• Yes they should

    The reason I think teachers should carry guns are because if the school has a lockdown and an intruder gets in the school see sandy hook is truly a lightbulb turnon............ But we shall also think about the kids if she is a teacher she or he is teaching them to carry guns but thats my opinion evreyone have a good day.

  • Teachers should not have guns.

    Teachers should not have guns because they are educators and not armed guards. Teachers should not be expected to get military training in order to protect their students. Letting teachers have guns also increases the likelihood that they teachers themselves will use them against the students or against each other.

  • No, no guns in the classroom.

    There may be a need for armed security in some schools and perhaps a couple of administrators should be allowed to be trained in shooting and have a gun in their office, but a teacher in a classroom should not have an accident waiting to happen in her room with children.

  • Who even thought about it

    Lets just say it could fall into the wrong hands. Kids always seem to know where secret things are stored. Thousands of children die because of guns each year, letting teachers have guns might increase that number ten fold. And lastly it would terrify the poor kids or send the wrong message

  • No teachers should not have any weapons

    The recent shootings have confirmed a need for security but if teachers have guns in school then teachers could also commit shootings to teachers could be upset and lash out at kids that are constantly misbehaving could get fired and come back the next day and lash out on unsespecting peoples

  • No they should not.

    Teachers should not have guns. I think that would be bad and send the wrong message to the students because a gun can be scary to be around and might make them think if the teacher needs one then there is something to be afraid of when school should be safe.

  • Arming Teachers Terrible Idea

    If we give teachers guns, then violent situations in schools are going to worsen. The average teacher has no firearms training and would only make a situation worse by pulling out a gun. These individuals have no reason carrying a gun on campus, and allowing them to do so will only worsen these matters.

  • They should not.

    Teachers should not have guns. Arming the teachers in the schools is not a good way to prevent shootings, and will probably increase the number of deaths if there is an attack. The best way to prevent an attack is to have better security outside of the school and metal detectors.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I don't believe that a teacher should carry a gun in the classroom. There is too much room for an accident to happen. I believe an accident would happen before a teacher would stop a school shooting with a gun. I would feel better about having a well trained armed guard or police officer in the school if there must be a person on the premises with guns.

  • Could cause major issues

    I believe everyone has the right to feel protected and be able to protect themselves; but, teachers should not to able to bring a gun into the classroom. Especially if they are teaching very small children in grade school. This could cause some serious issues if a child were to discover the gun.

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT! What on earth is America thinking?

    No. It's a educational facility. Not a military base. Unbelievable that we've pushed it this far. What ever happened to the freedom in this country? You know what I call freedom? Being able to walk, go to school, shop and no worry about getting shot. In America we don't have that. There is always that chance. But since you are asking if teachers should carry guns...I think that's a TERRIBLE idea.

    Unless if you want students stealing/breaking or finding the guns that the teacher "hid" and then Starting shooting rampages then its a great idea! Overall, I see no reason to carry guns at all. Now that teachers are being pushed to carry them is just AWFUL.

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