do not respond to being told to stop by parents, school officials, etc. While legitimizing violence through corporal punishment ultimately does more harm than good, it is imperative for the sake of confidence building as well as teaching bullies not to bully and harass other students for those who are bullied to fight back-physically. Moreover, those children who get tormented by bullies ought to aim for nothing less than unconditional absolute surrender from their tormentors. A bully can only be defeated by beating them into a complete state of submission. Those who choose to fight back are justified in using all forms of open/closed hand violence against bullies for the sake of self-defense, and are even justified in ramping up to demonstrating power and dominance over bullies by using submission holds, dislocating limbs by force, and intentionally breaking bones with intent to cause pain and suffering. A bully may justifiably be beaten by their victims until the point when the bully explicitly agrees to unconditional surrender, even if the bully cries out in pain from having bones broken, suffering internal injuries, bleeding, or being permanently disabled by the lesson being taught to them. Telling victims of bullying to use their words when bullies cannot understand them only furthers victimization. Turning the other cheek only gets one beaten down.

  • YES always fight back!

    You always need to fight back no matter what, whether it's verbal or physical don't just take stand up and fight, My current school the teachers tell you not to fight back because you WILL no matter what get suspended unless you take it, I honestly care about suspended even though I hate school, because that goes on to your school record and everyone that has "authority" over you can see it. To sum it up (pardon the language) DONT BE THEIR BITCH.

  • Bash u up, bullies

    We don't want to be punched, we don't deserve to be punched, we don't want to be weak, but the rules in school is exactly teaching us being weak. They r just letting the bullies growing stronger and stronger, some stages even rewarding them by suspension coz they get to stay at home.

  • Students Protecting Themselves...

    The nede to protest themselves and they must not be a coward, they must be a brave kim and if they are hopeless, they should try to defend themselves! If they don't defend themselves, they can be injured or they can even die, so I think my opinion is logical!

  • Schools Suck When It Comes To Bullying!

    If schools handled bullies better, than I would say 'no' on this one. But the school I go to sucks at this sort of crap. A couple years ago a girl got the crap beat out of her, and the school system didn't do anything. It made on national news, and the school denied all of it. Don't send your kid to a Maine school.

  • They Should Fight Back

    Dear Editor,

    Kids should not get in trouble if someone punches them and they punch them back. After all it is only creating bad habits. In this letter I will give some reasons on why victims to bullies should be able to fight back.

    My parents have always taught me to stand up for myself, but if I would do that in a school today I would get in trouble and so would the other kid. My parents have also always said don't be the one to start a fight be the one to finish it. Guidance counsellors always say just walk away, but if someone points a gun at you what are you supposed to do. Just walk away? Then turn around the next day and invite them into your “Green Circle” like you were taught when you were little.

    Another thing is back in the day kids would get in fights in school all the time. The way you would get a bully to stop being mean to you is fight back. If a bullie got beat up by someone that they usually pick on they probably wouldn’t still pick on them. After all people from the 70’s turned out alright didn't they?

    Also with the rule that you can't fight back against a bully, the school is protecting bullies. My school has signs all over it about stopping bullying, but yet the school is protecting them. Victims also need to be able to let out their anger and depression otherwise they will be depressed all the time and they won’t be happy. Then the school always wonders why students are upset and angry.

    I hope you now understand why students should be able to fight back against a bully. Just because punching someone isn't nice;) doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to fight back. If they never fight back how are they ever supposed to get stronger and tougher.


    Jeremiah Smith
    6th grader at North Hills Elementary

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I'm a 14 Year Old Teen who was taught to stand up for yourself. I've never been in that situation but I have seen it. What my parents always tell me is to not start a fight, but to finish it. I'm never one to provoke a fight, but if it gets to that point, shiats goin down, son.

  • No doubt about it.

