Should summer vacations for children be shortened?

  • Two-Three months is unnecessary because kids forget stuff and it's hard to get back in the school routine once school starts.

    Summer vacation makes students lazy once school starts back up, so if summers off were abolished then they won't have much of a hard time. Also their brains will be working and motivated year long as well. There should only be a week or two in the summer for breaks once abolished.

  • Give them a break...

    Even when I was 8, when it was summer my parents NEVER made me attend a summer camp. These, "expensive" prices you are referring to can be avoided completely! If they are 12 and older, let them stay home. If they are younger, hire a sitter. That's a lot cheaper and probably better for you and your child/children. Kids need a break. Summer should be longer.

  • Kids need more breaks during the school year.

    Between tests and projects, some schools go weeks without a break, so if the break is shortened over summer, with more breaks during the school year, then students will have a chance to catch up on sleep, and maybe even get ahead on projects. I know that many students, including myself, stay up past midnight working on homework because of extra curricular activities eating up time, and there is no way we can perform at the level we need to. Coming from a junior in high school, short summers with more breaks would be extremely helpful!

  • The period of vacation is way too long in comparison to other countries

    Compared to other countries Americans give almost twice as much holiday as any other country. England gives up to seven weeks for summer holidays. The huge gap between learning can make a child forget everything and this is why some countries like Australia split the amount of time for holidays besides summer into two week periods every term.

  • Kids do need a break, but three months is too long.

    In three months kids forget what they have learned. They get totally out of routine. They get out of the habit of thinking, reading, studying and sitting still. They also get bored. Holidays are great, but 12 weeks is ridiculous. Holidays spaced throughout the year would give kids better breaks than one big one.

  • Intense education is more important to western world than in decades past.

    Most of student in western society take far less time studying compare to one in Asia. For example, the average study hours in western education is 4 hours a day, while the Asian nation such as Japan, China, or south east Asia take at least 8 hours to study in school. Now as the world become more globalized and work forces have far more freedom of movement than in the past, the western students are exposed to a risk of unemployment against prospect of foreign competitor. Taking less vacation and more study time, is not only allow them to be more concentrate on their academic subject but also allow more time for them to prepare for examination and project which reduce prospect of class failure due to stress and lack of preparation.

  • Shorten children's summer vacation to be 1 month or less

    Shorten children's summer vacation to be 1 month or less. Long vacation makes children lose a significant amount of what they learn during the school year and they can get into mischief. Low income families with both parents working have to pay for summer childcare which can be strenuous. There is no point to making summer vacation last more than 1 month.

  • Summer should be shortened and the extra weeks should be added to spring and summer break.

    A long summer break mean poor families struggle to pay summer camp fees and if they keep children home the kids get bored very quickly. Also, kids forget what they learned last year turning the first month into review which is super boring. Lastly m=longer and more breaks though out the year gives kids the time to recharge their batteries and relax instead of waiting the whole year.

  • Summer Holiday needs to be shortened

    Our children are average. They never rank in the top 10 most educated children lists.
    They get board during the summer months. Canada's whole school systems need to change and starting with a longer school year is a good start.
    Obviously teachers will promote students to voice against this debate but they are only hurting them selves.
    Maybe we could use higher standards for the education of our teachers.

  • Students fall behind

    A significant point relating to why the summer holidays should be shortened is because a long study break will cause students to forget what they have been learning, slip away from study habits and become languid from so much time not working. This applies especially to students who find school difficult, who need the extra support that they can't find outside school, where there are people trained to help them, and who can't concentrate well even when they're in an environment designed for studying. Students need to constantly refresh their memories by going over their work, especially disadvantaged children who don't receive enough support at home. Imagine being in a state where your parents at home cannot be relied on, due to their family problems, leaving you to suffer for 6 weeks with limited knowledge yourself, the teachers are having their break; there is no one you can turn to.

  • No, Keep Them The Way They Are

    Educational studies have proven that play is just important in a child's development as formalized education is. Play allows children to explore their own creativity, imaginations, likes, and dislikes. It helps them grow to know who they are as people. Let kids have their vacation months, they totally deserve and need it.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Kids need a break!

    At the beginning of a new school year, students are excited to go back to school and see their friends, but towards the end of the school year, students feel annoyed and bored with school. They don't concentrate as much as they did at the beginning of the year. This is especially true in summer, when many schools that don't have air conditioning get extremely hot and unlivable for the students. After the summer break, filled with camp and other fun activities, they are ready at last to return to the classroom and see people they haven't seen since June. (And maybe do some learning.)

  • Let them have fun

    I think that the current length of summer vacations for children is perfect. They get just enough time off to enjoy the best part of the year to be outside. Learning and development that takes place outside of school is just as important as the stuff learned inside of a school.

  • Summer Holidays are beneficial

    Summer holidays are a time for children to take a break from school, so they can come back for the new year refreshed and ready to work. It is during this period that most families go on holiday, and if it is shortened, it will not give people enough time to go on holiday and do other things as well. It is also during this period that the school can prepare for the next year, and if it is shortened, then staff and senior people within the school would hardly get a break, as half of it would be spent still in school, preparing for the next year. Shortening it would only rid it of its benefits - the chance to give students and teachers a break.

  • Summer should be longer

    It's because are usually in school for 8 months and 8 hours and they need a break from all the work like how come it couldn't be like how it used to be 10 years ago were school normally start at the last week of august or how it used to be 30 years ago were it started off after labor day.Schools nowadays are starting in the middle of August or the end of july,yeah some schools start in July and July is suppose to be a month of nothing but summer.

  • No they should not be summer shortened

    One reason is that you guys will not even be playing with your son or dauter fun things during summer vacation. Anthoner reson is that you should be pround of your son that they have been studineg for many days that's why they should be summer vacations more longer .

  • Hell no never please!

    Students need a break! Let them be children, as imagination, wonder, curiosity, and play taught me just as much maybe even MORE than school ever taught me! Education is good but a break is needed. Students of all ages and types feel stressed because of all the emphasis on getting good grades and so much stress and what not. When they come back they are ready and refreshed to learn and finally talk to their friends! Yes, you might forget some stuff but in my experience, the only stuff I forgot was the unimportant stuff (for me unimportant) like history facts and an over abundance of words I will never use more than once. This is just my opinion and can be opinion changed since I am open minded.

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  • No just no

    Kids are already overwhelmed with school work. Summer break is a time for the kids to just be themselves and have fun. Its a time for the kids to let the stress of good grades go. Most kids brains are fried by the end of the school year. Adding on more days would have kids more frustrated and more stressed.

  • No just no

    Kids are already overwhelmed with school work. Summer break is a time for the kids to just be themselves and have fun. Its a time for the kids to let the stress of good grades go. Most kids brains are fried by the end of the school year. Adding on more days would have kids more frustrated and more stressed.

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