Should students under the age of 16 be allowed to use the internet?

  • Yes obviously they should!

    I'm currently 16 years old and I can't imagine how much more difficult learning and researching for school projects would've been without the internet. There is no possible way to restrict people under 16 to use the internet anyways because even if an actual enforced restraint was placed, people would still find a way to access it. Besides, the entire internet has already embraced the fact that people younger than 10 years old uses it, although I personally believe that if you're THAT young then yeah, you shouldn't be using the internet.

  • Internet helps all

    Yes students under that age should be allowed to use the Internet this Is the age of global technology where it is all around us. This technology can be used as a platform for learning in the 21st century where it can greatly improve the thinking of students unlike before.

  • Of course they should!

    I feel that schools should embrace technology -- it is almost 2014. I do feel that there should be limits, just in case, so students don't stumble upon something inappropriate, but of course they should be allowed to use the Internet. It would be so much harder to do research, otherwise. They could even use the Internet for understanding some problems, if they needed extra help.

  • Not at all

    Because they may use the Internet in wrong way
    they may play games .They may not use the Internet in limited they may become addict to Internet .This addiction will not be possible to stop.There must be some limit in using Internet they may see bad things on Internet .

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