• Students textbooks should be replaced with notebook computers.

    Students are falling asleep in there classes because all they do is read from there textbooks. Textbooks make you have to read A LOT. Kids these days do not want to read a lot. Plus you also use your notebook computer to write AND read. So that is why students textbooks should be replaced with notebook computers.

  • Yes, as a high school student, laptops would make life so much easier.

    Every year, students in school develop back problems due to carrying the overbearing weight of school textbooks in their book bags. The heavy, lagging weight of a backpack often causes long-term health issues and back pain for students. Aside from notebooks and binders, students also have to carry pencils, pens, and spare paper. The average high school student’s backpack weights between ten and twenty-five pounds, while the average laptop weights between three and eight pounds. A study directed by Brandon Macias of UCSD’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery decided that students often carry backpack loads of twenty-two percent of their body weight when it is only recommended to carry fifteen at most. While laptops are still expensive, ranging from 250-700 dollars each, the price of a single laptop compared to the cost of multiple textbooks is considerably less on the school district’s wallet. Textbooks usually cost around a hundred dollars or more, yet the information gets outdated quickly and schools have to dig out more cash to purchase up-to-date textbooks. With laptops, textbook publishers and teachers would be able to edit and update the information more easily on electronic copies of text. Teachers would be able to select certain pages of workbooks to use online, instead of buying whole workbooks that we only use half of.

  • The future technology

    It would improve a student's life significantly the everyday weight will be removed, you dont need artifitial light to see students also spend hours on searching for definitions and words witch will only take seconds with the notepad also it can hold thousands of 'pages'withou the need to chop down 1 tree when you use the notebook there is also no need to buy pens and pencils glue or booksalot of students suffer from back injurys thanks to the heavy bags they need to cary all the time alot more can be mentioned but this is the top phew, YES notepads SHOULD replace textbooks !.

  • Yes they should.

    I am a fifth grade student and I have computers and I say it is a lot easier than paper and pencil. Also there are more things on computers than paper. And a lot more to learn. Also computers stop the boring class time with textbooks and brings in technology.

  • They are more helpful and

    I am in the 10th grade going on 11th and I believe that textbooks should be replaced because students would be more engaged in their work because it is hands on and we wouldn't be flipping through old dusty pages all day. It also keeps people from cutting down trees which would cause us to have less clean oxygen. I also think it would help because it is a more organized way for your work.

  • Say BYE BYE to Textbooks

    Problems with textbooks:
    1) They are WAY to HEAVY. (Second graders shouldn't have back problems and scoliosis.)
    2) They CONSTANTLY need to be UPDATED. (Electronic textbooks can be updated easier and can reach the students almost instantly.)
    3) Textbooks are made of TREES. (Just think of how many trees could be saved by using tablets or laptops.)

  • Go away textbooks

    I think there should be notebooks only because there are kids with back and arm pain from carrying to many books to their next class for 2 classes later only because their locker is not by them but if you have a laptop that is all you need only because you can make seperate folders for each class and the teacher can email you the assignment and you can type in the answers then print it or email it back to them.

  • It's only logical

    Textbooks cost a LOT more than a laptop (200-750). Not to mention the textbooks get outdated and have to be replaced, and weight difference of textbooks to a simple four pound laptop. Doctors say only 15% of one's body weight should be on their back. High school students have 20-25%

  • Yes it should

    Textbooks are really bad. They get worn out faster than you think!!! And notebook computers would be better. No more wasting pencils, lead for mechanical pencils. It will just be better with notebook computers instead of textbooks. Textbooks kinda get on my nerves and notebook comoputers don't. I hate textbooks!!!

  • Yes they should

    People can type better on tablets, handwriting would not matter. Better prepared for life. Textbooks can get worn out. Can't lose homework. Pads take up less space. Saves paper and Ink cartridges. No pencil sharpening. 1000's of apps. Dictionary on board. It would be a lot less space taking than desktop computers.

  • Ugh! For goodness sake!

    Is nothing sacred nowadays? Does everything have to be new and modern and up-to-date for it to be okay to go ahead with? Children are leaving schools with some of the lowest literate rates in decades today, all thanks to the computer. Why on earth would we replace the very things that taught us at school with those things?

  • Costs are prohibitive.

    I don't think the people who suggest this have any concept of how over-stretched school budgets already ARE. Teachers are paid crap, the school runs with partial staff, and teachers have to often buy classroom materials out of their own pockets. Who is going to pay for laptops for every student? TExtbooks can be used for a much longer period of time and go through multiple students.
    Of course, thinking you can get everything you need to know online is naive. You'd still need to have reputable sites with as much information as a textbook- which you would only get if textbook makers started publishing online content, which you'd then also have to pay for.
    You also have the problem of damage and loss- if the kid's entire curriculum is on one computer that they must haul everywhere, how many are going to be damaged and need replacing?

  • Too easy to slack off.

    Well, first off, a laptop computer has many functions beyond just typing, which makes it very easy for a student to not pay attention to what the teacher is saying.

    It is also a fact that typing degrades handwriting quality. While this isn't objectively an issue, since we type up a lot of official things anyway, it's just something personal that sways me on the issue. I love good handwriting.

    And last, but not least, a laptop puts a physical barrier between the student and the teacher, which inhibits not only interaction between teacher and student, but also the student's inherit learning ability.

    Oh, and keyboard clacking is more distracting than pen strokes in my opinion

  • I say no

    I believe that having text books is better than having note book computers and these are my reasons:
    1.The computers cost a lot
    2.Some people/kids would rather read than type
    3.Text books give you more information
    4.The note book computers can hurt some people
    5. A lot of people get headaches

  • Our environment is at a critical enough state.

    If we replaced textbooks with computers we would have a lot of extra paper and cardboard. We already don't recycle half of the things that the government makes us think that we do. They would make us think that it would be going to a recycling plant, but it would just go straight to the dump or to be incinerated. Trees are a valuable resource and they cannot be thrown away like this.

  • No, textbooks shouldn't be replaced by notebook computers.

    These days most of the people are living with electronic devices like mobile phones. If even textbooks are replaced by computers, students would be sticking with computers at least 4~5 hours at the school. And if this happens, then this will become the next concern for the students. It might cause serious illnesses to the students

  • No, they shouldnt

    They shouldnt because they shouldnt. It is a distraction to other students and to the teachers. It requires more responsiblity than a regular textbook. It also cant keep track of your stuff as well because the stuff could get lost or deleted. That is all i can think of at the moment.

  • No ,very bad

    For God sake why everything should change to electronic. It is true textbook is effect our environment... More recycling and cutting lots of trees and ect but how about our children's health . Laptops and electronic devices effect them eyes , brains and them back as well !!! I wont believe they will pay attention to them study while all social media in front of them

  • They are horrible

    First of all, they damage brain cells. Looking at a screen for any period of time kills brain cells. Also, students can lie to teachers by playing games on them during class. Finally, they can be a GIGANTIC distraction for you if you also text or own social media apps on it.

  • It reflects the child psychology.....

    By having all such notebook computers students will lack their interest in studies because it does not cause any physical work to them.Even our human brain have capability of remembering what we write than what we read..... So there are 80% disadvantages becoz of this... I feel this should not happen seriously....

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