• I can testify

    Sugar feeds the pleasure centers of the brain and being a foodie I can tell you that it is very addicting. You can find sugar in almost anything these days. Whenever I feel sad or emotional i have a strong affinity for sugar foods. If that's not like a cocaine high I don't know what is.

  • No, fructose found in fruit contains many vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

    No, sugar should not be compared to cocaine. It is my belief that sugar should be a topic of education, because it can be deadly and lead to debilitating ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity when excessive amounts or additives are consumed. However, not all sugar is detrimental to your health. Natural sugar is found in almost all fruits and in some vegetables, which foster a well-rounded diet and source for energy. Studies show that natural sugar helps with depression, anxiety, and destructibility.

  • Not quite the same

    Although there are well regarded studies on the negative effects that sugar has on the human body, for example increased inflammation and an insulin spike following consumption, it is still far less harmful than cocaine. Although more prevalent than the narcotic it would be irresponsible to compare the effects of the two substances.

  • No it shouldn't

    Comparing sugar and cocaine is like comparing a television monitor and a novel by Charles Dickens. They are both two completely different things. I agree that they are both addictive, probably sugar is more so, but cocaine can kill you, and I have never heard of anyone overdose from snorting sugar.

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