• Yes, because sometimes surrogacy is the only means by which someone can have a baby.

    People who really want to have children, but cannot have them themselves for whatever reason, should be allowed to chose to do so through a surrogate. As long as all parties are willing, this could give couples a chance to have the child that they always wanted, but were unable to achieve themselves. I was told that I would not be able to have children, but I would have done anything within my power to have a child, including using a surrogate.

    Posted by: babydollxix
  • Surrogate motherhood should absolutely be allowed, because what women choose to do with their bodies is their own business.

    What women choose to do with their bodies is their own personal business. Surrogate motherhood makes it possible for women who can't have children of their own to choose who they would like to carry their child. And if two consenting women come to the decision that this is the best option for them, it's no one's place to tell them they can't. Surrogate motherhood doesn't hurt anyone, and there is no reason to disallow it.

    Posted by: R0g3rJo
  • Yes, because if a woman can choose to kill an inconvenient child, then why not make a loved one?

    If a woman has a choice of when and how she has children, then she has the right to make children she wants and can afford. We allow women to terminate pregnancies that are unwanted. We allow them to give away unwanted children through adoption. If a woman can choose to kill an inconvenient child, why not make a loved one? Why not allow a willing woman to carry her sterile sister's child? Why not allow an older woman to carry her infertile daughter's baby? As long as all parties consent, voluntary surrogacy is as much a woman's choice as abortion. Until there are viable and successful artificial wombs, surrogate motherhood is the only option for a biological family unit's creation in some cases. Why deny them that choice, when killing unwanted children is allowed?

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Yes, because I believe surrogate mothers are vital to allowing those who can't have children an alternative.

    I believe surrogate motherhood needs to be allowed. I understand that many people would argue this violates the biblical definition of motherhood, however I would counter that there is nothing immoral going on. Surrogacy is a way for couples who don't have the ability to have children to have a child. I would argue that surrogacy is no different than adoption, because both give anyone who desires an opportunity to be a parent to be one.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • Yes, because surrogate motherhood can be a valuable alternative for a woman who is not fertile.

    There are many potential parents out there that are not able to have children of their own. Many times, the mother is infertile. An alternative is surrogate motherhood. It's a way for a couple to become parents using the male sperm of the father and the egg of the mother, merged and inserted into the surrogate mother, and she will become impregnated.

    Posted by: EmanBoa
  • Yes, surrogates should be allowed to carry children for parents who are unable to have children the normal way.

    Although I doubt I would ever use a surrogate to carry a child of mine, I can certainly see how someone might want to use a surrogate mother. If a couple really wants to have children and can't have children any other way, then a surrogate may be the only way. As long as it is done the correct way, legally, then there should be no problems.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • There is no reason to disallow surrogate mothers as they provide a chance for parents to have biological children who would not be able to otherwise.

    I do not believe there is anything detrimental about surrogate mothers. When a surrogate and a family go through an agency, the agency itemizes costs and provides money to the surrogate for medical bills and therapy. Surrogate mothers are volunteering to help families, they are not forced into these situations. I think it is a personal choice and should be allowed.

    Posted by: ParallelMan
  • I am all for surrogate motherhood, I believe that if someone wants to help another have a child it is a wonderful thing.

    I am very much for surrogate motherhood. I believe that if a woman cannot conceive a child on her own and there is another woman out there selfless enough to carry that child in her womb and then hand that child over to its parents, that is an amazing gift. I would be honored to be a surrogate and would be blessed, if the need ever arose, to have someone act as a surrogate for me.

    Posted by: PastoralElvis49
  • This can be a great way to give children to people that would otherwise not be able to have them.

    I don't think anyone can really understand what it's like to want a child,
    and not be able to have one, unless they have gone through this themselves. Surrogate mothers give people the chance to be parents, which is one of life's
    greatest gifts that should not be taken away.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Surrogate motherhood is a valuable option for parents who cannot bear children, and a good source of income.

    The world is full of couples who want desperately to be parents, but cannot, for physical health reasons, as well as women who are healthy and capable of childbearing, but in need of some extra income. Surrogate motherhood is a great way to solve both problems at once. Especially in a time of high unemployment, it could be a life-saver for some people.

    Posted by: RuthlessFreddie29
  • It's not right

    I feel these women were not able to conceive for a reason. I guess survival of the fittest has gone out the window. We are ruining the future of our species and while we may not see the effects today the consequences of practices such as these will soon make themselves present.

