• Yes! (well....the same percentage at least)

    A flat tax is the only 'fair' tax system. A progressive tax system is unjust to those who are wealthy whereas a regressive tax system is unjust to the poor. A flat tax ensures that everyone is paying the same percentage of their income. This simplifies the tax code for everyone.

  • This system would be easier to understand.

    Taxes should be the same for everyone. They should at least be the same percentage of an individual's income. This would be a much more equitable way for the government to get its operating funds, and individuals would better be able to estimate how much they'd have to pay annually. Our current system is very difficult to understand for the average citizen. Having a flat tax rate would greatly simplify the entire system.

  • Simple is better.

    I agree with what the above comment said. Not only would taxes be easier to understand, it would also (hopefully) reduce the amount of people necessary to run organizations like the IRA. Unfortunately, if taxes are simple then a lot of companies will lose business, but that is life. Over all a flat tax rate would be best.

  • Taxation with representation sucks too!

    There should be no federal income tax, payroll tax, or corporate income tax. Americans should be taxed on what they purchase, which would put in place a national sales tax which would be around 7%. Without federal taxes being taken out of workers paycheck Americans would be able to take home their entire paycheck, and spend more. If we passed fair tax legislation today, we would be able to better fund Medicare and Social Security, and slowly privatize both programs. If you want to learn more about the fair tax go to fairtax.Org.

  • People work for money!

    There is a reason people are poor: they were lazy and never worked to get a good career. If you work hard for your money you shouldn't have it all taken away! To be fair, everyone should have the same percent tax. Keep in mind 25% of 50,000 and 25% of 1,000,000 are completely different things. Taxes should be the same percent, the decisions people make throughout life determine their income, and if they were busy going to parties in high school and barely passing their classes, and now they are working class it isn't the government's problem.

  • This is fair no matter how you look at it.

    If a person chooses to work for minimum wage and make $10,000 a year and another person chooses to become a specialist in the medical field making $100,000 a year, and they each pay 10% of their earnings in taxes, they are equal. Why should either of them get a tax break?

    Posted by: Jayz
  • I believe that taxes should be the same for everyone.

    I believe that taxes should be the same for everyone. I think that everyone should pay the same
    sales tax whether they are rich or poor.
    I also think that corporations should have to pay the same taxes and not
    be able to use any loopholes. Also, everyone
    should pay the same percentage of income in sales tax.

  • If not, no one would work.

    Because if it is proportional to the amount of money you make then everyone would be in the same class regardless of income before taxes. For example someone who owns their own business would come home with a check the same size as the janitor for that business because the owner needs to give up most of his money for taxes. The best way to avoid this is the same taxes for everyone. Or else, what's the incentive for working towards a good job that requires high education if you make the same amount of money as someone with a menial, uneducated job.

  • Progressive Tax Systems are the fairest.

    Progressive tax systems were designed to ensure that those who get the most benefit from society (i.E. The highest income) should pay the most. The currently tax system has too many loopholes for the wealthy, e.G. Capital gains and dividends taxed at only 15%. Offshore accounts is another loophole where billion of money that should be invested in the USA is sheltered offshore, usually in illegal activities.

  • Vary Taxes Based on Actual American Job Creation

    The left likes to say the rich should pay their fair share. The right likes to say that we need lower taxes to create jobs. So why not allow tax write-offs based on hiring people, in America or investing in companies that hire more American workers? If we only give these tax cuts to people who can show they are creating jobs it will greatly stimulate the economy.

  • I was on the fence.

    I personally do not believe in taxes in the first place but I understand they are the only way for the economy to stay afloat with the current National Debt, and Governmental structure. There are ways to change this but I digress. I really do not believe in a flat tax but a " Pay-As-You-Go " tax. I believe tax should have a flat fee and then as you use begin using services you get a tax added for that service. Say I put my kid in a private school, but I own property, I should not have to pay a property tax towards schools. I should only pay a tax for owning the property that goes towards the city I live in for things like sewage, recycling and other things a property owner generally uses. And lets say I make 250k a year. I should not have to pay more than someone who makes 100k. I work just as hard for my money. I believe that is a form of financial discrimination and an injustice to the people who make larger amounts of money. I should not have to pick up the slack for the governments poor decision making and some officials incompetence.

  • Taxes should not be the same for everyone

    I do believe in a tax system that allows people to "save" money for certain expenditures and investments. For instance, I think the mortgage interest deduction offers encouragement for home buying. But I also believe our tax system needs a serious overhaul. The current system is not fair and puts too much burden on those with less money.

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