Should students who commit cyberbullying be suspended?


    Because there is cyberbully problems going on in amost EVERY school, we need them suspended, or even Expelled! Because then they would learn their lesson and wouldnt bully again, it is a very good idea! THIS LAW SHOULD EXIST THE MOMENT EMAILS AND IMS WERE INVENTED! VERY GOOD IDEA!!! JUST GOOD!

  • This should be a very serious rule in schools.

    Technically, it depends on the situation. If it was committed on school grounds, then definitely. Some say if it is off school grounds, it shouldn't be, but if it affects there school work/learning ability, then it should. That is my firm opinion on this matter, and it should be a rule/law.

  • Students that commit cyberbullying should be suspended.

    Students that commit cyberbullying should be suspended. When they do some thing like demean another student online, especially in a some what public setting, they should be disciplined just as harsh, if not harshaer than they are if they did the same thingg at school. They should most definitely be suspended for their actions.

  • Cyberbullying Students Should Get Some Kind of Punishment

    Students who cyberbully their fellows should get some kind of punitive action taken against them. The question to ask is would a bully be punished in a "normal" setting for hitting a student in class? If the answer is yes, then a cyberbully should also be punished. It's up to each school district to determine what the punishment is for cyberbullying and it shoud be on par to punching a student on school grounds.

  • OMG YES!!!!!! Cyberbullying should be suspended

    It hurts when a studdent or even someone like your friend goes behind your back and start causeing problems that will hurt you or say somthing that is wrong or grose. People may say FREDOM of SPEECH but it dosent matter if you say that it matters if you just mind your own business and exept that people may be different!!! So think of it okay!!!

  • Bullying hurts especially when you cant see the other persons face.

    Bullying hurts and if someone bullies yo online you cant see them, it could be your best friend and maybe she doesnt know that your her friend. If someone cyber bullies, they should get suspeneded, maybe arrested. Someone could accidently bully someone suicidle thinking they were just joking around. When a mean word is played, you already lost. Words do hurt, escpecialy when you dont know who said them.

  • They Should Definitely

    They should be suspended, not only are they being mean, but they are also putting the victim at many risks. Students may become suicidal, may have eating disorders and many other risks could happen. They student could become scared of everyone and die lonley and have to live with the fact that they let themselves get bullied.

  • Yes. They should

    I think that schools should get involved because sometimes parents might not do much about it or don't know there kid(s) are getting bullied. Cyberbullying is just like a bullying face to face. It hurts if your face to face and in a computer it hurts either way and Cyberbullying can cause someone to hurt them self or others.

  • Yes!!! This is a crime!!!!!

    Cyber bullying is a serious offense and should be punished for it. If is it is minor, suspension. If major, expulsion. Cyber bullying should never be allowed to do to the other person and should never ever be allowed to do it again. Hense NO MORE CYBER BULLYING EVER !!

  • Not at all whatsoever.

    If you let the result of a few buttons being pressed on a keyboard hurt you, then you are the real danger, for you are unpredictable as to what you will do when hurt if this causes you pain. You should use the spell-check feature by the way. Just a friendly suggestion.

  • Not at all whatsoever.

    If you let the result of a few buttons being pressed on a keyboard hurt you, then you are the real danger, for you are unpredictable as to what you will do when hurt if this causes you pain. You should use the spell-check feature by the way. Just a friendly suggestion.

  • It depends on what is meant by cyberbullying

    For just some bad words I would say no. In fact I would say the school shouldn't even get involved then unless it is on school grounds.

    If hurtful rumors are being spread then perhaps they should be suspended, but I'd think detention would be more effective.

    "Cyberbullying" is abstract, it's not clearly defined so I can't say across the board whether the student should be punished or not.

  • I don't think so

    A ‘school’ is responsible for the student’s behavior and furthermore their attitude towards other students. However, forcing a student out of school and ruining their history of education for the reason that they made the wrong choice once? This is extremely unfair towards the student since he is given no time to reform or understand what is right. Statistics say that over one third of the young people have experienced cyber threats online, and over 25 percent of the teenagers have been repeatedly bullied through the internet. Although a shocking number of cyber bullied students were revealed, I still cannot agree to the fact that you are supporting to expel cyber bullies from school, disrupting their education and also their future lives. In spite of the fact that the victim would also have a disrupted future, maybe even more than the bully itself, by expelling another student from the community and society we have, is equally as devastating and shows the inadequate knowledge and understanding of the teacher.

  • It's over the top.

    Suspensions are going down as much as 44% in some places. Its too far to stop now. It's better the build the trust with students and talk through it with them and help them sort out their problems from out behind the screen. Counselors can assist in talking to them and helping them work out their problems.

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