• Yes they do

    Teachers work day and night at school and home working on student paperwork. They have family's at home yet they still stay at school till 8:00. Teachers also have to put up with student nonsense and manage to control them.Teachers get their students ready for the next grade therefore they deserve a raise.

  • Are you serious

    Teachers send time in school teaching and they go home and contiue working, they grade papers at home, i know i would not bring my work home and do it because i want to be payed for my time worked, but they are selfless enough to grade papers at home and have them the next day, plus they are constantly checking emails to make sure they respond to everyone. Some teachers even put their own money into their classrooms. At the rate they are getting paid they cannot afford to own a house, they deserve a pay raise

  • No. Teacher's should not get paid more. Considering what they do, they are not equally working the amount they get paid.

    Teachers now a days usually let kids in their class grade there own work and teachers pretty much only have to help kids learn by using there books and educational techniques. Thus, though teachers do work lots, they don't deserve a pay raise. If they receive a pay raise, they would not be earning their pay. A pay raise for teachers also makes it so the school gets less money witch could go to another part of the school.

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