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  • Yes they should

    Think about ut sine kids have horrible hand writing. So if kids could use i pads the school could fine a app that lets you type things so the kod does not have to right. This good because most schools may not have many comupters to use so there for schools should gave i pads

  • They should be enabled.

    Ipads as technology enables notation and downloading of necessary files to practice on. As they are able to have knowledge supporting apps all over the appstore. A child being distracted has a high possibility but adding an ipad to aid the learning process maximizes the possibility of learning throughout. Self-development could follow and also necessary textbooks can be easily at disposal in one light device than filled carrying a massive weight in one bag. It has many risks but if successfully used for education has a large positive outcome.

  • Yes they should.

    Using an iPad in school could help save money in the long run on buying papers and pencils, plus it helps the trees out when we do not need the notebooks anymore, and the more trees we have the more air we will get and the environment around us will improve.

  • It makes kids want to go to school.

    Though kids secretly download video games, doing homework on a technical device is fun for them. Lots of kids want to make an excuse that their dog ate their homework, their homework is stored in the device, so kids would have to finish their homework. Also, they don't have heavy loads of paper, so kids would just need to bring an ipad.

  • Kids should never get hold of i pads in class!!!!!!!

    To kids the i pads are the most attractive thing in class. I pads can be used for a lot of things in class but many kids think they have the write to play games. NO WAY IT IS WAY TO ENGAGING!!! I hope you agree with me.
    Thank You!

  • I pads should not be allowed

    They are a distraction to everyone even if you are using the right way someone I front of you may not be causing you to get distracted by their screen . Also they break down they have tech problems also not everyone can afford to pay 600$ when books and paper are way less expensive

  • Definitely absolutely not

    I have I pads at my school and HEll they are a distraction. You have kids secretly downloading games and playing them during class. Nobody listens to the teacher and now many people are getting in trouble because they are getting spotted on their I pad. So I think we should not have I pads at school. (By the way, I'm writing this on my school I pad.)

  • Oh hell no

    I have them in my school they are biggest sack of shit ever because we have a class called digital age which has given me ptsd it is stupid and latches onto my other classes like a leech they are annoying always crashing and our school internet really really sucks

  • Definitely not .

    No way. No way. How is this even a question? At my school, iPads were recently implemented. No one uses them correctly, and even if we did, our school is poor to begin with, now we buy crates of iPads for extremely unintelligent delinquents to distract themselves from schoolwork with? I think not.

  • No, students should use iPads in school

    If kids want to use a pretentious and overpriced electronic outside of school then that's there right, there ARE ways of utilizing it to be advantageous towards learning. But, in a classroom, odds are that's not what they're going to be used for. Kids don't need another distraction in school, they already aren't focused.

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