• Tax breaks should be allowed for solar energy

    Tax breaks should be used to encourage the conversion to solar energy. It is a green solution which will drastically reduce the carbon footprint. This should be encouraged. Right now, it is expensive to manufacture and install the panels. Therefore, the government should help subsidize the cost via tax breaks.

  • Yes, tax breaks should be allowed for solar energy.

    Yes, tax breaks should be allowed for solar energy. It is ridiculous to think that any government would start issuing taxes for solar energy. Nobody owns the sun - it is a resource shared by everyone and thus no one can tax it. It should be free for all to use, no matter where you are.

  • It helps everyone.

    Solar energy is something that helps everyone, along with helping our planet. We cannot keep using up all of our resources. I am fine with moderate tax breaks being given for people and businesses who choose to utilize solar energy, because it is an attractive incentive that should help this field increase.

  • Yes because it is good for the environment.

    Solar power is one of the most sustainable sources of power currently used on this planet, people should be encouraged to use it. Otherwise people are not going to want to spend all that all that extra money on solar power, thus the Earth will continue to suffer. Us humans need to start looking after our home planet.

  • Government doesn't have any business granting advantages to any single sector of the economy.

    What a tax break would do is to essentially give solar power an unjustified advantage over all other forms of energy production. This would mean that research funds would also be allocated from other. Equally viable forms of energy production towards solar power.
    While we would get some new innovations within that specific field, we would at the same time be passing by the many other potential revolutions in the rest of the energy production sector.
    If you really want to get to the point of free energy as quickly as possible, the fastest and most efficient way is to lower all taxes and encourage the free market to thrive.
    PS: the single best alternative energy isn't solar power, but rather Thorium nuclear power......

    Posted by: Laca

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