• Guess you aint about that gym life

    I believe you should just let whoever wants to take steroids just take them. You guys who say no don't want to get jacked and juicy asf. And for me to take your girl huh. Like bro i probably curl your squat max for reps so yea :). So keep being small bud

  • Steroids cause permanent damage

    Steroid use results in permanent damage to normal hormone production and function. This is a dangerous drug which should not be permitted for anyone, especially teenagers. Teens are in a difficult stage of life, where one has to find themselves, and while steroids may be able to provide a boost in confidence, not without dangerous side effects. Teens should not be allowed to use steroids.

  • Steriods are Harmful

    Steroid abuse use can cause liver damage, overly aggressive behavior, mood disorders, hypertension, stunted growth, masculinization of females, feminization of males, kidney problems, and a host of other problems. Teens that are still growing are especially at risk. The short term gains in athletic performance are not worth the long term heath risks.

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