Should teachers be blamed for failing schools?

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  • They Are To blame

    The teachers teach in a way that some kids cant understand
    They fall behind and the no kid left behind system makes them feel like they are being isolated
    the proffesrs are also to blame
    once they get tenure they don't care and do what they want
    with out care for the students

  • Teachers are too blame for all examination failure

    Some teachers do are not inspired in some children because let say that a parent hired a school teacher for lesson with amount 200£ a year and the school pays them like 200£ a year so then the teacher won't teach the person well in school but teach better in lesson because of the large amount paid by the parents

  • Teachers should be blamed

    The teachers should be the blame for kids being kept back because the teachers should know how to teach every student. Each student is student so not everyone would interpret the lessons the same way. For example, when there are tests, some people can work with in the time for the test while others take a long time to finish in that time limit. So, some students need extra time on test because if they don't finish , then the teacher won't know what that individual student knows and what they don't know. Not every student is the same so, the teachers should know how to teach each individual student.

  • Yes they should.

    If a teacher fails to educate their students then they should be fired. Kids go to schools to learn and if they are not motivated they will lose interest. If teachers do not care to teach they're in the wrong profession. Our kids deserve a chance to learn and succeed.

  • They are meant to inspire

    Going into high school science and maths were my favourite subjects. But as the 5 monotonous years of school dragged by, I had some f the most uninterested, boring teachers possible. They honestly did not care at all about the lessons and completely destroyed my interest in the subjects. They made it impossible to motivate my self to even bother doing the work as they would never even mark it. On the contrary my History, English Language and Geography teachers were inspiring, interesting and motivating. Now I am studying A levels in those three subjects and I believe my scientific brain, interest and passion were destroyed, I almost feel wasted as I wanted to become a doctor, I would love to be one but my teachers killed my love for science.

  • No Child Left Behind

    For every child that fails, a unionized public school teacher should be fired, de certified to teach anywhere, sued by parents, and incarcerated for life. It is called No Child Left Behind; let's start following the law people. Isn't it weird how there is no failure in non unionized charter schools.

  • Teachers jobs are to pass students and cause failing.

    Teachers are 100 percent to blame for any failing schools. It is their job to help kids pass and succeed in school so if students fail then it is their responsibility. Yes some students are harder to teach and have trouble when it comes to learning, but it is then the teachers job to place more focus on them in order to help them pass.

  • We're all to blame. Not just teachers.

    We live in a society where, from day one, children have access to drastically different opportunities dependant on the family they are born in to. We like to pretend we live in a meritocratic society, but we just clearly don't. The kids who go to the best schools in the country aren't the most able or hard-working, just have the richest parents. These kids grow up and are often the ones who punish the rest of us causing the problems that can make it more likely others fail. If our education system empowered people, raised critical awareness and focused on learning/understanding rather than memorising then maybe it could combat these problems. But it doesn't so teachers only get some of the blame. Not all.

  • Internal motivation is key

    I handed back tests to two students in my class. One student earned a high mark. The other earned a low mark. The student with the lower mark told the other "I don't know how you did it. I just don't get it." The other student replied, "You just have to want it that badly. I got into the class material every day for the past 5 days. I reviewed while I was waiting for an appointment. I desperately desire to be successful in this course."

    Both students had difficult life circumstances. One chose to work harder than those circumstances.

  • Blaming teachers is ridiculous

    Teaching is one factor out of thousands - pupil outcomes are the result of pupil effort, pupil ability, pupil willingness, parental help, background, aspirations, access to resources, role models, access to TV and Xbox at all hours, hormones, sex, drink, drugs, laziness etcetera...... Would you blame climate change purely on cows?

  • The grand majority of teachers should not be blamed for failing schools.

    Over the past five years I have worked as a supply teacher in Hampshrie and Sussex as MFL teaching post are drying up due to the fact that studying a language is optional at KS4. I have been in a lot of schools and seen a lot of teachers at work. The grand majority of teachers take a real interest in their work and in the performance of their pupils, They are also observed on a regular basis. Therefore I believe that it is unfair to blame the grand majority of teachers for failing schools for the sake of a few bad apples!

  • It is a societal issue.

    To scapegoat any particular section of society, teachers in this case, on an issue for which the whole is society is responsible is a denial of basic human rights to the individuals being scapegoated. One has only to compare the Finnish educational experience with that of, say, the USA, and the reasons become stark. For anybody wanting learn about how the Finns are doing it, there is this document: .

  • Failure is essential to learning.

    Failure is not a bad thing. It is a guaranteed and inevitable part of learning. Students learn at different paces. Not all students are motivated. Education sets high standards. We should not be afraid to tell students that they haven't met it. If schools are failing socio-economic factors may be the issue.

  • What happened to personal responsibility?

    I didn't succeed in school because of my teachers. Although some instructors were inspiring and some weren't, that was never the crucial factor in earning a sterling mark on a chapter test or getting my homework done. I tried very hard and outperformed a lot of kids who weren't trying too much. So teachers are the ones who control student success? It's strange how different students behaved and worked in a notably dissimilar fashion despite having the same teachers. So that has all somehow changed and now teachers are the sole determinant of student success? Students, parents, affluence, poverty, work ethic, etc. are no longer factors, then. When did this mass apotheosis occur? I thought they were just men and women doing their jobs and it was up to me to listen, study, and score high marks for myself and my parents. Boy, I wish I would've known I was walking among daytime demigods who could've done the work for me via ethereal influence or divine telepathy. My student life would've been much easier and my parents wouldn't have had to worry much either. Dang it, why didn't someone tell me?

  • Blame doctors for heat attacks?

    Seriously someone has to take the blame for drug addicts, single parenting, mental illness, drug dealers, low morality. Who better than ... Wait for it, teachers:). Of course there are bad teachers as in any other profession. When there is a culture of capitalism with a backdrop of low morality you get failing schools/communities.

  • Teacher have no control outside class

    There are so factors that go into being a successful student that teachers have no control over. For example, sleep, diet, studying, and desire to achieve at a high level are all major factors in a students achievement level and all are completely outside the control of teachers. Just like in playing the piano a great teacher cannot over come a student who will not practice.

  • No. I do not think teachers should be blamed.

    Teachers should not be blamed because they can be teaching the right things at school but no one knows what goes on at home. Some students may be struggling at home. They may not have any internet to study what they are learning in school. I don't think that teacher are for blame with this topic.

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