Should teachers have the right to search students' lockers?

  • The locker is school property!!

    Teachers should have the right to search lockers because the lockers are school property. There is also no reason for you to have something THAT personal in you LOCKER!! You might say that there is no evidence that there can be anything hidden in your locker, but that's why they have cameras, just in case they suspect any suspicion.

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  • Reason 1: Safety

    Teachers and school administrators should be able to search through students locker because a student could be hiding a gun in his or her locker and the teacher wouldn't know then the student could ask to go get a pencil and bring back a gun. So I think that if a student is acting suspiciously or strangely then they should have a mandatory locker search for the other students safety, the administrations safety and the teachers safety.

  • Teachers are responsible for students safety

    Teenagers are not adults, they are still under the care or their parents and teachers. Teachers should have a right to search for things that can hard them such as weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and so on. Lockers are a part of the school property and do not exclusively belo g to the student. It is not a private bedroom.

  • With probable cause

    If an argument can be made as to why a specific student may pose a threat then yes, it's perfectly justified to search their locker. That's where it ends though, I think random searches create a "us versus them" dynamic which doesn't help kids learn when they largely don't want to be there in the first place.

  • Yes, teachers (and school administrators) should have the right to search student lockers.

    As the federal courts have ruled in numerous cases students do not have an absolute right to privacy on school property. The representatives of the school (teachers and staff) can search a student's locker in the protection of the schools goals of providing a safe, lawful educational environment that is conducive to the learning process. Lockers are provided for a student's use, subject to the conditions. Among those conditions is the right to search the locker without notice.

  • They shouldn't be aloud its our personal space in our own locker

    They shouldn't be aloud because its our locker and they cant take our space what we have in our locker is ours they shouldn't be aloud to look in it its our important stuff so stay out of our lockers teachers our space is our own personal space so bam

  • Students need privacy.

    Because the teachers may find something private that the student wants to keep but the teacher takes it and shows it to the class when the student didn't want it. Students need privacy for their personal belongings. Plus there are teachers who like to make fun of that student which the student will for sure not want.

  • No, its the students personal space!

    Schools should not search student lockers because it has the students personal things that the teachers should not touch. The people searching lockers should only search the locker in case of drugs. To find out if there are drugs you use dogs that can smell the locker to see if there are drugs. Otherwise, DO NOT search the locker!

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  • No a teacher should not be aloud to search through a students locker.

    Every student has a right to privacy. If you have nothing to hide then we should not be afraid to let someone search through their locker. If students cannot keep their stuff in their locker and have a good feeling that their stuff is safe and wont be touched or stolen then they will have their brain focused on their school work. If teaches think there is some kind of illegal substance or something in the locker that can harm another student then they should call the law enforcement about it. Not check it themselves. If teachers can go through our lockers than we should be able to go through ours. If the teaches dont want students to go throught their desk then they should not be able to go through ours. Many students at our school do not like it when teachers decide to go through our stuff "because they can." We have nothing to hide in our lockers so we dont see the need to worry about the search but we still dont like when our privacy is invaded.

  • the constitution of USA

    They have their right to privacy and they should be able to keep their own stuff personal so if they want to search their stuff they must first tell them in advance or let their parents know before searching their stuff unless they have evidence that tell them that they have some harmful

  • Is it justified?

    How can you present a valid case for searching a locker, how can it be proved it wasn't based on a racist/sexist reasoning? This would involve teachers randomly searching other pupils lockers, there is already the police that have had pre-prejudiced motives behind stop & searching people, such as black people etc. So why couldn't this happen in schools? It would be unfair to search pupils lockers in school. This will just create pressures against people who already dislike schools.

  • No, they should let others handle it.

    Teachers should not have the right to search student's lockers. If they feel that there's a situation that might pose some kind of danger or that there's a student engaging in some kid of illicit activity, then the right thing to do would be to notify those who are in a higher authority, and let them handle it. Those would be: 1) school security (if any) 2) the school dean 3) the principal 4) law enforcement. Teachers should not be allowed to act as rent-a-cops or secret police with unchecked authority, because this could easily lead to the type of abuse where they could feel free to invade student's privacy just because they "can".

  • Teachers have no right.

    Teachers think they have the right to do whatever they want. They say they have the right to check the lockers and backpacks of students.If the parents wanted their kid to go to school and get searched wouldn't they just take the kids to the cops or search their kids stuff together?

  • Think how the students would feel!

    Well think if you were a student and your teacher searched your locker,
    Have they ever heard about privacy!! How would they like it if someone looked through their private stuff. Well I am so angry that you would think its okay. If you thought it was okay I hope that this changed your mind.

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