• Eliminate the National Education Association

    Teachers in Washington D.C. Were offered more money in exchange for not accepting tenure, a benefit the NEA requires. Unfortunately, it was struck down by the NEA. The NEA has far too much power for a labor union that is an impediment on our national education system. After two years a teacher can accept tenure, a benefit that makes them virtually impossible to fire. I think schools should be free to offer the option to accept more pay in exchange for your tenure. I'm sure most school systems would do it and most teachers would accept more money. I would like to see teachers get paid more, but I do not like seeing them become impossible to eliminate if they prove to be a bad teacher that shouldn't get paid at all. Tenure is basically permission for a teacher to become lazy because the school can't fire them and the school system has to pay them otherwise the NEA will get on their case. Schools shouldn't get treated like that.

    Before we can talk about pay raises and reform in our education system we need to get rid of the cancerous tumor inflicted on it which is the NEA. The NEA has been rightfully accused of putting the interests of teachers ahead of students and for consistently opposing changes that experts claim would help students but harm union interests.

  • Teachers deserve more credit

    Teachers get paid way too little. They are the foundation of our future. Without our teachers you couldn't be that doctor, or the lawyer, scientist, or even athlete. We hardly give them any credit. You have parent nagging on them and students treating them poorly. Teaching is a difficult job and they should be paid more.

  • Teachers do a lot for us...

    Being a teacher is hard. They are the foundation of our future. With a teacher, you can't be a doctor, or a lawyer, scientist, or even an athlete. People act like teachers are nothing. But in reality, they're everything. We wouldn't be where we are now without them. Sure they choose it as a career, knowing what they are getting themselves into, but they choose it because they want to help change the world

  • They should get paid more.

    They should get paid more because they work hard on their job and teach kids.Teachers help kids have a better future.In conclusion,teachers deserve to be paid more because they work hard for children to get their education and get a better life and have good cost for their future. Thank you!

  • Teachers should get paid more!!

    Why? Because they went to school to learn, work, and study so they can help others learn what they learned when they were their age, and people think its easy just to go up front and teach but it ain't! If you want your nieces, nephews, and grandkids taught by excellent professionals, you need to start paying teachers more for all their hard work! :-)

  • They're more valuable than athletes!

    Teachers are paid nothing compared to an athlete, which does not go down easily for some people. Why am I making this comparison? Dan McLaughlin (on mises.Org) wrote an article on this. He said it was a matter of scarcity. Not many people have the talent that professional athletes have. They’re paid for their rare talent, whereas anyone can be a teacher (though not necessarily in a school or university). Teachers deserve to be paid more because they have to work a lot and they hardly get a break. Truth is, teachers work more than their students no matter how much work is given to the students. There is a religion that believes that a person who teaches you something no matter the quantity or size, the amount you owe them is equal to your life!

  • Teachers get paid too little

    Teachers get paid not nearly enough for what they do to help the leaders of tomorrow and the way they make kids learn in school , its what makes kids have knowledge so that they can get jobs in todays modern society, it is necessary for us to have children have an education.

  • There are really passionate teachers! THEY DESERVE BETTER!

    Teachers do not get paid near enough to do all that is expected of them. The best teachers go above and beyond because they care about their students. Teachers work all the time and often have to buy their own supplies. A higher salary would also guarantee more qualified applicants for the positions. This is why teachers should be payed more.

  • Teachers get emotionally unstable

    Bad students, grading work, planning the next few weeks in a few hours, all of these lead to stress. Teachers are putting up with so much as well as personal substances. They are putting their self's at risk of some serious health issues just to teach students of whatever grade of their choice. Teachers should get paid more for all the after hours they put into the STUDENTS work. A teacher's job, believe it or not, is mostly due outside of the school. The building is just where they put it in action...

    I hope this helped you.

  • Teachers are awesome!

    I mean like all teachers have jobs to help us learn and get us to coraperate! AND they like NEVER have time with their families! All they do is grade, grade, grade and guess what-? GRADE SOME MORE! Kids don't listen and play around! We need to tell them how AWESOME they are!

  • There jus teachers

    They are not smart. There are stupid. They are dumb. They are nor supposed to be teachers. They are really mean...... Nah Just kidding.. Teachers are the best..They should get paid way more.. They teach kids for the real world. When they grow up they will need a job and the teachers are there to help them..

