Should suicide be legal in order to prevent overpopulation?

Asked by: dbfgd
  • Yes it should be a choice like religion/sexual orientation

    Honestly there should be more money spent on support for people considering suicide but at the same time if one decides they no longer want to live they should be allowed to commit suicide in a safe & effective way. While some people want to commit for minor reasons (got dumped/family member died) there are many people who have serious health problems who are forced to live a horrible life (how much quality of life does a quadriplegic or someone with severe brain damage have) but cannot do it for any number of reasons (in some cultures committing suicide can have a huge social impact on your family let alone an economic impact due to suicide often not being covered by life insurance)

  • Lots of people consider it

    There are 10 million Americans every year who want to commit suicide. The reason why there aren't that many who actually do it is because they know that if they fail their attempt, they'll wind up in prison. That's Americans alone. Imagine how many people want to do so worldwide/globally. America makes up 5% of the world's population. 100 divided by 5 is 20. 20 times 10 million is 200 million. If we let 200 million people commit suicide each year, that would solve the overpopulation problem.

  • Ummm aside from how unethical this is it wouldn't put a dent in overpopulation

    Legalizing suicide won't make people more likely to commit suicide. People who commit suicide don't think about the legal repercussions after committing suicide because they'll be dead after the fact. It's just a stupid point that people don't commit because they are afraid that fail... Also it's I believe the statistic of 10 million Americans every year want to commit suicide is skewed because the actual question was probably have you ever considered suicide, which is a completely different question. Legalizing suicide won't increase the suicide count because people who want to kill themselves are already dead or going to. Poo

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