Should teens be able to buy/play violent video games?

  • I think they should

    I play call of duty and its not that bad.All it is a little blood and gun fights.I think they should be able to play like call of duty but like gta and saints row im not ok with.So i think they should be able to play violent video games like call of duty

  • Yes they should.

    Because the video games are not what make the teenagers violent it is what happens in there family. And if it is the games that make them violent then they need to stop making violent video games once and for all. Well that is what I think at least. I'm out.

  • Teens should be able to buy/play violent video games.

    Teens should be able to buy/play violent video games. I think it should be up to the teens and the parents if they want to play these games. I do not think playing these games make teens more violent in the real world. I think they will be able to differentiate between the two realities.

  • Teens should not be able to buy/play violent video games.

    Teens should not be able to buy and play violent video games because they are a bad influence. Teens who play these kinds of games are more likely to be violent in real life. Scientists have shown that watching violent material can make one inclined to act with violence and rage.

  • Yes they should

    I am 14 years old, and i think that teens should be able to buy and play violent video games. One reason is, the video games aren't doing no wrong to nobody. Some people say video games make you do rampages to people, schools, (etc). Second reason is, the only people supposedly do those rampages, are from the teens that ages are 18.19,17, (etc). Kids under those ages won't do that i'm sure that the teens above 14, and 15 know that real people die and they do it so they can see what happens. Teens under those ages should not be punished as in not buy violent video games because what the teens that are above 13, 14,15 should be the ones getting punished they should be the ones getting punished from that opportunity. I mean we all play video games and my grades haven't gone down yet so i don't know what's the point not letting teens under 16,17,18,19 shouldn't buy video games that are violent.

  • Yes they should

    .I am 13 and school can be VERY stressful, but the way I relieve my stress is through violent video games. Recently, my parents banned me from video games during the week until I can get my grades back up. Since then my grades have been rising but so has my stress. When I play a game called Blacklight: Retrobution, I can relieve my stress more efficiently than I can if I'm playing a game like Plants vs. Zombies. I'm not allowed to play M rated games like Call of Duty (even though I would love to) but T rated games work just fine. Also, based on a recent study in 2010 (http://www.Tamiu.Edu/newsinfo/7-08-10/article5.Shtml), it has been proven that video games really do relieve stress. I'm not saying that 8 year olds should be playing games like Call of Duty, but teens, with parent's permission, should be able to buy any legal game they want.

  • Because its fun to play but it can lead to bad things like killing and fights but it dont matter its whatever tho

    Its fun to watch and playb but it is a bad game tho but like i said before it can lead to killing fights and other crazy things or worst like if you go out side you might do what you do in the game thats why its a bad game

  • Yes we are able

    The choice is yours, if you choose to do what you see you do it but its always great to have parents so that they may stop you from your bad dings. That is why we have parents they stop us from doing bad stuff but its not like you would copy the actions followed on the screen. That is my opinion.

  • Yes because s

    Should teens be able to buy violent video games?
    Video games ; one of the most popular things to do among kids! The average time spent per week playing is 13 hours and it’s growing fast! 5 out of 6 most played video games are rated Mature and up. It’s easy for kids to get these video games anyways, the parents of the kids could buy it anyways. I play video game and all of them are violent and my parents let me buy any game so i think kids should be aloud to buy rated Mature video games and up.

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  • They are idiotic

    First of all, there have been over 100 real life killings over video games. Take Noah Crooks for example. He got grounded from call of duty so he shot his own mother over 10 times with his .22 caliber rifle. But even before that he tried to rape her. This is just stupid

  • Teens can tell the difference between a game and real life.

    Adults seem to think that all teens are idiots about everything, everywhere, all the time. While teens do show some questionable judgment, most of them are capable of understanding the difference between fantasy and reality. They know what they see on the screen isn't really happening, and because of that, they shouldn't be banned from playing or buying violent video games.

  • It should have parental supervision.

    I don't think that teens should just buy any game they want, because games these days come in many types. While some teens play educational games others might play violent games. Games teach kids lots of things which can help them or spoil them. Its ok for teens to buy games but the content should be kept in mind.

  • It has bad influences

    I don't think teens should be allowed to play or buy violent video games. First of all, the content in many of these games r inappropriate, it puts bad images inside people's minds and thus leads them to thinking wrong and nasty thoughts. Violent video games also increase thoughts of killing and suicide. People start thinking that killing, and drugs and all that r ok. Plus, im pretty sure the people who said yes are teens who play violent video games and don't want to be banned from playing them.

  • Because its fun to play but it can lead to bad things like killing and fights but it dont matter its whatever tho

    Its fun to watch and playb but it is a bad game tho but like i said before it can lead to killing fights and other crazy things or worst like if you go out side you might do what you do in the game thats why its a bad game

  • Not a chance

    My grandparents were almost killed by a shooter who was shooting bullets randomly for no reason and one of them almost shattered the glass which could have caused bleeding if they hit my grandparents. And this was just last year in 2015. When questioned about it, the shooter admitted that he had prepared for this shooting by playing shooter games such as call of duty and grand theft auto.

  • Teens should not play violent video games

    It is just not right for teens after playing these games for hours than they go violent and doing things that are not suppose to be done. And parents than take them to hospitals and say doctors they have gone violent who's fault is it actually? It's the parents fault because they buy it in first place and blame their children for playing to much and they end up in treatments. And these games are made for teen agers and adults up to 20. So if the parents buy them the games and they pay for. Meaning by pay their children in big danger.

  • No they should not

    If they do play violent video games then they will get rotting brains and if you play them for to long you will start not to know what is reality and what is a video game and start becoming more violent therefore they should not be able to play violent video games

  • No I do not support them buying these hideous things

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  • It isn't right

    The argument called "It's completley fine" by my argument is completeley wrong. You think oh it only has blood and guns in it. That is the problem. Blood is vital for survival you may think it is okay to let an enemy bleed to death after shooting them but it isn't. You think that the army wants to kill people? No they want to protect our country and they take those extreme measures of killing another human being that feels emotion and pain to do it. IN the game if you die you just get to respawn and you live again, but what if you actually go to the battlefront and start fighting. WHat happens then? You fight and when you start the war you find that it is no longer fun. You no longer have another life to get you back up. IF you get an ally die by your side you actually care. In the game someone dies you leave them behind without caring. That is why it is so awful to play violent video games.

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