• Yes, teens are responsible

    Teens can make good decisions on their own, they wont undo years of good teaching in one night !!!!! They are smarter than most people think and are a lot more capable than adults say. They really are not awful, they just have to be given a chance.

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  • Yes, teens are responsible

    Teens can make good decisions on their own, they wont undo years of good teaching in one night !!!!! They are smarter than most people think and are a lot more capable than adults say. They really are not awful, they just have to be given a chance.

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  • Yes they should

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  • Heck yea they should

    Coming from a teen here. But i am different from the other kids on this site. I am not one of the 8 year olds that ABSOLUTELY "need" a phone to do things that don't matter. Such as 1. Playing Games* 2. Chatting with friends* 3. To look cool. 4. To not get teased. (All the starred[*] ones are some that personally, i can relate with) I need a phone to be able to use its features responsibly. What if i got lost? What If there was an emergency? There are no payphones on the way from school! I cant call anybody! However, If i were to have a phone, I can easily call 911. I can easily call my parents. My parents could easily access my location with the "Find my Friends" app. If I was absent, with no way of receiving homework nor turning in homework from home, what would i do? If i had an iPhone, I could easily send my homework to my teachers via email. I could easily receive it in a .Docx ( A document format). We are allowed to do our homework after we are finished our classwork in school, During lunch, etc. There has been moments where i needed to research something for homework (at school) And i couldn't have. We do many activities at our school which require a smartphone. And I never get to participate. Our school security guard has countless stories of cases that have been solved from using a witness' knowledge of the suspect. He once told us a true story about a case that happened approximately 2-3 years ago. A bank robber was attempting to rob a bank. However a 14 year old was walking home from school and immediately caught the theif with money flying out of his pockets in a ski mask. The kid immediately took out his phone and took a picture of the suspect. He then called 911 about the situation and gave them all the information they needed. If the kid didn't have an iPhone, the robbery would've never been solved. People argue we aren't mature enough to own phones, but really, we would obviously care about something that could determine our own safety. People argue that they didn't have phones when they were young, and they never needed one. But they don't understand that this isn't the past. It is the future. And the future, is now. They might not have needed an iPhone, but what if we do? Good parents that care for their kids say they would spend millions of dollars in order to simply keep their child safe, so why not spend a measly 1.1k on an iPhone that practically grants their child's safety?

  • A tricky question

    Although there are several reasons that that teens should not own iPhones, I believe that the good outweighs the bad. First of all, have you stopped and considered that maybe they don't want said phone for reasons such as social media, etc., but that is is a simple matter of fitting in? Almost all adolescents over the age of 12 have one, and the ones that don't feel left out and are often uncomfortable. After all, we have all either seen or been in situation where there are 10 kids all with iPhones, save one or two. They feel left out and unwanted.
    Another reason is that they are helpful in a youth's studies. They can help a child access important internet resources, such as dictionary.Com, pbs.Org, etc. Now, I am NOT saying that all kids can be focused enough to have a phone at the same time as doing homework, or even that all teens should have a smart phone. But what I am saying is that there are several good reasons why they should, especially if they are responsible.

  • Teens need diversity

    Teens in life will experience more than just what their life is like currently, and they should experience it while they can! My daughter doesn't have an iPhone yet, but I am hoping to purchase one soon for her and her brother. Teens back then were not able to have these types of opportunities... TAKE THEM

  • Yes, teenagers are not stupid

    Teenagers are vibrant, intelligent, and helpful. Teenagers are not how they used to be -- silent, innocent, and ignorant. Teenagers are now exposed to so much that adults should only be seeing. At this point in time iPhones are used for communication with their friends, it is not far different from the teenager of the past twirling a phone cord around their fingers talking for hours upon hours.

  • Yes phone, not iPhone!

    Agreed teenagers are very aware of today's social dangers. Possibly more so than the parents. However, they are still teenagers. Preoccupied with themselves and their social life. My daughter has on numerous occasions (over the past 3 years) lost her phone (android)... In the loo, on the school bus, at school etc. (not counting the time that she dropped it in the lagoon!) but each time it was thankfully returned to her. Hence her life could continue....... My guess is, that had it been an iPhone, it would not have been returned and her 'life' would have ended.

  • No iPhones for Teens!

    Should teens be able to have iPhones? I do not think teens should have iPhones. A teen has no reason to be carrying around such an expensive phone, does not need the Internet in his pocket. Carrying iPhones make teens targets for theft and possibly violence. Quite a number of people are being mugged now for electronic devices. There is no need for a kid to be a risk for attack for his phone. A cheap mobile phone that does not drawn the wrong kind of attention to him or her is more appropriate for a teen than is an iPhone. Another factor is that iPhone bills can escalate quite rapidly if someone checks e-mail all the time, a behavior characteristic of teens. No matter who is paying the phone bill, parents or the teen, it is a wiser choice for the teen to have a cheap mobile and check his email at home.

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