• Kids need the energy

    33% of us say yes but there is a good explination for that. Have you ever been inside of a class room kids slump down in there seats some passedout out in there books that is all because of the time they have to get up they are tired and dont want any body to bother them but as soon as they get a hold of there energey drinks there wide awake and ready to start the day. That is why kids need energy drinks
    -A fifth grader

  • YES, energy drinks can be good for you

    Energy drinks have the same ingrediants as soda such as Amino Acid helps build protien, glucuronolactore clears the body of harmful substances, caffeine speeds up body and mind.As long as kids dont over drink it is great that kids have more energy. Energy drinks are also helpful in sports. Last but not least energy drinks also have been studied to be good for your heart.

  • Teens should have the right

    Sure, energy drinks in large doses can be harmful, but Teens should be able to learn that them selves! If we keep energy drinks from Teens, they will be more intrigued to find out whats wrong about the drink, and they might go and do something that they regret, just to get one.

  • Yes to energy drinks.

    Well we should be allowed to have it because it has responsibility purposes for using it wisely and can be good for you as long as you don't overdose. Also, for a teenager to overdose it is extremely rare, and we can help them stop it by making sure they are using them wisely and only at certain times, not everyday.

  • Children need energy drinks.

    I'm a teenager, and I don't drink enegy drinks excessivley. I drink them every now and then because i play soccer and i need energy to run for 40 minutes straight, with a 5 minute halftime, followed by 40 more minutes. Some mornings i forget my breakfast at home and need something that'll keep me busy till lunch in the middle of the school day. I am thin, fit and healthy but i drink energy drinks when I need to. My reccomendation is no more than one or two a week though.

  • Energy drinks help

    What if you're child woke up late for school? What if they didnt get to wash their face awake, or eat a nutricious breakfast to give them energy for the day? What if that student had a big physical test in GYM class, and had no energy to do it? Energy drinks would give the student the energy they need to, atleast get them through GYM class. But the student couldnt get their hands on an energy drink if they couldn't purchase it.

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  • Amount of Caffeine

    Kids shouldn't be drinking anything with caffeine in the first place, and energy drinks pack a HUGE punch of caffeine. While the recommended healthy limit for teens is 100mg of caffeine, energy drinks pass that limit by a lot. So your putting lots of unhealthy in you when you drink it. - Somebody that decided to post this just cuz i was bored

  • I Got Liquid Aids

    I drank an energy drink and I got liquid aids. If you drink about 1 or 2 energy drinks you will have a 100% chance of getting liquid aids. I am not lying and I am not joking, I might not actually know what aids are but I am sure I have them because I have itchy balls.

  • No teenagers should not drink energy drinks

    Because when they drink energy drinks their bodies start to adapt to what the drink is doing and they become addicted, just like coffee but energy drinks contain more caffeine and if you were to look at the ingredients list i bet you that if you were to look at the ingredients list you would find a lot of words that you either cant read or cant pronounce and you probably will have no idea what it is.

  • Health hazard during sports!

    The drinks don't provide any nutrients the body needs to function at it's best. Drinking as a sports drink has a high chance of hydration. How are you supposed to play your best when your body isn't at it's best? You can't, which is why you should not drink energy drinks before or during any type of exercise or sport.

  • It's Like Cigarettes

    People say energy drinks are for keeping your energy up and reliving stress, but they also say that for cigarettes, too. We know cigarettes aren't good for you, so why are energy drinks? Most energy drinks contain Taurine, which is a bile....EWW! There have also been reports saying people go crazy after a couple of cans of "Red Bull" or "Monster" I'll let that speak for itself.

  • NO to teens drinking energy drinks

    Energy drinks are so addicting,so you have to be cautious with them, and teenagers are not cautious at all when it comes to something that is like a toy.Teens drink them because they are usually sleep deprived,and have a hard time waking up in the morning(this is a normal and biologically based adolescent sleep pattern) Instead, kids should be getting energy the "old fashioned way" teens should be getting energy from balanced meals, plenty of exercise, and adequate sleep.Studies have shown that teenagers are more so at risk for caffeine overdose and toxicities than those whose bodies can handle it (adults)

  • No teens should not have energy drinks.

    Energy drinks have to much caffeine. The amount of caffeine 1 energy drink is similar to the amount of caffeine in 14 cans of coca-cola. Also there are 13 tablespoons of sugar in one energy drink. Teens should not waste their or their parents money on energy drinks.Kids should be getting energy from healthy food, vitamins and minerals.
    No teens should not have energy drinks!!!

  • No teenagers should not drink energy drinks.

    Teenager's should not be allowed to drink energy drinks as they are full of tons of stuff that is unhealthy for you, and the amount of caffeine that is pumped through your system is definitely not good for a teen. If a teenager has a heart problem and has not be diagnosed yet, they drink the energy drink, they may die from such a use.

  • No, teenagers should not drink energy drinks.

    Energy drinks can be dangerous to all ages, since caffeine isn't regulated like alcohol and other stimulants. In fact, they have been proven to be dangerous for teens, and can cause heart problems. Many teens have had to seek medical treatment. Drinks like Red Bull, and other energy drinks, should not be in the hands of teens. Caffeine content in beverages and foods should probably be regulated by the FDA, especially as they are learning more about its potential dangers.

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