Should Teachers Have to Pass Periodic Tests to Keep Their Jobs?

  • Yes i agree

    Teachers may not have the basic knowledge needed to teach ceartin students. Some students can not understand what the teacher is teaching, therefore the teacher should be instructed to full on cover every topic some sspecial students need to learn and have trouble learning . Teachers also may not have the qualifications to teach in this generation.

  • Children Need to Pass Periodic Tests Too

    Teachers give out tests to their pupils in order for them to pass to the next grade. As such, teachers should also have to pass periodic tests to keep their jobs. It just makes sense that teachers who educated the leaders of tomorrow should be held to a higher standard. As such, teachers should also be paid more for the stressful jobs they have.

  • Yes they should.

    If a teacher is having negative feedback from parents and students, They should be required to be evaluated in every aspect of their subject. They should be cleared by the department head. If they can't complete the evaluation to the standards of the institution and of the department head, they should be terminated.

  • This is already happening, so I'll say yes.

    I think that teachers are already doing this. Like any other employee at any other company, a teacher at a school is subject to periodic evaluations by their supervisors. You may think of this as a test, if you want. I don't know of any job, union or non-union, where this is not the case.

  • Yes, teachers should pass periodic tests

    Having been through the public school system and approximately seven years of college, it should be mandatory for teachers to pass a test every year or so. I have been in some terrible classes throughout the years and have met teachers that know less than their own students. I think it should be taken a step further and they should be monitored by an outside source a few times a year.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe teachers should have to pass periodic tests to keep their jobs. In my time in school (both public and colleges) I remember being misinformed by teachers on certain topics. I think this is generally bad and we should seek out ways to make sure it doesn't happen. I think testing teachers on a yearly basis would be a good start to ensuring they stay up to date on their topics.

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