Should teenagers be able to buy violent video games?

  • They already can.

    The age to be considered a teenager is 13, so they can purchase any game that is rated "T" for teen. A lot of video games with this rating still contain a decent amount of violence. My point is, teenagers are more or less already allowed to purchase video games with violent content.

  • It's a free country!

    Because of what a loudmouthed contingency gamers are, there will never be an open debate on the effect that violent video games has on our perception (even when games like Spec Ops: The Line confront this directly), but video games are not a specific cause of violence and restricting their sale just devalues the entire concept of freedom. Teenagers see and do a whole lot worse than playing video games.

  • Yes, teenagers should be able to buy violent video games.

    Teenagers should be able to buy violent video games because they are a good source of entertainment and release for kids. It keeps them in the house and off of the street. Violent video games do not make violent children. Bad parents make for violent children. Parents should be responsible.

  • At least they are buying a video game.. .

    Well I'm not saying violent video games are good or bad, but at least teens are wasting energy on games and not on other activities such as crime or actual violence. Games keeps their minds occupied instead of being bored and doing stupid things. Plus its really their choice whether they want to get a violent game or not. There is a reason why they are called teens and not children

  • They Should They are Maturing

    They want to fell as if they are they own person and don't want to have to follow what they are told give them there freedom to pick what game they what it won't they WON'T go out and kill anyone that is there choice not the video games choice.

  • Teenagers should be able to buy violent video games because they are already exposed to violence.

    Whats the point of keeping them in the dark about whats actually happening in real life because some video games are like the real world and they need to protect themselves somehow. I also feel like some people should be more careful on who we sale the video games to because if they get into the wrong hands they could play the game AND START DOING THAT ACT OF VIOLENCE THE game showed on actual people.

  • Video games are fun to alot of people

    Teens should be able to buy any type of video games because they are mature enough to start becoming a big kid and they should be able to do what ever they want and video games might be there hobby or there favorete thing or they might just be really good and they like the game

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  • I think so

    I believe that as a kid yo should be able to play games that have violence i played violent games as a kid it let all my anger my kids like the video games so i think just because people shoot out schools does not mean it was the video games

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  • Parents should be there.

    If a teenager wants to buy a violent video game, the parent should be there. The parent needs to ask about the content. Decide if the teen is mature enough, and understands that the content in that game should not be done in reality. It all depends if the teen is mature enough.

  • They are not mature

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  • Not actually true

    Teens most likely don't have the physical capacity to kill people with swords and make head shots. Most of the things video games present are not available for teens to do. As for the crimes that already happened, that's probably due to outside reasons but society jumps on the chance to get on the obvious things

  • Teenagers should not be able to buy violent video games.

    Teenagers should not be able to buy violent video games.Teenagers have brains that are not fully developed yet which prevents them from making good decisions and may also prevent them from knowing the difference between reality and fantasy which is very dangerous when it comes to violent video games which tend to promote violent acts.

  • Safety and content

    Teens should not play video games for their safety bad things have happened because of violent games. For example a couple of years ago a murder happened at a high school because of a teenager. The teen who murdered in that case always played first person shooter games. He was in jail and the game he played was banned

  • NO violent video games!!!!!

    I think that teens and kids shouldn't be able to buy play video games because it effects their behavior and attitude. Also, they would want to kill someone because they are mad. Plus, why would they want all of that evil stuff in their mind? Some, no, A LOT of people are dying BECAUSE OF POKEMON GO!!! It should be the adult's decision.

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