Should teachers be required to undergo random drug testing?

  • Drug Testing

    The teachers all over the world should be drug tested. If the teachers of America can come to school drunk, or if they have been drinking is not a safe environment for the children and teens. They should randomly drug test the teachers just like the students. The teacher job should be like any other job. Drug testing is necessary, and it should be random to keep the kids safe!.

  • Drug Testing

    Drug testing should be required for teachers. Besides parents, teachers have the most influential power over children. If you are going to have a job molding the young in our society, regardless of whatever opinion you have of marijuana, you need to be following the laws that our government has made.


    Of course, a drug testing may be degrading in some ways. But teachers are supposed to be role models for the students. They should steer the students in the right direction. Some argue (in the no column) that using drug does not mean the teacher is incompetent. Sure, why not? However, the usage of drugs have bad side-effects that will affect the teacher's ability to educate the student, which will also affect the students' learning environment. In addition, drug addicts are unpredictable in many way and will be a hazard to the children. And to say that the government is trying to monitor our lives? Honestly, I think that's absurd. There is a difference between taking away our rights to privacy and drug testing for safety.

  • Of course.

    We can't have drug addicts teaching our children. A drug test is a perfectly sensible way to be sure of this. "Right to Privacy" is irrelevant; If you want a job, you need to do what is required to get it. If you're not a drug addict, you have nothing to worry about. If you are, you shouldn't be a teacher.

  • What's wrong with a drug test.

    If you have nothing to hide, why oppose. And don't give me that "you're infringing on my rights" crap.

  • Teachers should be drug & alcohol tested on a regular basis!!

    Teachers are responsible for 30 odd children in there classes & some with disabilities.They are paid better than most people & get 12 weeks a year off, not including annual leave,sick leave & school closers. On that note,They should be tested & held accountable for their actions in the work place, as are the rest of us.Drug testing isn't the only thing they should be tested for.Alcohol is another factor in the teaching environment.I have witnessed teachers consuming alcohol on a regular basis on school sites, then driving home while under the influence. Some teachers have even been caught by police for drink diving "RESPONSABLE BEHAVIOUR"... I THINK NOT!!...This is not only a general teacher problem.Some school principles & special education teachers also consume alcohol on school sites regularly! The education department is very quick to scrutinize other people working on school sites such as cleaners,building contractors & parents with very thorough police clearances.If you don't get cleared,you don't work on school sites! Teachers who consume alcohol,use drugs on school sites, or convicted by police for DUI or test positive for drugs at any time should face disciplinary action from the school they are employed at & also from the education department.It seems like anyone & everyone working on school sites must & will be be held accountable for actions taken in schools, as they should be!... But not the teachers!!

  • drug testing for teachers

    School is a work place , every factory or plant as drug testing , schoools should be no different

  • Lots of teachers take recognational drugs to socialise

    I personally know a school teacher who smokes cannibus on regular occasions on a daily basis with the attitude that they are a school teacher so no one will find out they are taking the drug.

    I've reported this matter to the Education Department.

  • Drug Testing

    I believe that any state employee should undergo random drug screens. If a teacher is given the responsibility to educate our children then they should have the responsibility of keeping themselves drug free. They are there to teach children the right ways of doing things and they need to set a good example.

  • Kids have to. Its necessary for the secure of parents

    Parents have to be sure that their kids's education is not being jeopardized by teachers being on drugs. It impairs their mental abilities to teach and therefore impairs the children's learning.

  • I do not feel that teachers should have to undergo random drug testing, because it does not reflect on their qualities as a teacher.

    Drug usage and testing in America has changed dramatically throughout the years. High level persons in every genre of business from politics, medical, legal, educational and corporate world have identified and admitted to previous or current drug usage. That usage does not reflect how well a person is able to perform their jobs or the quality of their work. There have been employment studies done that showcase that 'users' miss less time from work, are more creative and produce much more than non-users of drugs.

    Posted by: ladeedeeme
  • Although teachers are responsible for our children, drug testing is an invasion of privacy that isn't necessary.

    I believe that even though teachers are responsible for our children while at school, the issue of invasion of privacy takes precedence over everything else. What teachers do in their own time should not be the concern of the community and random drug testing interferes with the right to privacy in ones life. If teachers are drug tested then so should almost every other citizen that works since all jobs have some level of importance in the community.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • It's more of a privacy thing.

    I understand the seriousness of a teacher and their responsibility as an educated but I feel like that's almost saying teachers should not drink because believe it or not alcoholism is labeled as a drug. The only reason it is not talked about like marijuana is because it is legal. But that is a topic for another day because its all about the government making money. But a teacher who smokes a little that Friday should not be punished for a Monday random drug test. How about the government get in a classroom and see what it takes to be a teacher because teaching makes every other profession possible. It can be stressful.

  • Random drug testing is a slap in the face to every good teacher out there.

    This is a violation of privacy and reeks of total state control over our bodies. There is no need for random drug testing. It is equivalent to punishing a whole classroom of children for the bad behavior of one or two. If schools want to have a policy of testing individuals based on reasonable suspicion of drug use affecting their performance or endangering themselves or others, that is reasonable. But subjecting all employees to random drug screening is unnecessary and demeaning.

  • And then who would do their jobs?

    Goodbye, Creative Arts. So what if a young energetic, Visarts teacher wants to have a smoke in the evening to calm her stutter and help with fluency the next day in class. She's teaching our children. Watching them grow in intelligence and creativity every day. Caring for them, and scaffolding lessons to suit every different type of learner in that classroom. That's a lot of work.
    Not to mention maintaining s healthy supportive relationship with students, who like to reject that relationship completely. Making sure they aren't harassed or mistreated at all, because teachers are liable for that.
    They're also equipped to deal with allergic reactions and have mandatory police checks.
    Many statements in the colomn over there <- have alluded to jealously, due to the fact that they have "12 weeks of holiday," (during which they plan upcoming units of work for 10 different classes) and "not to mention the sick days," (during said illness they are expected to make up a lesson plan for the casual workers to use during class).
    But, sure. Easy job right?

  • Random Drug Testing

    All employees, including teachers should be judged on the quality of their work, not the content of their blood. A persons ability to increase profit, or provide a service, are the only things that should be considered for employment. Employers should be allowed to terminate an employee for any reason and that would be the incentive to improve quality of work, including personal sobriety.

  • No way. Absolutely not.

    Teachers should be evaluated by their performance at work. Nothing else. Teachers are people too and should not have their rights infringed upon. If they are effective teachers, what they do in their own free time is their own business, just like any one else in another profession. It's not like they are coming to work high.

  • They should not

    Teachers should have criminal background checks, which they do. No teacher would be able to function/ teach if they were "high" on anything... C'mon. Might as well add "no alcohol" use for teachers too? This isn't an issue that should be bothered with. Something that matters please???????????? & thank you!

  • Are you serious

    What is the difference between a teacher going home to grade papers over a glass of scotch or a bowl of sweet herb. Heck a shot of heroin for all I care. As long as a teacher isn't high or drunk around the students then there is no harm. If you think differently you need to go back to school. Heck some teachers are flying all day on OxyContin. What a person does with his own body in his own home is his own business

  • Your rights? Remember those things...

    I'm not comfortable with my urine being unlawfully checked. If there is suspicion of inappropriate drug use then by all means but if a teacher is doing their job then there is no reason their privacy should be invaded. Its simple. People become so deluded with fear they will take away all every single right until they can feel someone is protecting them.

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