• Ive yet to hear a real argument against it.

    CCW holders are vetted by the police in most jurisdictions and required to have some form of training with firearms before carrying. Perhaps this could be bolstered with more training meant for the classroom environment.

    I don't understand why in this country, banks, stadiums and even prisons are afforded armed protection, but our kids, which should hold value above all else (including politicians) are forced to rely on the often shoddy response time of the police when the bullets start flying.

    Armed teachers, or at the very least, armed security in schools is an idea whose time is long overdue for implementation.

  • Teachers armed? Why?

    I belive that teachers should be armed for many reasons. First how many gunmen are going to attack a school when there's 50 teachers and staff packin heat? Second if another teacher goes crazy and starts shooting kids then the teacher next door can step in and stop the attack

  • Students should have guns too

    My teachers are all really mean and because of this I fear for my safety. If they get guns then students need them too. If my mean teachers get guns then I need a gun at school to defend myself from them. Also I need a gun at school because I feel responsible for the safety of my classmates also. Also, guns promote equality, if everyone has guns at school then they can have equal footing and can feel equal towards together. We should give out guns around 3rd grade because at that point everyone is pretty much adults so they can responsible handle guns. Many problems in today's society could have been corrected by this policy including bullying, child abuse, and racism. I don't know why congress hasn't proposed this yet, seriously.

  • Teachers packing Guns

    I believe that if teachers are armed that the number of people killed in school shootings would not be as large. I believe that they will still occur but I believe that they will be stopped sooner than when its just cops trying to stop the mass shooting. I believe that if teachers are carrying that the crime in schools will be smaller in general.

  • Because teachers should feel safe as well

    Because teachers are the number one person a intruder will go after first and then they would go after the students next. But they should also be able to carry a weapon for their students protection as well as their own too. Lastly because they could change the way safety for schools.

  • There are too many crazy people out there!

    I think just the idea that teachers have guns will deter peopole from using schools as easy access. I am a teascher myself and I think it is important that teachers protect their students in anyway necessary. Teachers must have the right training though first. It is a right in this country that we should exercie.

  • With all the shootings lately, I'd agree.

    I don't feel my child is safe in our school district any longer. We're near where some of the other major shootings in school have happened and I would feel better if teachers were armed and ready. THen again, if a teacher went rogue they could cause even more trouble. That would dis ease me, but not as much as the thought of a more likely shooting.

  • Armed for Safety

    If teachers are willing to go through the proper training they should be allowed to carry guns. They are the front line if something goes wrong. They are willing to protect our children. Let us allow them something more than scissors and hiding in a corner to do this with.

  • A Necessary Evil

    Effective laws over guns in this country are not going to pass anytime soon. Even in the face of all the shootings and fatalities, the NRA an others have maintained that government has no right to regulate guns...And the ridiculous bad people doing bad things to good people and not the guns. Well, people cannot be defenseless against these sort of sporadic maniac shootings. Sound minded citizens do have a right to protect themselves. All the previous massacres are evident that the police will not show up on time. Therefore, especially in a school system, teachers should be armed for the reason of self-defense.

  • Only if the have proper evaluations and proper lock boxes like a biometric lock box

    Only if they have proper "background checks" and mental evaluations ( so teachers are loons ) http://en.M.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States_by_state
    (Official FBI Stats) If you look at gun murders and murders per 100,000 you will see that on average the states with the highest murders are also the ones with the most restrictive gun laws , on average, the ones with relaxed gun laws but a higher average murders also have some of the biggest cities like in Florida which is 3 point something gun murders per 100,000 has Miami Jacksonville Tampa and crime will always run rampid in big cities. ( I dontn know if the FBI stats take into account self defense murders)

  • Too many possible turnarounds.

    What if the teacher turned the gun on the students? What if a student took the gun and turned it on the teacher and the rest of the class? What if a guy broke in, took the gun, and turned it on the class? No way. Just beef up school security, and have them on guard at all times.

  • Bringing more weapons into school is not the answer.

