• Equal Rights for Women and Men

    Tank tops should definitely be allowed at school. The archaic dress codes that are enforced at schools nowadays need to be revised! As long as a tank top isn't exposing a girl's breasts, they should be allowed to wear them. Even with spaghetti straps, no boy ever looks at a girl and thinks, "Wow! That shoulder is REALLY sexy and it's distracting me from my learning!" Instead of body-shaming girls and telling them they're responsible for boys' actions, we should focus more on not turning female students into sexual objects.

  • We should wear them!

    "It distracts others from their work." First of all 1 it isn't my fault they get distracted. I visited multiple colleges and universities and I noticed that all the students wear what ever they want. Now if High Schools do want to prepped us for College they should treat us like adults. Honestly I think it's stupid to ban students from wearing tank tops during the hot days just because of others stupidity. And then when I looked at my rule book/dress code book it says "It cannot be under 4 fingers." So my friend had it a bit over 4 fingers then she gets in trouble and guess what they told her. It has to be adult fingers. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME. And nowhere does it state that it has to be adult fingers measurement. So my piece of advice for schools, if you want to make students college ready, let them wear tank tops and to the others: If a person is a tank top MOVE ON and don't let it bother you("distract you") and just see it as a normal thing(which it is.), and soon more people will follow and then it won't be an immaturity problem anymore.

  • Not inappropriate like you think

    As long as they aren't clothes for hookers it's okay. A regular tank top is fine. You aren't going to start acting provocative just because you are wearing one. They are comfortable especially if it's 100+ degrees outside. Heat can affect a students ability to learn. You would want to wear as little as possible in hot weather. Heat exhaustion is something that can happen because of being too hot.

  • Yes, they should be allowed!

    Girls should be allowed to wear tank tops to school. I don't mean like spaghetti strap or really low cut tank tops but at least what the girl is wearing in the picture wear its like a two finger or three finger strap, because its not like its showing anything

  • Why is this even debated??

    The reason why these stupid dress codes are created is because the school systems believe that when a girl(and only girls) wear tank tops, their shoulders distract other classmates from their class work. This is a result of the unnecessary sexualization of showing a little skin, even though the temperatures may be boiling hot. If you really want the problem t go away, first stop sexualizing tank tops. It's ridiculous!

  • Its just a shirt

    Girls shouldn't be punished for boys being immature. They are born the way they are and if the school is gonna be saying what the wear then why go to school? We already have to go to school which not a lot of people like, then we should be able to at least choose what we wear.

  • It is just a regular shirt.

    It is just a style of a shirt and what is wrong about wearing another kind of a shirt? I always wear tank tops. And not just girls but boys too. And what is wrong of showing off your skin? It is part of our body and we should always love our body.

  • Absolutely not fair!!!

    People should be allowed to show their arms and shoulders. Its not like boys are going to be distracted by shoulders. As long as people are wearing them appropriately and their parents approve of it then it should be just fine to wear tank tops to school. Nothing else needed.

  • Of course it is!

    Its a shoulder I mean come on. I highly doubt that a guy is going to get distracted by a shoulder. Even if they put a restriction on the tank tops like no crop tops or cant be too revealing of everything else, but im pretty sure showing off a shoulder is O.K.

  • Of course! DUH

    Obviously it may seem innopropriate to people but its not, honestly it isn't, tank tops are not distracting in any way, so I dont get the point of not wearing one. It shows you skin, everything shows your skin gosh, honestly these excuses make me sick, kids and teenagers should get a choice of wearing what they want.

  • Tank tops should NOT be allowed

    All of these people are on here saying stuff like "shoulders aren't sexy" or "we should be comfortable showing off our own skin" but people have plenty of time to do that AWAY from school. School is meant for learning, not showing off your body. I'll agree, the girl in the picture does seem to be dressing appropriately, butsince some people are pretty dumb the moment schools allow their students to wear tank tops is the moment around 30% of the girls will think that it is now okay to wear tank tops that show cleavage and sometimes sideboob which is VERY distracting, and would only cause more tension between teachers/admins and students.

  • Of course they should NOT be allowed!

    We've all seen Mean Girls (and if you haven't you need to) and guess what they are wearing they entire movie? Tank tops! Very revealing ones if I might add. Allowing them at school would make it okay for girls to be more "sexy" and show off more skin. School should be where you go to learn, not to show off like a stripper.

  • Most people who wear them are stupid

    Most boys who wear then don't have muscle and some just have fat which makes me mad to look at. Most girls don't exercise enough to have toned muscles so I don't think they should be allowed to wear them. And a sleve isnt going to make you supper hot just change the fabric of your t-shirts and you should be fine.

  • Tank tops are bad

    Tank tops are so stupid, why even buy one? If you want to show off, just don't wear a shirt. You don't need a tank top if you just don't wear anything. God gave you skin for a reason, don't just cover it up with a stupid tank top, its like you're already wearing nothing.

  • No tank tops

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  • I personally don't think so

    School should be teaching kids to feel pretty and beautiful in clothes that don't need to show skin. People now a days seem to think that they need to show skin to be pretty, we shouldn't let that be taught at school. I can understand the situation of heat though, heat is distracting for learning but however, it can be a skin cancer risk when playing games outside. I also believe that if people are allowed to wear tank tops, people WILL make them very low cut to show some of their chest, which is what can be distracting to other class mates. This will only cause confusion and more fuss on the dress code. They will then want to wear more clothes etc. I go to a school where we have to wear a uniform, a sleeved t - shirt, pants or shorts, a dress or pants made by the school. It reaches 45° celcius here in the summer. When it gets hot we just turn the cooler on, simple. The students here don't complain about the uniform.

  • Restrictions should be placed

    Their should just be restrictions like how big the hole can be and that chest and stomach can not show. And for girls they should just be not allowed to show "side boobs" or "cleavage". And it should be in the code of conduct and a school rule if students would want to wear tank tops.

  • Of course! DUH

    Obviously it may seem innopropriate to people but its not, honestly it isn't, tank tops are not distracting in any way, so I dont get the point of not wearing one. It shows you skin, everything shows your skin gosh, honestly these excuses make me sick, kids and teenagers should get a choice of wearing what they want.

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