• Jobs prepare for later life

    Many adults after college need jobs for rent or student debt or many other things but cant. Almost all job interviews say that they want someone with experience but you wont be able to get a job with no experience. The way you avoid this tricky no job situation. This is necessary.

  • Jobs Teach Responsibility

    Teenagers 14 and older should be allowed to have jobs. They teach responsibility and how to work as a team. There are plenty of real-world applications for teenagers who have jobs, so long as the employment doesn't interfere with the schoolwork of the student. Plus, teens who earn money for things at a young age learn how to manage personal finances sooner and are better equipped for life as an independent adult when they turn 18.

  • Having a job is very important to a teen.

    Of course teenagers should be allowed to have jobs. It teaches them very important lessons about life, responsibility, economics, spending, socializing, and countless other things. Why should independence, responsibility, and self respect not be encouraged in as many ways as possible? The earlier one begins to practice these life skills, the better of he/she will be.

  • They certainly should

    This will give them a taster of working life, but also a sense of independence eg getting there on time and spending the earned money wisely. A Saturday job is better than spending the weekend at home with nothing to do. I got my job at 14working 5hour shifts at a cafe, and one year on, I find myself being very glad I did as many of my 15/16 yr old friends are finding it hard to find a job. It's good to have a secure part time job from a young age as you can develop skills:

  • It is the time to study and understand the world.

    If teenagers start working for someone else I.e. a job, they wont have time to develop upon ENTREPRENUAL ideas and indulge for HIGHER STUDIES. They will keep on working to accomplish someone else's dreams and not work upon theirs. They are too YOUNG to decide their respectice fields of INTEREST.

  • Kids should focus on their education

    According to article, students who work more than 15 hours per week tend to lose interest in school and their grades drop. This means, Kids could access bad university by working more than 15 hours per week. They have plenty of time to work to earn profits after they are available to control themselves from work.

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