Should teachers be able to give students medicine in school?

  • Yes They Should

    The Teachers Should Have Common Knowledge On Medicines. They Must And Should Be Able To Help The Children In Emergency. They Must Also Ensure That The Medical Facilities In School Are Updated So That There Are No Expired Medicines. Before Being Appointed The Teachers Must Be Given Brief Training On Medicines And First Aid!

  • It's no different to a parent doing it

    If a doctor has prescribed medicine that needs to be taken in school hours then teachers need to administer it. Parents can't come to school to administer it every day of the kids lives and it is not a good idea to have them administer it themselves. It can end up being sold or taken by the wrong kid or not taken at all.

  • That's not their job.

    Teachers exist to educate students, not to provide their healthcare. Most states already require teachers to have Master's degrees, yet now you want to force them to take medical training as well
    ...For what? So you can save money by eliminating trained medical personnel on staff?

    Public schools are required to have licensed professional nurses on staff for medical emergencies and medications. Physical education teachers and sports coaches already receive emergency medical training and training on sports injuries to help in those instances.

    How many jobs do you want to force teachers to do on their small salaries?

  • It could be dangerous - especially if it is to focus

    If a teacher gives students drugs to focus the student will only need more drugs. Most schools already have a health centre that can give students medicine and send the students home if necessary. Also it's not their jobs. Teachers have to go through learning the subject the specialise in and probably a masters degree so why put them through medical training too.

  • Teachers and Medicine

    Many people think that teachers should be allowed to give students their meds but there are concerns we should think about. One concern is that the teacher would ask the student have much they are suppose to give them and the student could lie to the teachers. The other reason is a law suit against the school.

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