  • No one is forced to be teacher

    Teaching is a choice like any other profession. If there are a lot people willing to teach at a particular pay rate, then it is prudent to pay that rate and no more. If everyone who teaches at a rate that is unacceptable to themselves were to stop teaching, then I suppose there would be a shortage and pay rates would go up. But, teachers teach because of the passion for what they do, and I think that is admirable. However, this "feeling good" about what they do, is a reward that enables them to be paid less. Look at his another way. If I need someone to perform X, and I can get that for $Y, why would I pay $(Y+n) even if I value it higher than they do. Look, teachers, if you have skills that are valuable in a non-education setting, find out what they are worth and decide if you can live with the difference. Asking for reward "just because" is foolish since the easy answer is always "because I don't have to".

  • They work 10 months a year...

    They have an automatic 2 month vacation, work roughly 210 a year, and receive great benefits. No they do not deserve a raise. They have ample opportunity to work and make extra money but most choose not too. I also believe that you know the pay going in but decide afterwards you deserve a 50% plus raise..... I don't think so.

  • They Should Absolutely Not Be Paid Higher

    Teachers don't do back-breaking work or work from dawn to dusk like those who work on minimum wage to support their families. One might say this is the person's fault who decided to work minimum wage in the first place, however, it's not one's fault who are immigrants or the economy hit them hard and now they have no choice. Teachers got a chance to go to college and got their jobs for granted. Moreover, teachers do not save people's lives like a doctor or nurse. I know doctors and nurses that make only $800 a week working full time as compared to teachers who make $1000, working only five days a week. Do your research and you will find teachers are paid surprisingly high, especially in states such as NY and California. In the end, too, no one told anyone to become a teacher. Additionally, teachers and school do not technically "teach" or create people, people are the ones who create who they are through personal experiences.

  • Yes teachers should get paid more than they do.

    Every day teachers watch your children, play with them, joke with them, feed them and most of all they are the people who teach your children how to be a mature and grown adult. When they become a doctor or a lawyer or even a singer/songwriter, that is all because of there teachers on the past. Teachers are the ones who create the future. Without them there would be no jobs unless a child has a natural talent in something.

  • Should be more specific in who becomes a teacher.

    I believe teachers should be paid more whoever we should also make it a lot harder to attain a job as a teacher. Personality tests and mentality exams should be mandatory. Emergency service thrive on them when enlisting the interested why should teacher if they are so important in shaping the future of growing minds. You have to stop the toxic cycle somewhere.

  • Teachers shape the world

    What I mean by that is teachers have taught professional athletes and what do they get in return nothing except for realizing that her student is receiving more money than her for throwing a ball. I understand they shouldn't get as much money as cops but they should defiantly be getting more money that a professional athlete

  • No! They get payed too much!

    Teachers don't have the hardest job in the world. In fact, I believe that there are harder jobs that get payed less. Teachers get payed average for people in United States. So why should an average if not easy job that has spring break, winter break, thanksgiving break and even summer off. Most jobs don't get any breaks off. They have an easy going job that does not require much. It is time for the, to live up to what they got and to fill in their shoes. They don't do anything special and most do not even try to really help the students. They get payed enough for what they do.

  • Teachers is there pay fair?

    Teachers are probably the most important people in the world because they teach the futer generation on how to do thing and how do we repay them with crappy pay and they get treated like dirt so yea i dont think there getting treated fair we should be able to at least give them enough money to at least give them enough money to buy the supplys to teach like its reduiculs how were treating them THEY SHOULD GET PAID MORE!!!!

  • They don't deserve it, and it would attract worse teachers.

    Teachers are not doing their jobs well, as proved by test scores. National test score averages have been going down in the last 20 years. America used to be the leader in education, but now we have dropped to bottom 20. Furthermore, increasing their pay would increase the teacher's who don't care. Too many people work as teachers because they are interested in the paycheck, not the education. They work as teachers because teachers get paid more than other minimum wage jobs like McDonald's. Increasing the pay of teachers will also increase the amount of teachers who don't care. Finally, what you are saying is that teachers should get paid more because we want to pay them more. If this is going off of the belief that hard work deserves more pay, then all diggers and construction workers should also get a raise. And if you say that we should give them ALL a raise, then you are going to create inflation in the economy. Raising all of their pays would cause more money to come into circulation, and that would lower the value of money, and everything would go into chaos. Not to mention that in order to raise their pays, the government would need to raise taxes. Now, you may be willing to pay higher taxes, but I doubt that everybody would want to.

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