Should teachers be allowed to have guns during school?

  • No one would be stupid enough to try to attack

    Shootings in the US schools would drop WAY down. Just imagine that you were one of those people who intended to shoot up a school. Would you even try if you knew all the teachers were armed? At the Virginia Tech massacre, the shooter went room to room, each time killing more. If even one of those teachers had been armed, the gunman wouldn't have gotten far.

  • Teachers NEED guns

    If the teachers had guns school would be safer. Kids wouldn't have the risk of getting shot. Yes they would need to know how and that's why you put them in training. If you want your kid safe then let the teachers have guns and make the schools much much safer than they are.

  • I think that teachers need to be allowed to have guns during school.

    I think that teachers need to be allowed to have guns during
    school. Public schools have become
    killing grounds in the last few decades.
    There have been an appalling amount of school shootings. It seems that no matter what we do, the
    shootings continue. Many of these
    attacks could be stopped if teachers had guns.

  • I think teachers should be allowed to have guns during school.

    I think teachers should be allowed to have guns during school. However, I think they should only be allowed to have guns during school if they undergo an extensive training to teach them about how and when to properly use a gun. I think they should also have to take refresher courses every year if they want to continue to carry a gun.

  • Teachers should be allowed to have guns during school.

    Teachers should be allowed to have guns during school. This would definitely prevent the school tragedies that have occurred at our schools in the past. If one of those teachers or staff would have been carrying then they could have prevented some of the children and staff from being killed.

  • It is more safe

    The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, and I believe that a few teachers in the school should have a concealed weapon on them at all times in case of a situation that may require them to use it in order to protect the students.

  • No! It's unsafe for the children!

    The Sandy Hooke incident was tragic, but going to extreme measures, such as guns in the classroom, is a little, well, extreme. It would be easier for a shooter to enter a classroom and take a gun from the classroom, or a child could find it and play with it. If there was a shooter in the classroom would the teacher fire a gun with chuldren so close by? I would hope not. Overall, it's more unsafe for the children.

  • Not all teachers can handle having guns

    Some teachers might get upset & want to do something with the easy access of the gun, & they would all have to spend time getting trained, & students just might not feel safe with the fact that teachers have guns get REAL officers in schools. Come up with better ways to escape situations like that not just fire drills lock down drills consist of only locking the doors students need a safer way to hide or escape.

  • That's a bad idea

    Yes, it would stop lunatics that break into schools and kill students, and therefore would save student's lives making it a good idea. However, there are many immature students in schools that are so stupid they would decide to pick up a gun. If there were to be an unaccompanied student that was really nutty, he may even open fire on other people. What I'm saying is that there would be more risk than there currently is.

  • Teachers should not be allowed to have guns in school

    Teachers should not be allowed to have guns in school. Despite what the pro opponents have to say and that it would help reduce possible school shootings, it is too dangerous and more thought and consideration must be put into it. If teachers are allowed to carry guns in school, then the teacher has to make sure that they keep and eye on it so as not to get into the wrong hands.

  • No they shouldn't

    I am a teacher and the last thing I want is one of my coworkers to have a gun on campus. I think that instead of this ridiculous policy, there should be cops on every school campus if something were to happen. Almost all secondary schools have this, but other should have it too.

  • Teacher has no time to grab the gun.

    If a classroom is breached, the gunman takes out the teach first. No time to grab a gun. In Texas for instance, the teachers must keep the gun in a Lock Box with a keyed lock. No time to waist so
    teachers can and should Barricade the classroom door if there is a Lockdown Event in progress.
    Why let an intruder into the classroom to begin with. They need a door barricade device like Nightlock Lockdown attached to the classroom door. Piling desks and classroom furniture in front of the door is slow and uneffective, and doesn't work on outward swing doors. But this device will and is now active in many school districts across the country. This simple device keeps bad guys out, and gives a teacher more time to prepare and hide students.

  • It is dangerous!

    Having teachers carry guns in schools is dangerous, not only for the children, but for the adults in the building too. My mother is a high school teacher and she would refuse to carry a gun around. They could misfire or teachers could get overwhelmed with the responsibility of carrying of carrying the gun. Those only some of the many reasons why teachers should not be allowed to carry guns in schools.

  • Teachers are just as bad as students.

    Teachers shouldn't be allowed to carry guns! Imagine one day I teacher gets frustrated and starts shooting children. Or a teacher strongly dislikes a child and shoots them, saying " it was an accident" or even blaming it on another child. Same thing for a student what if a student somehow gets the gun and shoots people?? IT IS NOT SAFE. A lot of parents would agree and would probably even start taking their children out of school because of it.

  • Students would get shot

    If a police officer accidentally shoots people, imagine an untrained teacher with a gun. Anyway if a teacher shoots a student on purpose than they are dead. They can just say its an accident. Teachers arent responsible enough to have guns. Anyway it would be easy for students to shoot each other

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