• Really depends on the maturity of the person

    I'm a 14 year old girl and I've watched it as it doesn't bother me. I mean it might be to much for some teens but that should really up for them to decide. I think most people have seen it by the age of 13 so I don't think it's much of a big deal if teens watch it

  • Teens are naturallly horny

    Most kids/teens start getting interested in sex when they are about 8 -10 years old. That's the age at which they usuallly start masturbating and discover porn. I've been masturbating since I was 8 and watching porn online since I'm 9. With porn a horny teen can satisfy his/her sexual needs for an orgasm and they can see what sex looks like. Especially around the age of 11-13 is when the hormones are going crazy and where they start masturbating/watching porn a lot. Even up to 5 times a day. It's just that they are so horny that it's the only thing they can think of. With porn they can safely satisfy all their needs for sexual pleasure at such low age which is great. So just let them watch porn!

  • Raise the age limit

    I think the age limit on porn should be at least 15. Most high schoolers are mature enough to view nudity and sexual content by then. Teens talk anout it all the time, it's definitely not out of the ordinary. A bigger problem is preventing them from taking sexual pictures and expecting sex to be just like porn. As long as they are getting good grades and staying out of trouble, porn isn't detrimental.

  • Well it depends on the kids maturity

    I'm a 14 year old boy who is horny a lot of the time like every teen is at some point and watching porn relieves that tension we all know about, however some teens and children, as some kids do watch porn trust me could end up relying on it too much or using it as a comfort if they ever deal with a break up or rejection and it could spiral out of control but I think if your child does know the dangers there will be less trouble
    To conclude its okay in moderation

  • It is natural

    Teens should be able to watch porn. In the 70s kids used magazines to masturbate. Now they use the internet. Its natural to be horny and want to satisfy that urge with porn I opposed to another person. The population is growing at a fast rate. If porn goes away for teenaged they may engage in actual sex which has a far worse outcome than watching porn.

  • Yes, but with some knowledge beforehand.

    As long as they know it isn't realistic, and isn't "real," I think kids should be able to watch it. What happens if you watch porn? Well...Nothing really. The kids already know about sex, and will watch porn anyways, so why try to stop it? As long as it doesn't disrupt their life.

  • Age appropriate porn

    Porn is a fact and freely available. My argument is why not have controlled sites with sexual acts, nudity etc appropriate for different ages. Lets face reality youngsters start getting interested in sex around 10 or 12 ...Some earlier some later, but wouldn't it be better to let them see porn that has been moderated so the violent, degrading side is not shown.. Good clean natural sex and nudity ..Ie masturbation, oral sex and penis / vaginal sex should be presented as the norm without any pressure. [the amount of anal, devient sex thats around these days should be kept separate... And that you respect each other by knowing NO means NO!! But make sure the porn is graphic enough to satisfy their age needs and teach them how too behave towards their partners at the same time as taking care of themselves sexually

  • They Surely should

    I think that teens can explore themselves with porn and its a great way to learn about sex. Well maybe not fetish sex but maybe erotic because its more realistic. I don't want to offend anyone but I think they should. Let them live their life how they want to..

  • The worst part is the associated guilt.

    I know from experience know that the only bad thing I've experienced from watching porn is how ashamed I felt. Thought a hat is there to be ashamed of? When you're a teenager, your hormones are crazy. That's natural. Some people prefer visual stimuli, which is also fine. As long as there is no porn abuse (addiction or a change in daily life), and it is understood that porn is not a realistic reflection of a relationship, then there isn't anything wrong with watching it. There is no need to make anyone feel ashamed. The only shameful thing would be watching something *dispicable* happen- something awful that wasn't acted out- without speaking up about it.

  • Normal and harmless.

    The reasons psychologysts say and the reasons here against are just hypothetic. In the real world this isn`t like that. I am almost 14 and I have been watching porn and masturbating since 12. I am neither having wishes to rabe, nor the other things said against it. Yes, I swear often but I didn`t learn it from there. I learned it from school and uncensured songs.

  • It is a Real childhood runinner

    This is should Never be aloud porn should not even be able to become having sex is your own personally thing you dont need the media ro see it all i mean it is some sick stuff i hope a law passes that BANs porn for ever because it is a waist of time!

  • Could be harmful

    The fact is that at the moment we don't know what the possible outcomes are of people viewing hard porn from a young age, there could be serious problems in the near future. Why run that risk? Parents should keep a careful eye on what their children are doing online. I know many people say that it is too late to do anything about it and it is too easy to get around whatever safeguards are put in place , but I think we should at least make it difficult for them to access it. Most parents are doing this, and it is the correct thing to do.

  • Just because many kids are already watching it doesn't mean it is OK!

    The fact is that we don't know what the possible outcomes are of people viewing hard porn at a young age, there could be serious problems in the near future. Why run that risk? Parents should keep an eye on what their children are doing outline and like someone has already said in this discussion, at least make it difficult for them to access it. Most are doing this, and it is the correct thing to do.

  • Age restrictions needed

    Depends on what you mean by 'teen', after all a typical 13 yr old is very different from a typical 18 year old, but there is evidence to support the view that there should be some kind of age restriction. Alexandra Katehakis, a sex and family therapist and writer, has written a number of times on this subject - in particular on the effect that regular porn watching can have on younger teens and children. Other studies have suggested that regular exposure at a young age (before puberty or below 13 or 14) could have harmful outcomes in terms of long-term mental health or sexual conduct in some cases.

    So even though it may be unrealistic to try to prevent 16 year olds from accessing it, there is good reason to try to restrict access for younger teens and especially young children. But parents and other adults responsible for looking after minors should not think that a mere law will be enough, they need to take responsibilty themselves.

    Of course, some underage kids will find a way to access if they are determined enough, but like an earlier post here says, at least make it difficult for them.

  • Not appropriate for kids

    Not appropriate for the child population because bad for health. Makes you tired, stressed, need sleep,bad language is used. Not allowed of approved by many parents or any adults. Bad for developing minds and brains. Does follow thoughts in teens but not good way of expressing emotions. Should be completely banned from younger than 18 year olds

  • Good reasons not to

    Although of course many do anyway. However most porn does not give a realistic portrayal of sex, often being very misogynist as women in it tend to be passive partners who are willing to do whatever the men want to. It can give s very warped view of sex. For this reason it should not be used as a way to learn about sex. Parents should at least make if difficult for their kids to access it.

  • No, teens should not be allowed to watch pornography.

    Pornography typically gives a very warped view of what a relationship is all about, and kids have impressionable minds that will soak up what they see, and also desensitize them. The images in pornography are explicit and would not be suitable for young people to watch, and likely would only lead to trouble and, potentially, misbehavior as a result.

  • It's 18 & up for a reason

    Even though we all know teenagers watch pornography anyway, it is called "adult entertainment" for a very obvious reason. Therefore, no, teenagers should not legally allowed to have access to pornography until they become a legal adult on their 18th birthday. Pornography can become very explicit, and there are just certain things a young kid should not see.

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