• Yes they should....

    Juveniles are almost adults; they have the capability of acting like adults. A crime is a crime, no matter who commits the crime the victim’s family still suffers. Many teenagers have personal problems but that does not mean they have to committee a crime to feel better, they just need to search for help. As well as adults, teenager should be punished the same way because if they don’t they won’t regret what they did.

  • Teens should be tried as adults because they are old enough to be responsible for their actions.

    Teens should be tried as adults. All teens know that killing is wrong. If they aren't tried as adults teens will think that crimes are okay and continue to commit them. Also, teens today don't fear the law because teens don't think they will get caught. Teens are old enough to be responsible for their actions.

  • Adult crimes deserve adult punishment.

    If teenagers are mature enough to make the choice to commit an adult crime then they should be treated like an adult when it comes to the punishment. If a teen can make an adult decision to break the law, they should receive a sentence that fits the severity of the crime.

  • Teens should be tried as adults...

    Because they know right from wrong by this time.. They are considered "old enough" to make life changing decisions in school, and they are old enough to live on their own by 16. Why shouldn't they be held accountable for their actions? If they are old enough to decide what they want to do with their own life, they are old enough to understand that they could be changing someone else's by committing a crime; especially murder. All kids, from a young age, understand that murder is wrong.

  • Yes

    If they commit an adult crime than they should be tried like an adult. A long time ago I was taught that if you want to hang out with the big dogs than you need to get off the porch. Meaning if you have the thought process to make those decisions than you better be ready for the results of them.

  • I am a teen

    I am a teen myself and I am fully capable of grasping the gravity of my actions. I am aware that if I commit a crime punishment will follow. At my school I can already tell who is going to get themselves into the juvenile system, if not the adult system. They're the teens who lack respect for the law and think being caught is not possible. These teens, my fellow classmates, should be punished if they commit a crime. I know they can think for themselves. They know the law, but disregard it anyway. So I say, yes, if they commit a crime deserving of punishment on the adult system they should be tried as an adult.

  • Yes they should be tried as adults.

    Teenagers should stop being stupid and retarded individuals. They need to act their age and yeah, so if a teen comes and shoots up my house I will want them to be tried as an adult because if you can do an adult crime you can do the adult time.

  • Why should they get a pass?

    Why should teens get a pass for their actions? There shouldn't be any distinction between teens and adults. You commit a crime you pay the price, it is that simple. And what about justice for the victims family or even the victim? Why should they suffer by not seeing justice based on the age of the criminal?

  • Yes in Most Cases

    Yes, teenagers should be tried as adults, in some cases. When a teenager commits a violent crime, he or she should be tried as an adult. Any teenager that commits a crime that results in death or physical harm to an individual should automatically be tried as an adult. Teenagers are aware of right and wrong – they are aware that death is real and irreversible. By making a decision to commit a crime that results in death or harm to an individual, that teenager is no longer an innocent child.

  • Teenagers should be tried as adults

    If they don't get treated as harshly they may think they can keep getting away with things. Think about all the young people in the Vancouver riot, they broke in to stores, they stole, they even set a police car on fire. That's why I think they should be treated the same.

  • I believe that teens should’t be tried as adults

    I don’t believe teens should go to jail because their brains arena’t fully developed; well actually it’s a fact that your brain sin’t fully developed until you’re 25 years-old. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that weighs outcomes, forms judgments, and control impulses and emotions. Scientists found that the prefrontal cortex is immature in teenagers compared to adults (until fully developed). Studies have shown that teenagers’ mental energy (in making decisions) is in the back of the brain, whereas adults do their processing in the front. Adult brains are wired to notice errors in decision-making better, but a teenager wouldn't’t notice any error.
    The nucleus accumbens is a part that is developed in a teenager’s brain. It is the part of the brain that seeks pleasure and reward. (Source: )Teens should have a second chance, if they mess up once, what makes you think they’ll mess up again? Teens shouldn’t be able to be tried as adults because they aren’t adults themselves, they shouldn’t go to jail for 25 to life. They should at least get the chance to work out their crime by doing community service, for example.

  • Just not mature enough yet!

    1. First of all, they aren't fully mature; their brains are still developing!
    2. They are still in high school...LEARNING.
    3. Being an adult means that you are capable of a lot more responsibility, such as:
    -having a job
    -being independent
    -paying bills etc.
    -caring for a family (if you choose to have one)
    4. Some say that teenagers have to get "insight" on what adults carry out in their daily lives, and that just proves that they're not adults since they are still learning!

  • They are teens, not adults!

    Teens are not adults and treating them as such is wrong. Frankly I think the age that people become adults should be raised, but that's another argument. Teens are not mature enough to be tried as adults. They are still learning how to become responsible mature people they are not yet adults.

  • Teens going to jail?

    They are just kids. They shouldn't have to go to jail. Teenagers will act irresponsibly until the age of 18. Sometimes adrenaline comes in and teens do stupid things. Haven't you ever done anything stupid when you were a kid. I cant imagine you were perfect. Nobody can expect for someone to be perfect either

  • No, teenagers should not be tried as adults.

    Trying teenagers as adults violates basic logic. Teenagers are not adults; therefore, they should not be tried as adults.

    The main reason prosecutors move to try teens as adults is to secure a harsher sentence. This is a symptom of a larger problem in that prisons do no treat and rehabilitate inmates.

  • I'm a teenager

    I've argued numerous times on this subject on this website and in class.

    The fact is a teenager is not an adult, we aren't treated as adults aren't given rights like an adult and are even looked down upon because we are not adults.

    Now that a teenager makes a mistake by commuting a crime such as murder stealing or selling drugs you people would like to treat us as adults. It's completely ridiculous.

  • Juveniles should not be tried as an adult, because their brain is not fully developed.

    In often times juveniles have a hard time controlling their anger and emotions is because their brain has a hard time processing situations in which it takes mature brain to perform the correct decision. And most of the juveniles that commit a heinous crime later in life wake up and ask themselves what where they thinking. Why would they think so childish and why did they have to act on the first thought that came through their mind?

  • no because if a teen is standing in the shadows and see something then they should be charged.

    If a teen was there and doesn't tell the cops they were they shouldn't be tried as adults because they weren't part of the murder or whatever was going on. I can see if a teen murders a person then they should be tried as an adult but not if they stole something or painted their name on a wall or got into a fight. That's what teens do are you going to give a trail to every teen in the whole world? No I didn't think so. So no teens should not be tried as adult unless they commit murder.

  • Maturity and Rehabilitation

    What does the word juvenile mean?It is a teenager under the age of 18 and if we need to differentiate them as juveniles,why still consider to prosecute them as adults?Also,not all juveniles are matured yet and would also resort to crimes to release stress and do wrong things,thus,they should be send to rehabilitation and not jail and prosecuted as adults.Thus they should have a lighter jail sentence and not be charged as adults.Therefore my answer is no.

  • Teens are our only hope for a better future.

    If you try teens as adults then you're putting them at risk to follow the same mistakes this country has made for the past 50 years with criminals. We don't need anymore prisoners and teens aren't fully mature, they really don't understand long term effects of their actions because they're impulsive and irresponsible. Give them a fighting chance and try them as who they are, teens!

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Anonymous says2013-02-17T02:25:37.690
If you compare to other corrupt governments then i think teens should be tried as adults.