• Kids these days are too wild.

    They have their fancy phones and don't listen. Back in my day teachers would hit you if you lifted a wrong finger. So these kids should be whipped for what they do! I would hit my kid if he did something bad, so I expect teachers to hit my kids when I can't, this is a right move for America


    Kids these days have absolutely no discipline. I would know because I am a sophomore in high school. The kids are out of hand and extremely disrespectful. They need to be put in their place. If teachers were allowed to discipline their students, maybe our future generation of kids would be less stupid and would be more focused on success rather than social life.

  • YES

    I believe that there should be limitations on the force used and that such a thing should be used for only extreme circumstances, but I absolutely do believe that teachers should be able to hit students.

    I just think about all the discipline problems that could be taken care of if our teachers could give students a quick smack or wield the threat of a paddling. There are just some kids that will not respond to any amount of cajoling, bribing, or suspending. This is a fact of life, and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

    If a little hitting in the discipline regime in our schools will straighten a few kids out and save them from being expelled or sent to these horrid alternative schools, then I am all for it.

  • Most students lack conscience...

    Students in this modern generation lack conscience, respect, and dignity. Most are spoiled because the lack of obedience and discipline. Teachers should have a little right to punish they're students. If we still had this in schools, more students would have the respect and would know right from wrong. But without this harsh discipline, students fall behind, and in the real world, they won't be able to go through life without respect. Our modern generation lacks respect towards elders and their parents the most. With this harsh discipline, teachers wouldn't have a hard time teaching their class because of an annoying student disrupting the class. I say, that if a student is being a pain in the butt, the teacher should have the right to whack them so they know that what they did, was absolutely rude.

  • Yes they should

    Students these days have limited shit they have to do at school and they still fuck around and do whatever they want to do with out any kind of punishment and they need to be told and showed thats not okay and are future generation will be a hella worse if we dont do something about it now

  • Spank until 18

    We need to bring back the old days when if a kid does something wrong in the classroom, his or her behind gets bent over the desk at the front of the room and spanked red for the whole class to see. They are KIDS until graduation and need discipline.

  • I would knock a kid out

    Some of these kids get on my nervers man, every now and then they just need a good old hit on the dome, id knock a nigga out bruh, id be swinging if they looked at me funny, on god bruh theyd get knocked tf out if they crossed my path

  • They should becausfs4r7udhynfhyruhd e

    I am awesome and cool and I do everything and is cool and is awesome and is cool and is awesome and is cool and is awesome and is cool and is awesome and is cool and is awesome and is cool and is awesome and is cool and is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Me a student kids are bad and I'm bad sometimes too

    Students deserve to be spanked in the butt cause we are always bad and I am admitting that I am bad and I deserve to be paddled and I would accept the paddling and us kids deserve to be paddled when it is deserved and should be done when needed

  • Yes teachers should be able to spank pupils

    Because children all need spanking at one point and teachers should be allowed to enforce that type of dyipline. That will really help them to foucuse on work and not be stupid. It would also help in learning quicker if you do hit them they will not miss dehave ever again so yo come to concussion yes Thea teachers should be able to spank children in school primary or secondary .

  • Do you hate god?

    You take harm a child or anyone else because it is a SIN. My mother was beaten harshly and very oftenly as a child until she could no longer walk. Terrorists beat their children, are you a terrorist? Because if you are a terrorist, God hates terrorists! The alkida wants us to beat our children really it's just a conspiracy

  • No

    Teachers should teach. I realize that this may sound outlandish and biased, but as a professor I do not understand the logic behind hitting a student. If a teacher hits a student they are teaching them a strong lesson that if someone does something that you do not like then you should strike them.

  • Thats like bullying except with teachers

    Teachers hitting students is child abuse. If a school shall let teachers hit students than students should be able to hit teachers. If a teacher cusses at a student than students hold be able to too. Right? Whatever a teacher does to a student then a student should be able to do the same

  • Teach a child do not hit a child

    Teachers sometimes teach children the way they were taught growing up, however that is not the best choice. When a teacher has a problem with the child, the child needs to exit the class room and be seated in the office area, the child parents should be called and if all fails call the police. Teachers should never cause assault or battery on a student. Criminal acts are punishable by law.

  • No way Jose!

    Under no circumstances should a teacher be allowed to hit students. In my opinion, the teacher is there to teach and to raise the future generation, not to hit them. If a teacher wants to punish the student by making him stand outside class or by writing extra homework, then go ahead. But the problem is that given a small amount of leeway, a teacher's "gentle hit" may turn into a painful wallop in that heated moment. Also, there is no universally acceptable standard of how hard a teacher is allowed to hit a student. Different teachers will hit at different strengths on different people in different places. By allowing the teacher the right to hit a child, this right cannot be managed or controlled and could easily be misused. Better safe not sorry, so lets keep the rights of a rightful spanking to the parents only.

  • Teachers should never hit other students or imagine it in their mind or else they might do it.

    Hitting is a physical offence. And once you hit someone that does not like you the next thing you know he's probably going to do something to you to get you in trouble. Plus hitting is just a response to the students thoughts hit others. And it will be your fault because they can think about hitting no matter how just you try to be with hitting them.

  • Hitting teaches violence and that adults are allowed to violate body.

    Hitting tells kids they don't have a say who touches their bodies, that if angry someone has a right to hurt you, and the best way to solve a conflict is through physical aggression, not a message I believe should ever be taught. Additionally, not effective as disciplinary tool, breeding resentment rather than respect and does little in the way of helping learn internal controls to modify behaviors.

  • No, except in self defense.

    Teachers must be able to discipline students, but they should never hit a student. If they do, that means they are taking out their anger and they have failed in the role, unable to find another way to communicate. There are admittedly students with behavioral problems, but there are other channels for dealing with those kids when problems arise. The only exception to a teacher not hitting a student would be self defense.

  • No, teachers teach

    Only parents have the right to choose the type of discipline given to their child. A teacher is hired to teach children. Using violence to punish sends a message to children that violence is an acceptable way to behave and respond to others. Teachers are there to show children the correct and appropriate way to behave. School should be a safe environment for all children.

  • Hell no wtf you thinking

    No because that is bad and today one of a class mates i have was grab by the hoodie and and hit across the wall that is not good i think he can get aressted for that only your guardians supose to do that not some guy who not even related to you you must be out of your dam mind if you think you can touch a student

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