• Yes they should

    Children need to wear there school uniform because it shows they are apart of the school and want to be. Yes some people say it causes to much hastle but it doesn't. Most parents love to see there children in there uniforms. Who's parent doesn't. Uniforms are a big yes😁

  • Yes, students should definitely wear uniforms while in school.

    There are already way too many distractions for the children in public school. Some distractions cannot be helped, such as a large amount of children in one room. Clothing is a distraction that can be helped if everyone is wearing the same outfit. When people are judged based off of their clothing choices, all the focus is on whether your clothes are cool enough, and that takes away focus that should be centered on the teacher teaching the lesson. When everyone is wearing the same clothing, it helps the students pay more attention to the important tasks at hand and less on what they look like.

  • Yes, students should wear uniforms at school.

    I think students should wear uniforms because some kids get bullied because of the clothing they are wearing or because they don't have the nicest or coolest clothing. Some kids actually commit suicide because they are getting bullied. For parents it will be less expensive because you don't have to buy an outfit every day, week, month and year. Some students actually get in trouble for not wearing uniforms in their school. My opinion is that they should wear uniforms because it will prevent some kind of bulling and cost less money.

  • Yes because of popularity

    Boys and girls try to impress the popular kids with their clothes so they can be popular. People get bullied by what clothes they wear. Being stressed by what to wear. School uniforms decrease violence and theft. Reducing the distraction for the students. So no students shouldn't be allowed to wear what ever they want but can occasionally.

  • School uniforms make for a better learning environment and less bullying

    School uniforms help create a more orderly environment by ensuring that there are no distracting outfits to take away from the learning. What school doesn't deal with risque outfits that distract young adults? Furthermore, wearing "brand name" items is a trend that many students feel the need to fit in with. Take away that, and not only do families save money but bullying is reduced because those kids who don't have brand name clothes don't feel left out.

  • Yes. It keeps students more equal.

    How students dress can end up being distracting. They have plenty of other ways to express themselves both in and out of school, so it is not a bad idea to reinforce some discipline and ask students to wear a uniform. As long as the uniform is comfortable and aid is provided to the poor, there should be no problems.

  • Uniforms Are Good For Students

    Uniforms are an effective way for awkward, shy youngsters to fit into a social environment where income can interfere with their learning. They allows students to ignore social distinctions like income or race and personal preferences that may be distracting. Uniforms also provide a sense of belonging to a useful social group.

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  • No thank you

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  • Uniform are not necessary

    If this question is asking about uniforms in public schools, I say no. Public schools still stand by a rather strict dress code, that every student must follow. That being said, public schools not having mandatory uniforms gives each student the chance to express themselves without violating the dress code, obviously.

  • No school uniforms, we should have a choice.

    Schools should not choose what we get to wear. I thought that schools wanted us to be our own person and make our own decision and grow up to be something new and fresh. Uniforms aren't comfortable any because they are itchy. We don need to make a change to our clothing at all

  • creativity is key

    Uniforms are required in schools because of gang associations and because some students don't have the latest fashions they are ridiculed by their peers. But they shouldn't be mandatory. The students will wear them regardless.Students don't care, when we had days last year to are own clothes everything was appropriate and colorful when we wear the uniforms everything looks dull and lifeless. People say they are given uniforms to save they're parents money. Our parents have bought us clothes to wear so how are you really helping us save money. And the school I go to we cant we bracelets, hoops, or etc. Hats I understand because you are not supposed to wear them in but not even jackets are allowed! We should be allowed to be creative...the most colorful things in my school is the poster boards.

  • It depends on school culture

    Students should wear uniforms in schools where the community, parents, teachers, and students have determined that they would be beneficial, but otherwise students should be free to express themselves through responsible choices in attire. Regulation of the dress code should be decided by the community and no answer will work for all schools.

  • Bad.

    No students should not wear uniforms to school. If kids are bullying others because of what they wear, parents and teachers need to deal with that and fix the issue. Teaching kids that the way to get along is to strip them of one of the ways that can express themselves is wrong.

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