• Yes teachers should be allowed to have cell phones in class.

    I do not see the problem with teachers having cell phones in class, as long as they do not use it unless it is an emergency. I believe teachers know not to use their phones while class is in session, they are on the clock that, it is obvious how unprofessional that would be.

  • Teacher and students are not equals

    Teachers should be allowed to have their cell phone in their classroom. However, it is not for personal use while students are in front of them. We need to let our students know that we as teachers are not on the same level as our students. I know from personal experience that the district I teach in does not supply phones in classrooms

  • Get over it already .

    What if an emergency were to happen?
    I 100% agree with teachers to have cell phones. I just think this is absurd . Again, teachers do have a bachelors degree. They are professionals
    1. Why not
    2 are you a student? ,
    3 Why don't you get a college education ? , then you could complain .

  • Yes of course

    What if there is a problem with family or friends like if there is a burglary.Or if there's a fire. Or even if someone is getting sick.What if you were in this situation were you didn't have a phone and your family really needed your helper you didn't have a connection.

  • Yes, why is this even a question?

    Cell phones are important tools of communication, and their usefulness has been demonstrated in classes over and over again (when I had a student faint in class, I would not have been able to call 911 without my cell phone on me--there are no land lines in classrooms on campus). Why is this being threatened?

  • Yes, of course.

    Teachers are professionals, not McDonald's workers. They have bachelor's and master's degrees and have the professional judgment to know when they can safely use their phone and when it is a distraction. If we trust them to teach our kids, surely we can trust them to limit their phone as needed. Plus, it makes sense that a teacher has a phone in case of an emergency.

  • Yes, they should

    As long as it is not a distraction, then I see no reason they should not be allowed. Many schools have a phone system, but sometimes a cell phone is necessary for emergencies. If the sound is off or the phone is off and the teacher does not use it during class time, it is no problem.

  • Yes, they must

    They should be allowed to use only in lunch time and other time it should be kept in their school lockers.They can use it during class only after taking permission and on special reasons as a teaching aid to show something to kids from internet otherwise if used it should be confiscated.

  • Yes, they must

    They should be allowed to use only in lunch time and other time it should be kept in their school lockers.They can use it during class only after taking permission and on special reasons as a teaching aid to show something to kids from internet otherwise if used it should be confiscated.

  • It can be Important for Safety

    If the school has an emergency, the teacher should have a cell phone to call 911 or if they are out around the campus they may want to be able to contact a school service or the safety officials with information on a fight that may be taking place instead of running to a classroom to get to a phone. If the telephone service of the school is not working, the cell phone can serve as a backup form of communication.

  • Teachers using cell phones for games.

    Not all teachers are responsible enough stay off there phone. Both my kids in high school have at least 2 teachers that sit back during class and play games on their phones. This is unacceptable, if it was an emergency on the other hand it would be fine but a video game is not an emergency.

  • Should Teachers be allowed their phones in class?? NO WAY!

    If students aren't allowed their mobile phones in class then why should teachers be allowed? If there was an emergency then they can use the phones provided by the school. Also the teacher shouldn't need there phone on them because if they need to be contacted in an emergency then the school can tell them. Why would the teacher need the phone anyway its not like he/she will have time to check it during class. There is always Morning Tea and Lunch time if needed. If they have their phones on them then they might feel obliged to check it if it goes of or whatever during a lesson and then they are not giving their students and teaching their full attention and that is what parents are paying for.

  • No, they should not.

    No, teachers should not be able to have phones in class because they are most likely doing something fun while we are just sitting there doing work. It is so stressful watching them play on their phones while we are doing work. Why? Who would want to just sit there and watch them play?

  • Talk hurts and here it is.

    Teachers should not be able to have their cell phones in the classroom. Just imagine being in class and not learning anything because the teacher is texting. That's like texting and driving. Not only is it a distraction to students and themselves, it's also very unfair. On a daily basis students get their phones taken away for having them out in class. If teachers had that same rule they would get their phones taken probably more than the students. Yes, I understand there are many reasons why they should have them but honestly should they?

  • Not at all; Teachers should not be allowed to have cell phones in class.

    If students cant have cell phones then teachers should not either this is what i think anyways they are that important then students should have them too teachers could be using them for the same reason some of the students do teachers say im going to have my phone out my dad is in bad shape well so can one of our family members that don't give us as students the right to have our phone out

  • Teachers shouldn't be allowed to have cellular phones.

    They shouldn't have cell phones because it takes the children's mind off their work and ask this question "if we can't have our phone out why can you" and this makes the kids get in trouble with their teachers and parents for asking those questions. That is why teachers shouldn't have cellular phones in the classroom.

  • No its not fair!!!!!

    I think teachers should not have cell phones in class because the students are suppose to be learning and if teachers are on their phones they are not teaching the students agreed so there for it is not fair am i in the wrong for saying this? Some people say no some say yes. I think i am right.

  • Teachers should be teaching us.

    So, the students are not permitted to have cell phones in class but, my teacher uses his phone in class?? This is why teacher's have brakes, to use their phones, go off campus, anything. So I say no. Being a teacher is to teach other students, not to be on your cell phone.

  • Teachers shouldn't be allowed to have cell phones during class because its sending a bad message to the sudents

    Teachers who spend time on their cell phones during class are sending the wrong message to students. Students are always watching adults to see how they act and if they truly care about that student. When a teacher is on their phone they are missing the oppurtunity to spend quality time with a student a making a difference in their life.

  • Teachers with phones

    Teachers shouldn't have cellophane's in class because it takes the teachers mind off working, its disturbing when teachers get phone calls and they completely leave the class. Some teachers are not responsible enough to be trusted with phones. There is reasons why they have school phones in the class room. Bye

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