Should teenagers be required to get their parents' permission to obtain birth control information and contraceptives?

Asked by: angelrose017
  • They need it to obtain everything else...

    If a teenager feels that they are mature enough to engage in sexual intercourse before the age of adulthood than they should be mature enough to openly talk about it with their parents. This world seeks to normalize promiscuous and meaningless sex, as such is should create a state of openness and a non-shaming environment. Not a secretive one where manipulative undisciplined children abuse the legal system to get what they want and can not handle. They need to be aware of the risks and the repercussions. Not just accidental pregnancy but STI's, and STD's etc, emotional trauma brought about by rejection and being used just for sex, potential rape situations, abuse etc. Children are not little adults, half the time adults are not even adults, because as a whole, we have take away parents ability to parent. The government needs to take a step back, society needs to take a step back and parents need to step up.

  • No one wants to have that conversation

    Our society is a little strange around that issue. Parents were once teenagers, and as teenagers, they know exactly what their kids are doing sexually, because they did the same things at their age. But they don't want to know about it, they don't want to hear about it. So instead of trying to shame kids into an embarrassing conversation about sex that their parents don't want to have with them, just let them have access to that birth control.

  • Absolutely not thats just crazy

    Just like a condom birth controll should be right there for any teenage girl to obtain. She souldnt have to consult her parents about having sex. I think parents need to realise that of course their daughter is going to try it someday and how most parents react is the sole reason teenagers want to keep it a secret

  • It depends on the parents...

    Which is why I chose the 'no' column. I mean, of course, some parents are pretty supportive and accepting that their kid is sexually active and will help them choose the right protection/birth control and other things.

    But unfortunately, this isn't the case with other parents. Some may be super conservative and not fully inform their kid about safe sex (abstinence-only doesn't teach safety) and so their kid has to seek other means of information and birth control. In this case, a teen should not have to have parental consent.

  • If you want a rise in teen pregnancies, sure thing, go ahead!

    This is a terrible idea. Teenagers are always going to need good info and access to birth control. They should really be giving them out freely to teens. Not having access will not mean people stop doing acts, but instead will mean they are doing them in a much unsafer way.

  • Then teen pregnancy will become more of an issue

    If let's say 2 teenagers want to have sex but they need to ask their parents for birth controll they might be to embarrassed or scared of what their parents will say and hav sex anyway, which can lead to teen pregnancy. However if birth control contraceptives are openly available they can protect themselves from pregnancy.

  • That would be stupid.

    Of course not. I mean, in my case, I haven't shared my first sex experience with my parents and I am using birth control pills. I can not imagine how a 15 year old girl tells her harsh parents that she's having sex and needs pills. So, it should stay the way it is.

  • Teens Need Protection

    No matter how you raise a child, once they become a teenager there is always going to be the risk of them becoming sexually active. If kids are too scared to go to their parents to ask for birth control, they will probably still have sex that might not be as safe. I'd rather the kids protect themselves against teen pregnancy than have a moral debate about the parent's rights etc.

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