• Yes we should let students use phones in class

    Um we can use them as note pads and as alarm for study reminders and in case of and emergency we have phones to call 911 or something else it will be faster and easier instead of going all the way to the office and wait this is why i support YES

  • Yes we should let students use phones in class

    Um we can use them as note pads and as alarm for study reminders and in case of and emergency we have phones to call 911 or something else it will be faster and easier instead of going all the way to the office and wait this is why i support YES

  • Students should be aloud to use phones in the classroom

    In an emergency like a school shooting students parents are going to freak out, so they should be able to have there phones on them so that they can call their parents telling them that their ok. Or to coordinate for and extra curricular activity so that parents know when to pick up their students.

  • They do belong in class

    My phone helps me view my grades and do a lot of other school related things and thanks to it i have good grades. I don't see why kids can't use their phones in class i mean the teachers can but the students cant that's messed up. The problem is some trouble makers ruin it for everyone and them alone should be punished.

  • Functionally Illiterate "Generation App"

    I see my college students playing on the cell phone for a solid 15 minutes immediately before an exam. Then, they whine about their low test scores and that they don't do well on tests. I've even see two people sitting next to each other "communicate" via text messages only. If they want to play on the phone, do us all a favor (and save taxpayer dollars that underwrite their student loans) and stay home. Even more frightening is that some of these students want to be grade school teachers (because you don't have to know/teach fractions. Heaven help this country as this current crop of (ahem) students take over the leadership of this country. UGH

  • Phones are useful

    I go to a technology school and all of our classrooms are Google classrooms where it requires us to have a device to receive assignments or the material to read. We are entering a new age where technology can better us. Phones can help in the school environment. Thats my point

  • Cellphones are a gateway to intellectual comprehension

    I find this quite amusing seeing as I'm posting my valid opinion from a school ipad, I shall not believe that electronics such as phones are a nuisance to the learning of bright students who may need the organization connected with technology, having a phone at your finger tips could be the difference between being capable of comprehending a lecture going on in class or being completely oblivious to the information going on in the room. I hope we can all see past the ignorance that has seemed to impale the older generations mind and focus on gathering knowledge and putting it to good use.

  • They are needed for help

    Cell phones should be used in school for visual aid and hearing, studying/projects to do work, and to contact parents or guardians during school because some schools don't have off campus calling so they should have their phones.. . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Phones should be used in the classrooms.

    Everyone knows that a lot of these kids are into a lot on their phones and might get distracted,but you think they can't get distracted when the schools have iPads at their schools. To my option,phones can be use in emergencies. Let's say their is a lock down in your school and someone is hurt,how are you going to get help if you are lock in and you have to be quiet. That is what cell phones should be used for in class. You'll never know when something might happen when a phone needs to be about.

  • Cell Phones Are Fine.

    Okay, say for instance that the school gets shot up... How are the people in that school going to get help? Oh that's horrible you say? THEY NEED THEIR PHONES IN CLASS PEOPLE!!!!!!!! THAT'S JUST COMMON SENSE, COME ON NOW. I understand that the kids could be playing on them but they are just kids... Still growing up and learning where they are going to go in life. Sure, they make stupid choices but they also make choices that help them...... I rest my case.

  • A cellphone in class would be a disturbance.

    Having cell phones in class leads to students not paying attention or cheating on an assignment.A student could easily be cyber-bullying another student in class. Someone could be looking up non-school appropriate things.And the teachers wouldn't even know. Because a teacher only has two eyeballs so he/she can't watch all the students at the same time.

  • No, They Shouldn't

    I do not believe students should use cell phones in class. Generally when a young person is using a cell phone they are utilizing social media or instant messaging. These platforms don't belong in the class room. If a student wanted to use a phone to record a lecture or keep track of homework, that is fine, but they must remain responsible with their use within the classroom setting.

  • No,students should not use cell phones in class.

    No,students should not use cell phones in class.Students need a learning environment with as few distractions as possible and cell phones do not help this goal at all.Between games,calls and texting cell phones are nothing but one big distraction and it is better to just ban them from classrooms all together.

  • No they are bad for classrooms

    Students should not be allowed to use cell phones in class. They do not serve a good purpose and will only take away from attention span. I think students should be allowed to have their cell phones with them but not be able to use them while they are in class.

  • Students should not use cell phones in class.

    Students should not be distracted with cell phones in class. Today, cell phones can be used for chatting, playing games, and surfing the Internet. This kind of distraction is inappropriate for kids in the classroom. Kids should instead focus on their teacher and their lesson instead of playing on a cell phone.

  • Students Shouldn't Use Cell Phones in Class

    Students in middle school and high school shouldn't use their cell phones in class for any reason. At this age, students need to be engaging with each other during class to reap the rewards of education. Putting cell phones into the mix makes education take a back seat and misguided social interaction take the forefront.

  • Hold the Phone

    Students have a responsibility to listen to their teachers and focus on their education when they are in class. They should not be playing on their cell phones or using other electronic equipment. Cell phones and messages can wait until class is over. They need to show respect and listen.

  • Not at all

    I do not think that students should use cell phones in class at all. I don't think that students should have cell phones in school at all. Cell phones are a distraction to all who have them. Not too long ago, people did not have cell phones and things were just fine.

  • Students should not use cell phones in class

    Although we use cell phones every day, and it would be easy to see why maybe they should be allowed in class, there is not enough information about it yet. We know at very least that cell phones are a distraction to students, who may not pay attention if they are on their cell phones.

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