    In fact, it's utter stupidity. The idea of making teachers (who are already underpaid for their ACTUAL jobs and now you want them to be security guards too?), who have no law enforcement training, act as armed guards in addition to their other duties is ludicrous. Putting more weapons in a school just makes it more likely that a student will get a hold of one or someone will be injured in crossfire by an untrained, armed person.
    Never mind the fact that most teachers don't WANT to do this. Nevermind the fact that armed personnel in a school has never deterred school shootings, nor stopped them. Nevermind that school shootings are so rare that this is an absurd waste of money to begin with.

  • Use something else

    Teachers should not be allowed to use guns. Students could take advantage of the said weapon and use it for reasons other than self protection. If teachers do not keep a close eye on the weapon at all times something could happen for the worse of that school and community.

  • More guns will only exacerbate the problem.

    This move is likely to increase the risk of violent death, not decrease it. People who carry shootings are usually mentally unstable and will stop at nothing to carry out their sick deeds. Guns may not kill people, but the certainly make it much much easier for someone to do so. Only the authorities should be allowed to carry weapons in public places. Only civilians who pass rigorous background checks should be allowed to possess firearms (only pistols- no automatics, SMGs and Rifles).

  • Alyssa's Opinion About Them Not Allowed

    I think that teachers shouldn't be allowed to carry guns around school, because they may get mad at the student if they really make them mad and actually kill them. This is not a good idea, because what if the teacher left the students in the classroom and knew that the teacher has a gun. They may go through all her things to find it. When they find the gun they could think it's not loaded and actually kill their best friend. Then it would be the Kids fought and not the teacher, because the teacher had it hidden and they found it. I also think it would also causes for fights to break out. Not only that but when the teachers get angry at each other they may try to kill each other or one may kill their self, because they can't stand it anymore.

  • It would be misused too much

    School shootings do not happen very often, when they do, it usually is because they have some kind of access to a gun, whether it is their own illegally or it is a parents, and I think if they had a gun 10 feet from where they sat 8 hours a day, it would only tempt certain people. There would be more cases of students grabbing the teachers guns in rash decisions then there would be of people finding a gun and planning out a shooting.

  • I'd be absolutely terrified

    Imagine a kindergarten classroom with a bunch of little kids who's parents told them that guns are very bad. Now imagine that the teacher goes to take something out of her desk and a gun falls on the floor and slides to the feet of a little child. Imagine how scared the kids would be. Also imagine that a gun falls on the floor at a high school and a student picks it up. Imagine the chaos that would cause if someone saw that student with the gun in his/her hand. There should be NO guns in school. Period.

  • This is a bad idea!

    If the teacher has a gun and he or she gets ticked she may use it on the person that ticked he or she off. Yes it may help if a criminal comes but other than that no!! Not at all!!!! If they allow them to be armed they should have to promise to only use it on a criminal and no one else. The should just have police officers at the school like mine.

  • Teachers with Guns, Really I disagree .

    Teachers can get mad and shoot one of the students. We are trying to protect our kids from guns but yet people are still stupid enough to arm teachers that they DO NOT see the point that what if a teacher loses his or her mind and kills everybody in the school, that would not have been any help.!! WOULD IT.

  • If escalation is your goal, then yes.

    Look at any major conflict and see what happens when you give one side an "equalizer". Does the other side say "Well. I guess that's that". Almost never. USSR and USA. Cold War. We damn near ended modern civilization at Cuba. Equalization is not the answer or the problem.

    The problem is the American gun mentality. The problem is that almost all of the guns people use to go on these rampages are legally obtained. Adam Lanza of the infamous and tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting was out firing guns with his mother at the range from a young age. This is the problem!

    To think that introducing more guns into the situation would be good is just horribly ironic.

    You walk into a gun store in Texas. You can walk in with your ID and legally buy a handgun (or a shotgun) and walk out without registering it, and, thanks to new gun laws, walk onto your campus with said gun tucked into your belt. You can load your car up with shotguns and rifles, loaded, I might add, and legally drive around. Semi-Automatic high powered rifles? Sure.

    But let's arm the teachers! That'll solve it! That's exactly what you would say isn't it. Bloody madness going on down there. Come to Canada! We are still sane!

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