    I am 13, and homeschooled so I wouldn't know, but I do want to become an actor. I go into a business with NO splattered everywhere. It is somewhat like bullying, because they might not want to hire you because they didn't like your face even if you were good for the role. I have heard so many NO's but I keep my head up. The teens need to stand up, especially the girls. I think that the guys do stand up more than the girls. Teen don't stand up, though, and that troubles me. I'm afraid to go to public school, just for being bullied. I mean, I don't want to be and people need to stand up to stop this. Telling an adult never helps. Teachers never do ANYTHING about it. Stand up for yourself, stand for your rights.

  • Its bad. Yeah!!!

    NO, Because i said so. And that doesn't mean you can walk up to a person and punch them in the face and why do we have to write that much word. COME ONE!!!!!!!!!!! So if you fight with someone then i will punch you in the face. You better stop.

  • Its bad. Yeah!!!

    NO, Because i said so. And that doesn't mean you can walk up to a person and punch them in the face and why do we have to write that much word. COME ONE!!!!!!!!!!! So if you fight with someone then i will punch you in the face. You better stop.

  • You can't fight fire with fire.

    Someone on the yes side stated that 'The wimp crowd wants to say things like "two wrongs don't make a right" but if humanity had followed that in the beginning we wouldn't be around anymore. Retaliation for harm is an important component of social control.' Does this mean that Martin Luther King Jr was part of the 'wimp crowd'? How about Ghandi? You cannot fight fire with fire - the inferno will get bigger. More people will get harmed. Most bullies aren't in it for the sake of it. They want to see a reaction, and then they will use this reaction against you - just another weapon. It will only get worse. If you take away the fuel, the fire can't burn. If you add more fire, the fuel will burn quicker. To wrongs DO NOT make a right. They make a worse wrong. There we go. I'm officially with the 'wimp crowd'; the crowd of people intelligent enough to know that if the murderer who shot your mother was shot by a gun with your finger wrapped around the trigger you are now a murderer instead. You might say that that is much more serious. It is. But it is still the same thing. Revenge. Don't become as bad, or worse, then them. Because then you might as well become the new bully.

    Why is revenge so good? The best way to conquer them, at least in your mind, is to know, and show, that you are better than them, and try not to care, as whatever stupid things they are saying or doing cannot harm you [mentally] unless you are taking them to heart. This can be hard. But they are the victims. By all means, stand up to them. Show them that they might as well be smashing their head into a brick wall continuously. But if you keep this idea of how great revenge is in later life, you will be sorry. If your boss is harassing you, you can't punch them in the face then throw them out the office window. You can quit.
    It won't necessarily make them feel worse. It will make you feel better though. Because the peaceful ways to stop problems are the best ones. They can hurt you, but as long as you stay strong they can't get inside.

  • The school is responsible to take actions. Not the students.

    As much as it's tempting for a student to fight back. It's more important for the victim to report it. Either to the principle or the teacher.

    I'm not saying that kids shouldn't protect themselves, I'm saying that the first to find a solution is the school as they're the ones to find a solution.

    If every student would fight back their bully the schools will run with red lights. Students especially young ones tend to extreme the situation and believe that violent acts are necessary even when their are better alternatives.

    Of course I don't deny problem in school solving bullying, but the first to know the problem that arises are the authorities, in which case is the school. Unless it's your teachers who are the bullies.

  • As much as it tempting as it is. This enviornment is governed by the school.

    School like a workplace is a place that needs to minimze violence as much as possible. The best thing is to get the school to find a solution.
    Their are many problem that arises, And the school is the one need to solve the problems.
    Students are still developing, and will likely commit an extreme act in self defense, when majorally affected by the many factors can create a problem in it.

    Students should not fight back against their bullies because it will lead to violence probably greater than before. It's actually the school job to work on the problem.

    All I'm saying is that the school that need to have the initial solution. If it doesn't, work either the school doesn't do anything, ignores or silences the victim. Than the student should fight back.

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darrenjackson224 says2018-01-05T17:35:41.633
Yes teens should fight back against their bullies. Bullies will never stop until you stand up to them.