Should suicide and self-harm be discussed in schools?

  • Yes, its very important

    The reason i say yes is because kids need to know what to look out for kids can use what they learned for signs to look at other kids can go into deep deppresion which makes it hard for them it could make them want to self harm or even kill thenmselfs

  • I wanted to commit

    Had someone talked to me about suicide beforehand at school I probably wouldn't have tried to commit or even thought about it knowing that I had other options. I get that the topic is a downer, but it is something that students need to be aware about, so that if any of their peers have been talking about it or acting stranger than usual they can tell an adult or talk to them about other options.

  • I say it should.

    It'll be an interesting to talk about,plus we get the chance to help ones in need,i know we could talk to our parents about this but not all parents are "chill" some would ignore what you're saying and simply say "you're just saying that to get attention", what if your parents are the reason you're self harming. Some parents stress,abuse and cause kids to be unhappy, some kids just feel more safe talking to a teacher than their own parents. Suicide is a serious topic,why do people avoid talking about it?,why do schools treat depression like a broken pencil rather than a broken leg? You can't just replace depression with happiness, why send kids with self harm scars home?Maybe home is the reason why they have them, why can't they just talk to us about it and ask what's wrong?
    Why are self harmers shunned instead of helped?
    "attention seeker","oh you're just looking for attention","attention whore" is that really how you all see people who self harm?
    I believe this is a good topic to be talked about,it doesn't need to be a class it could be an assembly,a one day discussion, all that really matters is to help the people who surround us.

  • Yes it should be discussed!

    Teens with suicidal thoughts, intentions and self-harmers need to be acknowledged. They need to know that they are not alone and can get help if it is offered! Plus, this being discussed, could help lower the rates of suicide. Lots of kids are having these symptoms, why do we not try to help them through it instead of ignoring their problems and going on with our lives? Schools should help this student because this could be affecting their school work which is putting a bad reputation of the schools and teachers. Adults and peers need to know what warning signs to look for. Also, discussing this problem, can help change the intentions of the self-harmers and suicidal teens.

  • Yes it should definitely

    I definitely think that this should be talked about in schools because it could save loads of lives.I know from personal experience that if my friend who committed suicide at age 11 had been properly educated about this then maybe she would be here today nobody should have to feel alone x

  • The stigma attached to it

    I believe it's an important part that to be taught as many people in the school Have mental illnesses and it needs to be brought up. The stigma surrounding mental illness needs to be talked about. Somebody close to them may be suffering and they may not even know it. People need to know that there are other options instead of doing this. That's why it's an important topic to be taught -- to show others that there are different ways other than harming yourself and harming others by doing this.

  • It is very important to be talked about!

    Talking about self harm and suicide has been turned into a horrible thought for others, especially parents. However, if it was getting talked about more, I have a feeling that the rates at which it happens will decrease by a large amount. It would help some kids see that they are not alone and that they have a safe place to talk about what is going on and get help. It is not easy but with people talking about it with open minds and hearts, it may be moved into the light.

  • Yes why shouldn't it be

    As a 8th grader still dealing with cutting and thoughts on Suiside my friends never under stand where I'm coming from and I told one of my teachers and they didn't know how to react except tell my parents and so that is why it should be and all you niggas tryin say we have better things to talk about like what the square root of 64 this is way more important

  • Yes it should be

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  • Yes, its obvious!

    Suicide should definitely be spoke more about in school. At the moment, it seems like a bad topic and a "wrong" topic to discuss. People should be more aware about what self harm really is and they shouldn't be scared to speak to a member of staff about it, they are not alone.

  • No, suicide and self-harm should not be considered part of the general subject matter in schools

    Suicide and self-harm should not be considered part of the general subject matter in schools. Including such subject matter as a general part of schools' curriculum would seem to place a lot of responsibility of the children in the hands of school officials. Such subject matter would seem to be more appropriately discussed between a parent or parents and a child. Yes, school officials spend a significant portion of time with students, something to be kept in mind. However, where does the line end at school officials educating children and raising them.

  • Teens are assholes

    As a cutter myself, I understand the need for proper education on serious things like this. Notice I said proper education. I'm currently a seventh grade student. During drug and alcohol education, I looked around at the class and only about 10% cared about what was being said. A class on self harm and suicide would do nothing because barely anyone cares. All it would is shame the self harmers into harming themselves worse. Now maybe if a specific student had issues then teachers should discuss the issues to the class or to their friends but without any specific reason, they won't care.

  • We have better things to talk about!

    The reality in most schools is that the majority of students are healthy and 'normal'. Suicide remains a very rare event in the life of most schools. However, mental health difficulties are relatively more common. The key messages we need to be promoting relate to positive mental health interventions and help seeking. Rather than discussing suicide, let's discuss depression and anxiety; let's discuss how to help a school mate who is feeling down or having a tough time; let's discuss how to get access to counselling services; let's discuss online help for mental health problems; let's discuss how we can train staff better to recognize depressed students; let's discuss strengths and positive psychology; let's discuss positive coping strategies and good stress management; let's discuss effective anti-bullying practices; let's discuss really good drug and alcohol education; let's discuss helping kids cope with gender identity; let's discuss promoting positive parenting practices. By doing all these things, we are doing really good suicide and self -harm prevention but without the risk of inadvertently promoting what we don't want to promote. Of course, I fully recognise that in the relatively fewer schools where there is a significantly greater risk of suicide (ie, very low SES; large number of kids exposed to trauma; high percentage of kids with known mental health problems) there may be more of a need to more openly discuss suicide and self harm.

  • It could give kids ideas

    If self harm and suicide was mentioned in school then the kids who do self harm would get nervous , worried that they might check ask questions to everyone . And if suicide was mentioned and there was a kid that didn't know what to do and in school they started talking about suicide then they might do it . Talking about self harm and suicide should no be allowed UNLESS a student or staff has kill them self and has to explained what has happened they need to lay a smack down in bullying not self harm and suicide

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