Should Syrian refugees be allowed to enter Canada?

Asked by: Intrigued
  • They are all human too.

    I think some sympathy is needed as at the end of the day they are all human too. They are all forced to leave as it would be a risk to them and their family's lives to stay. They are normal people with jobs, homes and family's, just like me and you, they majority don't even want to leave. And if they survive the journey to Europe they are faced with filthy camps, infested in rats and have filthy water supplies contaminated with faeces; many of the inhabitant's suffering from e-coli, tuberculosis and serious post-traumatic stress. This is cruel to let these people suffer. They are humans too.

  • They need to stay in there country

    They don't belong her stay in you own country all you are going to do is steal jobs and make us lose income and the government has to pay for you so just stay so then we don't need more problems with you people creating more work for our police.

  • No we shouldn't let them in

    I feel like there are a lot of reasons why we shouldn't take in refuges and I'm just basing this off opinion/some facts I'll only research to attack responses I guess.

    1. Tranquility will be threatened
    Terrorist could sneak in or a refuge may not have "acceptable morals" and could be a threat to Canada or the U.S.

    2. COst
    The cost to take these refuges are high in fact countries like Jordan can't afford the refuges in there own countries. Canada probably could but still isn't worth it in the in due to the possible threat from some refuges.

    3. Cost and analysis
    It's questionable whether its worth it to take in people who may not benefit the economy or society of the region itself. I know this sounds cruel but you have to take all things in consideration. Furthermore the possible casualties from deadly people among the refugee groups. It's not safe to open up borders right now.

    4. Fairness
    A philosophical question is raised if we allow floods of refuges to go into Canada.. And then possibly enter the U.S. Is it fair to let a bunch of people flood in but continue to keep Mexicans from coming in? Double fencing could be implemented soon across the border making it even harder for immigrants to cross without the citizenship process. Wouldn't be fair if we let refugees just flood in here from a even further location and who are even more dangerous because of this fact flood in here.

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