Should teens be allowed to have sex (teens are 13+)?

Asked by: mueez00
  • Yes yes yes

    If they can afford the consequences then they should be allowed to.
    Even though having premarital sex is considered a sin does not mean it should be illegal. If we were to go by that logic, then we need to make lying a sin as well. Which is pretty absurd.

  • No Place for government.

    If you mean by the government, then yes. Government has no place in that. Also remember that teens does by definition include 18 and 19 year olds. Teens should be aware of the dangers of sex but their personal lives should not be monitored by government. If government is not what is meant by the resolution, I would say this varies on circumstances.

  • It's a definite yes

    By the time kids are in their teen they are given enough responsibility already. They probably have at least one pet and/or younger sibling(s) to take care of. On top of all the homework in middle/high school. Their bodies are already have prepared them for it, why not le them do it? People seem to think that until you turn 18 you are completely ignorant to everything in the world and you aren't responsible, but schools force you to watch videos and take health classes in high school and middle school. So they clearly know the risks, it's just that people are stuck to think in old fashion ways that absolutely make no logical sense.

  • With other teenagers close in age

    Age of consent rules are to stop adults from taking care of minors and rightly so. But they will naturally have these feelings and urges and so should be allowed to explore them with others who are close in age to themselves if they wish. There should be a graduated age of consent, the age getting higher until it reaches 18(for the younger party) depending on the age of the older party.

  • Teens need to make decisions!

    Teens need to make their own decisions. Even today, there are countries where teens get married at age 13. Why not let this be allowed anywhere? Teens need to make their own decisions. Even today, there are countries where teens get married at age 13. Why not let this be allowed anywhere?

  • Yes because government can't prevent it

    I don't think there should be a law saying 'you can't have sex as a teenager' lol that is a bit ridiculous as what you do with a partner really isn't a legal thing. I think your parents should tell you there stance on sex before marriage. I know parents who tell their children that it is okay do to it because it is natural and others who say they better not. Sex happens. Making it illegal will not help anything. I think that having sex at a young age is risky because of what could happen. You should make sure that you are mature enough to handle even the act of sex alone.

  • It should be a personal choice.

    While I acknowledge the fact that teen pregnancy is a potential problem, having sex does not automatically mean you will get pregnant. There is obviously many forms of contraception available to anyone and I think if teens are educated well on sex they should be allowed to have it if they personally feel they are ready.

  • Yes dey shud be !!!!

    Teenagers of today are not thumb-sucking babies who don't know where to draw d line !! Dey are well aware and mature to understand dat its quite natural and not a sin !! Depriving dem from d word "sex" will rather result in creating curiosity in dem whose results cud rather b hazadrous ! Imparting dem sex-education and teaching d right techniques will rather result in a healthy environment

  • Natural human phenomenon

    It is completely natural for human beings to start being sexually active when their hormones begin to take effect and activate their sexual impulses. If teenagers choose to have sex and their is a mutual agreement between the two partners, then it is completely natural to do so. If you repress their sexual instincts, this will result in sexual frustration which lead to increased sexual affairs for the sake only of rebellion against authority.

  • It's a sin.

    As tiring as it may be to hear, the bible forbids sex until marriage. Honestly, penetrating your body before marriage IS a sin. You cannot deny it. It's what written in the bible. I'm not against people who don't believe this; I'm just simply stating my opinions. So please don't comment back or respond this is my personal opinion.

  • Oh my gosh no way

    Just because their bodies are physically ready, it does not mean their minds are. Anyone who is not yet mature enough to deal with the consequences of having a child and raising them responsibly in society, using their own money, not relying on government hand outs has no business having sex.

  • Very Selfish and Immature!

    Statistics from the Center of Disease Control:
    1) Pregnancy and birth are significant contributors to high school drop out rates among girls. Only about 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by 22 years of age, versus approximately 90% of women who had not given birth during adolescence.
    2) The children of teenage mothers are more likely to have lower school achievement and drop out of high school, have more health problems, be incarcerated at some time during adolescence, give birth as a teenager, and face unemployment as a young adult.
    3) In 2008, teen pregnancy and childbirth accounted for nearly $11 billion per year in costs to U.S. taxpayers for increased health care and foster care, increased incarceration rates among children of teen parents, and lost tax revenue because of lower educational attainment and income among teen mothers.
    4) in years 2011 moving forward to 2014 each state in the united states averages 434 Million in Tax payers money to help subsidies problems associated with youth pregnancy and unemployment benefits.

    Kids have no concept of money or the damage it does to have to keep Govt run programs open to help selfish KIDS knock each other up. Reality check 98% of you having a child before the age of 18 will never be successful in making your dreams come true!

  • Social problems may arise

    I do not think teenagers are natured enough in order to have sex. Because sex can usually bring lots of problems like AIDS, STDS, etc. Moreover, teenagers are not much conscious enough about the effects that will have in their life and even by teaching, you are not going to have any desired effect. They are just not yet ready to take all these things. And physiologically too, it can have many negative effects on body as well as mind. For more look at this scientific finfing:
    Early sex also has many psychological effetcs such as relationship disorder, increased sexual violence and high risk sex,

  • Their brains are not mature enough to handle the consequences, they need an Education in the matter first:

    Some women at 18 are still too immature mentally to have children at 18, the brain usually hasn't formed properly until the early 20s. There needs to be better education for young people on the ins and outs of sexual behavior and education in child care and legal aspects of having a child while so young.
    The age of sex should not be changed, but Education should be improved so those silly or unlucky enough to get themselves into trouble too young, will at least have some knowledge to help them cope.

  • No way in hell.

    Think of it, a fresh 13 year old, going out into the world and having sex, it isn't right, they are only three years above ten, it's disgusting, would you, yourself allow your own child to be having sex at any way of the side pass? No, I know I wouldn't, they aren't even in high school or any of that yet, I remember when teen sex was mostly 16 year olds, not 11-13 minimum.

  • Oh my goodness no!!

    The government doesnt dictate much of our life but if they wanna dictate one thing maybe this should be it, but obviously not this simple. Seriously I think your parents are the ones who need to talk to you about this stuff. I'm probably not waiting until marriage but I will try and at least make it out of high school a virgin. Thirteen is so young you barely know about the world youre just so little and the only reason people had babies that young in the olden days was because of life expectancy and 15 was like middle aged. Honestly the life expectancy now is what? Like 80? 80+? Have your kids in your late twenties or thirties and at least waot until youre 18 or have found someone you love to have sex. I dont think 13 is too young to know what love is because you can feel it at any age and everyone is different but as you mature your body will respond to things and youll see things differently and if you lose your virginity, your innocence, at 13 years old or 14 or 15 or maybe even 16/17 youll probably regret it. Also theres a higher chance that someone will try and take advantage of you.

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