• Eliminate the National Education Association

    Teachers in Washington D.C. Were offered more money in exchange for not accepting tenure, a benefit the NEA requires. Unfortunately, it was struck down by the NEA. The NEA has far too much power for a labor union that is an impediment on our national education system. After two years a teacher can accept tenure, a benefit that makes them virtually impossible to fire. I think schools should be free to offer the option to accept more pay in exchange for your tenure. I'm sure most school systems would do it and most teachers would accept more money. I would like to see teachers get paid more, but I do not like seeing them become impossible to eliminate if they prove to be a bad teacher that shouldn't get paid at all. Tenure is basically permission for a teacher to become lazy because the school can't fire them and the school system has to pay them otherwise the NEA will get on their case. Schools shouldn't get treated like that.

    Before we can talk about pay raises and reform in our education system we need to get rid of the cancerous tumor inflicted on it which is the NEA. The NEA has been rightfully accused of putting the interests of teachers ahead of students and for consistently opposing changes that experts claim would help students but harm union interests.

  • Teachers are underappreciated!

    Teaching is an incredibly stressful profession especially in this era. Dealing with students in the 21st century is more challenging than the twentieth or nineteenth, mainly because of apathy, complacency established by technology, and low standards. Parents of those pupils are incredibly frustrating by constantly calling the school to complain, writing teachers about why their child deserves a higher grade, lying for their kids, etc. Parents of younger students are also difficult to deal with, but for different reasons. With food allergies/intolerances, overprotectiveness, physical limitations, and placebos, teachers are under pressure to deliver an all-inclusive lesson that maintains focus of all children without offending any.
    Teachers arguably have more work nowadays than in the 1900's. They not only have to plan lessons around students' various problems/limitations, but they have to grade them. The grading process takes longer than necessary because the apathetic current teenagers carelessly turn in assignments well past the respective due date, haphazardly scrawl useless, illegible answers, or skip school and expect a due date to be extended by their own discretion.

  • Teachers teach the future generation and work incredibly hard.

    Teachers Have A Very Important Job

    They educate our children and shape them to face the outside adult world that’s in the years ahead of them. That to me is a very very important job. I was listening to BFM today and a speaker was talking about how Korea is able to produce internationally huge brands like Samsung. It started with Korea revamping its education system to make sure its work force was eventually able to support innovative companies like Samsung.


    Teach For Malaysia gave me an experience that broadened my mind to the profession of teaching and my only hope for this entry is that people reading it now would know what a teacher’s job really entails. I for one think that teachers should be paid much more than what they’re being paid today. Yes, with better pay comes higher expectations so we expect more from our teachers too but isn’t that a good thing that we expect more from the education we give our kids?

    I know people today who choose teaching as a profession even though they could get higher paying jobs outside. Why do they do it? For passion, for love of their kids, for wanting to serve the country… there are a whole lot of reasons there. What I have never heard though is someone tell me that they want to be a teacher because it is financially a very good career option. That eventually they could be promoted and earn a comfortable living.

  • Teachers need to be paid more.

    The main reason anybody is where they are today is because of their teachers in which they give their students knowledge. They aren't only teaching these students the basics but they are there for any extra help. They take children's mistakes and help them grow into intelligent individuals. As some people do not like their teachers, they are most likely close minded to the way they teach or what they are teaching. These people give up their weekends and each hour at school to find out how they can help anyone grow to their greatest heights. When money comes into the deal it is just one thing they deserve more of. For all they do and care about they should at the least be getting paid more for how much of their work and personal life they put into each student that is willing to thrive and grow.

  • There helpful and nice

    I think this because they are people just like us so they need a life to we have one so why shouldn't they there the same thing awesome people helping children God bless them I love them thank you for the help and support thanks again we will always love you

  • There helpful and nice

    I think this because they are people just like us so they need a life to we have one so why shouldn't they there the same thing awesome people helping children God bless them I love them thank you for the help and support thanks again we will always love you

  • Teachers should definitely get paid more!

    My mom is a teacher, every wednesday she has to stay late because of all the meetings. She used to be a 5th grade teacher but because of all the stressful things she had to do, and her low salary, she is now an ESL teacher. She still gets a low salary and some days are stressful for her. Teachers should get paid more!

  • Teachers should get payed more money!

    I believe that teachers should be payed more money. One reason is teachers have to work 5 days a week and have to work about eight hours. However, teachers also may stay after to help other students. For the amount of hours they have to work, yes they should earn more money.

  • Cash for our Educational Coaches!

    Aristotle once said, "Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach." That's what teaching is all about -- understanding, showing, explaining, educating. Giving kids, teens, and adults the knowledge to excel intellectually. These scholars impact our lives immensely, yet they are unappreciated and under paid. With all the stress that teachers go through, a pay raise seems necessary. I realize they get benefits and paid vacation, but they don't get paid for all the overtime. Yes, teachers chose their career path, but they shouldn't have to struggle to get by in life. They taught and inspired those doctors, lawyers, etc. So it's time for them to stop trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.

  • Yes Of course

    They are amazing! They work so hard and get paid so little. They also put lots of effort into teaching us, give us a good education, and prepare us for the future so we can be successful! The pros outweigh the cons. Also Teachers are amazing! (As I said before lol)

  • There jus teachers

    They are not smart. There are stupid. They are dumb. They are nor supposed to be teachers. They are really mean...... Nah Just kidding.. Teachers are the best..They should get paid way more.. They teach kids for the real world. When they grow up they will need a job and the teachers are there to help them..

  • No one is forced to be teacher

    Teaching is a choice like any other profession. If there are a lot people willing to teach at a particular pay rate, then it is prudent to pay that rate and no more. If everyone who teaches at a rate that is unacceptable to themselves were to stop teaching, then I suppose there would be a shortage and pay rates would go up. But, teachers teach because of the passion for what they do, and I think that is admirable. However, this "feeling good" about what they do, is a reward that enables them to be paid less. Look at his another way. If I need someone to perform X, and I can get that for $Y, why would I pay $(Y+n) even if I value it higher than they do. Look, teachers, if you have skills that are valuable in a non-education setting, find out what they are worth and decide if you can live with the difference. Asking for reward "just because" is foolish since the easy answer is always "because I don't have to".

  • They work 10 months a year...

    They have an automatic 2 month vacation, work roughly 210 a year, and receive great benefits. No they do not deserve a raise. They have ample opportunity to work and make extra money but most choose not too. I also believe that you know the pay going in but decide afterwards you deserve a 50% plus raise..... I don't think so.

  • They Should Absolutely Not Be Paid Higher

    Teachers don't do back-breaking work or work from dawn to dusk like those who work on minimum wage to support their families. One might say this is the person's fault who decided to work minimum wage in the first place, however, it's not one's fault who are immigrants or the economy hit them hard and now they have no choice. Teachers got a chance to go to college and got their jobs for granted. Moreover, teachers do not save people's lives like a doctor or nurse. I know doctors and nurses that make only $800 a week working full time as compared to teachers who make $1000, working only five days a week. Do your research and you will find teachers are paid surprisingly high, especially in states such as NY and California. In the end, too, no one told anyone to become a teacher. Additionally, teachers and school do not technically "teach" or create people, people are the ones who create who they are through personal experiences.

  • Yes teachers should get paid more than they do.

    Every day teachers watch your children, play with them, joke with them, feed them and most of all they are the people who teach your children how to be a mature and grown adult. When they become a doctor or a lawyer or even a singer/songwriter, that is all because of there teachers on the past. Teachers are the ones who create the future. Without them there would be no jobs unless a child has a natural talent in something.

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