Should teenagers' access to the internet be limited?

  • Some limits are needed.

    Just like teens have restricted drivers licenses, so should they have restricted access to the Internet. With the amount of bullying going on in the world today through venues such as Facebook and Snapchat, and the amount of Internet predators out there almost everywhere, it would be a good idea to limit teenage access to the Internet when possible.

  • Inappropriate content for viewing by innocent minds.

    Teenagers should'nt be allowed to access the internet completely,as there is a lot of inappropriate content which should not be viewed by them moreover could have a negative impact on their innocent minds.Vulgarity is all over the internet,apart from some exceptions be it social networking websites or any other.Education regarding these things is necessary for them but only when it is carried out in a proper manner.

  • Creative mind ,demonstrate the ideas

    Without the use of technology,children could not explore their brain in time as we can assume that the development in the education has been change than the decades.However, the teenager should have the capacity to maintain the time because if they could not maintain the time properly then it crates a issue such as they would lose their thinking ability.

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