• Countries Have the Right to Deny Citizenship

    For the safety of their current citizens, countries have the right to deny citizenship as they see fit. Switzerland did not view the two Muslim girls to be acceptable for citizenship, and thus turned them away. Countries must make decisions that are in their best interests, as well as those of their existing citizens.

  • Yes they should have

    If you want citizenship in Switzerland you need to play by their rulels if the girls don't want to integrate they do not have to but they cant expect to become citizens. You can't ask that a country allow you to become its citizen and than not integrate into the culture or disrespect the culture.

  • No, Switzerland should not have denied the two Muslim girls citizenship.

    No, Switzerland should definitely not have denied the two Muslim girls citizenship. The girls refused to swim with boys because it was against their religion. Every country in the world should accept all religions, even if some of the things people believe seem a little strange. It is unjustified for Switzerland to deny anyone citizenship just for following their religion.

  • If the girls passed the approprate exams and requiements they should be admitted.

    The girls refused to take swimming lessons with boys which is against their own personal religion and beliefs. The did nothing to disparage the country, to pose any sort of threat, and they were not disrespectful. In order to live harmoniously with one another we have to be willing to allow others to follow their own religion.

  • No, Switzerland should not have denied the citizenship applications for the two Muslim girls.

    No, Switzerland should not have denied citizenship to the two Muslim girls. The girls's applications were denied because they refused to take coed swimming lessons at school because of their religious beliefs. Switzerland says that it believes in the freedom of religion, which should also include the freedom to not be forced to do things which violate a person's religious beliefs.

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