• The "Famous" video is a recipe for trouble

    In Kanye West's new video that he created for his song "Famous," a Taylor Swift lookalike is shown in bed with the rapper. This is accompanied by sexist lyrics that discuss how West and Swift should have sex because in West's view, he made Swift famous. Swift is right to be outraged by this video because it assumes West has a right to her body. She should definitely sue him for defamation.

  • Taylor Swift: caught in the web of her own lies

    Taylor Swift has always painted the idealistic 'girl next door' image of herself, however recent events regarding the Kardashian-West family has revealed that the only 'character assassination' happening is that of West by Swift herself. The recent video footage debuted on Sunday 17th July showed Taylor Swift to be in full knowledge of the song's 'defamatory' lyrics which she seemed to find funny and acceptable. While she was not made aware of the fact that she would be referred to as 'that bitch', she really should have seen being referred to as a bitch as a possibility in a rap song where the lyrics she approved on camera included the racial slur 'n****'

  • Stop suing about everything.

    Taylor Swift does not need to sue Kanye West about anything. Everyone knows that West is a jerk, but there is really no such thing as bad publicity. Every stunt that Kanye pulls just gives Taylor more attention, which results in more fans and more album sales for the star.

  • That will just give Kanye more publicity.

    I think Kanye is a shrewd buffoon in the sense that he uses his words to maximize publicity. If Taylor Swift were to sue him, he would just twist that and turn into his advantage. The best thing to do is to ignore him. If everyone ignores him long enough, he will just fade away like past music stars.

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