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  • No!! No!! Noo!!!!

    BAN SWEARING? FUCK YOU!! Swearing is a good thing, people! Who cares if people get offended. Who cares if there are children around. Who cares if your a Christian. WHO GIVES A DAMN. It's all protected under our constitution, and nobody can take that away. If they do, they're a pussy.

  • Self Expression Is Ok

    Swearing is a form of expression using speech, which is protected by the 1st amendment. Unlike hate speech, it isn't that dangerous, vulgar maybe but aren't dangerous because they're just words. So nothing can be done about it because it interferes with basic rights and will cause more problems if they're evoked.

  • Swearing shouldn’t be banned

    Swearing shouldn’t be banned because it could resolve pain or depression as they are often used in anger or sometimes sadness which can be really bad. But if swearing is banned it won’t stop as many people around this world know it because the police can’t always listen to what you say, as you need privacy

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