  • Surrogacy leads to a entire minefield of issues

    Firstly, surrogacy affirms the argument that children are made commodities by artificial means. No one can deny the pains of infertility, but surrogacy makes having a child seem as like picking a product. By bearing a child, one develops obvious emotional connection to it, and this early love for a child cannot be easily substituted. I believe that if one is to take into account the child's well being, surrogacy can ensure a lack of early intimacy between mother and child. Legally also surrogacy complicates rights over the child, which also affirms the view of child commodification. A child is not something that should ever be fought over, but brought up in a loving and nurturing environment. I don't deny however the reality that one does not have to give birth to or show any relation to a child to be a great parent. It is the room for complication that steers me from surrogacy.

  • Think of the children...

    Sure it may seem like a good thing, helping families who can't have children to have children, but doesn't anyone even think about the children? There are plenty of testimonies by donor-conceived children, including surrogacy, who talk about confusion, stress, psychological/emotional issues resulting from their learning of the circumstances that led to their birth... Adults need to stop being so selfish about having children, wanting family, especially if it's at the expense of the children.

  • The reason is Love

    If I was the child of a surrogate mother, I would feel sad that my life began as a result of my mother accepting money rather than a loving act between committed partners. Life should begin as an act of love not greed or need for money.
    I support adopting, through adoption a loving couple can give love to a child who may have otherwise never experienced that in their childhood.

  • Women are not commodities to be bought and used

    A women is made to bond with the baby that grows inside her, any women who does not bond with a child that is inside her for 9 months or longer is mentally ill and is not able to enter into a legal contract. The child that she has growing in her also suffers for the lack of this connection. It's child abuse to do so. Many instances of hetro women who don't bond with their children in the womb and they have had to seek help.

  • No, it is harmful to the psyche of the woman impregnated with the child of another couple.

    Surrogate carriers can experience negative psychological affects because the baby they are carrying doesn't belong to them and it is no small sacrifice to bear a child in your belly for 9 whole months. Naturally a woman will start to develop an attachment to that child. Another issue is the fact that the child is being separated from the loving lady who carried it the 9 months before their birth. That can't be good for the baby who will grow up to find out their mother never conceived them. Other issues concerning the surrogate mother's access to the child can come into play. And if they are denied access/parental rights because it is not their child then that can destroy a woman's mental state. The woman bearing the child will also experience negative physical effects and the pregnancy will not be easily forgotten when her body will not return to the shape it was before the pregnancy. This is no small issue.

  • It is bad emotionally.

    The surrogate mother will be attracted to the baby, so she would not in many cases want to give the baby back to the real mother. Also it costs a lot. It will be bad for the babies of the surrogate mother because they will be jealous and she won't have enough time to take care of them.

  • Human beings cannot be bought and sold

    No woman should sign over her baby before it is born. She has no idea how she will feel about giving that baby up before she has given birth to it. The baby has the right to know its mother. If I tried to sell my child I would be arrested. We should not trade in human beings and even when surrogacy is done altruistically it is wrong

  • While there are some advantages of surrogate motherhood, I think we should focus on taking care of all the children who are already here, and not able to enjoy the benefits of being part of a family.

    On the surface, surrogate motherhood seems harmless. However, given the world's population, and the number of children who are unwanted, abused, or otherwise unable to live a healthy, happy life due to their circumstances, I feel it would be far better to focus on making those children's lives better. For infertile couples, I believe adoption of children who will otherwise not have parents is a far better solution that will not result in even more population growth.

    Posted by: TrainLock
  • No, because there are already far too many unfortunate children that could highly benefit from being adopted by infertile couples.

    I think it's awful to find ways to trick Mother Nature into passing defective genes, child could end up having the same infertility complications as the biological parents for what it's worth. I would never agree to have a zygote with foreign genes that have absolutely nothing to do with me be implanted inside my uterus, even if I needed the money. I think its sick and twisted and goes against the laws of nature. Human beings come up with the craziest things and have to use emotion to justify their actions. The parents are selfish, they will do whatever it takes to have their children physically look like them. They can't find it in their hearts to love an adopted child from a third world country/poor family. They have to bring another woman into this who probably needs the money but it's going to leave an impact on her. Money can't buy you sanity.

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TrinitHall.o says2017-01-16T09:16:27.767
Read these blogs by sad CHILDREN looking for SURGATE mom and blogging of how they rejected them or how their sperm father rejected them.
Here's one post from one poor kid.

JJ truthMay 6, 2015 at 2:11 PM
Children are never given a voice in this country as to the decisions, policies and behaviors that have and will directly effect them. This is because people really don't want to hear. Therefore they vilify and block out the voices of the adults who try to advocate for the best interests of children and their lives. Most adults care only about themselves and what's best for them. Its never thought through only what's good for the adults involved. No consideration is given to the well being of the child. I hope you resolve your situation and find the peace and closure you're looking for in this life. May God bless you in your journey and keep you well.