Should Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg have made remarks about Donald Trump?

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  • Ginsburg is biased.

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg should absolutely not have made political remarks about Donald Trump. It is her job to be unbiased and govern based on the Constitution. However, she has shown a clear, vocal bias now. If she was called to adjudicate a case during Trump's tenure that involved him, she could not give a fair decision.

  • No, she should not have. S

    Supreme Court justices, like Ruth Ginsberg are supposed to remain impartial and politically neutral. While it is true that as a human being with feelings and emotions, she is going to have polical ideas, that does not mean she should have expressed them in such a public manner, and it reflects poorly.

  • No, but she's totally correct

    Her statements may have been ill-advised, but she's right. Given her position, it would have been better for her not to comment on Trump, but it would be an absolute disaster if he gets elected, so I don't blame her for speaking her mind. He has much less of a sense of decorum than Justice Ginsberg does.

  • Commenting on politics is beneath the Supreme Court

    Ruth Bader-Ginsburg should not have commented on the 2016 presidential election. Supreme Court justices should be impartial, and not get involved in partisan political campaigns. Justice Ginsburg will likely be criticized from this point forward as being biased, and unable to rule on matters that take on a partisan political nature. Thus, she should not have made the comments that she did.

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